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Affiliate program Ecologi - UK

Join the Ecologi affiliate program. Commission: sale

Rate $13.64

Type CPA

Description of the Ecologi - UK Affiliate Program

Ecologi is an organization of activists working for the safety and well-being of the planet. Its main goal is to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, in addition to promoting clean, renewable energy sources.

One of the solutions promoted by the organization is tree planting, which is achieved thanks to the involvement of hundreds of people around the world who support the brand through voluntary contributions in a subscription model. Its cost is less than $2 per week.

Ecologi works mainly in such areas as Madagascar, Malawi, India and Kenya, and the projects developed by the activists have been certified with Gold Standard by the WWF. Working in the previously mentioned areas, Ecologi is gradually replanting areas of the planet that, due to industrial development, do not have green zones.

Ecologi, in addition to raising money, is also engaged in environmental education. Through the platform, right after registration, each user can set their ecological goals and follow the milestones.

Actively promote organic ecology organization within the Ecologi affiliate program. The billing model is CPS. The rate is $13.85. The offer is aimed at the UK market.

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