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Affiliate program MailChimp

Promote the successful program of the popular Mailchimp! Commission: sale

Rate 9,00%

Type CPS

Description of the MailChimp Affiliate Program

If anyone wants to take their business to the next level, they can do it with MailChimp. This marketing automation platform has made quite a name for itself ever since it was founded back in 2001. MailChimp is about a lot more than just getting more traffic to your online business website; they have analytics tools that can help you gain valuable insight into the people that are interested in your product/services. As far as marketing automation goes, MailChimp has become the go-to on a global level!

If you’re interested in making some money from this platform, there is one thing you ought to know before diving in; MailChimp does not have an affiliate program per se. It’s more of a referral program where you can be rewarded as a current customer of MailChimp. There is no cash because they only pay in MailChimp credits that can be used to knock a few bucks off your subscription plan pricing. The payout can only be utilized via Money Rewards. So, if you’re currently benefiting from MailChimp’s diverse range of innovative marketing tools, then this program will help you lower your subscription costs.

What Is the Mailchimp Referral Program?

Now that we’ve addressed the question of “Does MailChimp have an affiliate program?” it’s time to dive into the specifics of their referral program. As an existing customer of MailChimp, whenever one of your referrals signs up for a paid monthly MailChimp subscription plan after clicking on your MailChimp Referral Badge, both of you will earn $30 worth of MailChimp credit. If you’re not sure about what this badge is, you can enable it by visiting your account extras and going into the referrals option. Check the box that reads, “Show badge in campaigns.” You can choose your preferred referral badge style by clicking “change image.”

This way, it’s a win-win situation for both parties looking to expand their online reach and not having to pay a lot of money for it. Both you and your referral will be entitled to a lot of exciting features so you can enhance your marketing game tenfold!

If you’re on a paid plan, one referral purchase will automatically be credited to your next monthly bill. If you are using the Free Plan, you can still earn these credits and accumulate them. However, you can only redeem them when you sign up for a MailChimp monthly paid plan. Basically, MailChimp has four different plans; Free, Essentials, Standard, and Premium. The Free Plan includes forms and landing pages, a CRM system, and a Creative Assistant, and you don’t have to pay a dime! The Essentials plan costs $10.96 and includes features like Email Templates, Multi-Step Journeys, and A/B testing. The Standard Plan is priced at $18.27, and it packs a Customer Journey Builder, Behavioral Targeting, Send-Time Optimization, Custom Templates, and a lot more! Lastly, the Premium Plan costs $306.96, it’s the highest tier and the price accounts for 10,000 different contacts and additional features like Multivariate Testing, Advanced Segmentation, Role-Based Access, and much more! As a MailChimp Referrer, you can avail of the Premium Plan’s array of features at a fraction of the cost by referring customers to the platform.

Moreover, these credits can also be used as “Pro” credits, Transactional/Mandrill blocks, and “Pay As You Go” credits. These credits can’t be transferred and if you close your account or breach the MailChimp anti-spam policy, they will be taken back.

MailChimp has a great reputation when it comes to innovative business tools, so it won’t be a challenge at all to promote. Moreover, who doesn’t want to save 100’s of dollars while benefitting from one of the most proven marketing automation platforms around?

How Do I Sign Up for the Mailchimp Affiliate Program?

It’s a relatively straightforward process to sign up for the Mailchimp Affiliate Program. Visit their dedicated Monkey Rewards Page — MailChimp’s very own referral credit distribution system. Set your default badge as available to any Mailchimp user as mentioned above, and that’s it; no other complicated processes or long forms to fill. Once all this is accomplished, you’ll automatically be considered a Mailchimp associate. So, now you’ve got the green light to start bringing in referrals and earning yourself some valuable Monkey Rewards credit!

Do I Qualify for the Mailchimp Referral Program?

The only requirement for joining the MailChimp Referral Program is that you be on a MailChimp plan. If you’re on a paid plan, you can redeem your credits right away, but on the Free Plan, you can only accumulate them. So, yes, anyone can become a MailChimp Referrer and benefit from all that the program has to offer.

So, go ahead and sign yourself up to become a MailChimp Referrer today! My Lead hosts a ton of different Marketing Affiliate Programs. If you’re interested, check out offers of the best affiliate programs on our platform!

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