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MyLead offers its partners over several dozen programs... IVR offers are available only in Poland.

Słuchawki IVR

Earning IVR is one of the offers on our platform,

with which our clients have the opportunity to earn money using voice calls with an increased fee.

Call center IVR

IVR - what is it?

The functional IVR program allows you to interactively and efficiently operate people calling on the principle of the so-called automatic Call Center. What's more - IVR service allows you to make payments using phone calls.

Premium IVR (from the English abbreviation Interactive Voice Response) is a premium rate connection. Our company enables people cooperating with the platform to use two PPM (Pay Per Minute) rates. It is a system of interactive voice support. Simply speaking - a person who calls the IVR number given by our publisher talks to the right people on various topics. Each started minute includes the appropriate sums of money, so the longer the conversation, the greater the commission for the publishers of our affiliate program.

Wykres IVR


Currently in Poland, it is increasingly being chosen as a form of earning via the Internet and as a remote system. In particular it is adored by young people who are still studying.



Each new publisher receives his own internal number, which should be remembered at all times , as it is a unique identifier for each user. Our publishers receive a commission for each started minute of conversation with the caller. What’s more - there is a possibility to choose between two channels - Esoteric and the other, called “Companions 18”. Ladies who work with our call center are very versatile and have experience in their work. They can also talk to callers on a variety topics, effectively extending the conversation for a long time…

Zadanie wydawcy IVR

What is the task of our users?

All you need to do is promote the services as well as your own IVR number. It should be remembered that our platform provides even several numbers to one user. There are two rates for the call, which depend on the length of the conversation.


cost 7,69

You receive a commission of 2,45 PLN for each connection minute started.

Pay Per minute


cost 4,92

You receive 1,45 PLN commission for each connection minute started.

It is worth mentioning that our platform has the highest rates on the market, and what’s more - we provide a ready-made landing page for the promotion of the service for new users.

So if you are interested on our latest affiliate program, do not hesitate and earn money on IVR from today! It is very simple and additionally extremely easy.