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6 Foolproof Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List

natalia.kaleta 2022-06-18 1

Even though marketers have an array of marketing channels at their disposal, email marketing turns out to be the one with the highest ROI. According to statistics, you can expect an average return of $42 for every dollar you spend on email marketing. This means that without a shadow of a doubt, it’s worth constantly working on growing your email marketing list. Not only will you increase your conversion rate, but you’ll also grow your audience and build long-term relationships with them. In case you’re not sure where to start, we present you with six foolproof ways to skyrocket your email marketing list.

1. Optimize pop-up forms

Pop-ups are one of the methods of displaying signup forms, and if used wisely, they are an extremely effective tool for growing your email marketing list. Remember that they have to appear at the right time in the right context to encourage your page visitors to subscribe to your list for a converting email sales funnel. Let them spend a few moments on your website before the pop-up appears before their eyes. Your potential subscribers will be more willing to join your email list if they are already engaged in your content.

When your signup forms pop up, they should have an attractive, eye-catching headline and demand only necessary information. Usually, it should be only an email address, but you can also ask for a name for the sake of email personalization. Additional incentives that can draw your visitors’ attention are offers, discounts or gated content so that people can see the actual gain they can benefit from subscribing to your list.


Another thing to consider is including social proof in your pop-up forms. There’s no better recommendation than a public demonstration that your services are top-quality. It can be shown in the form of a satisfied customer’s review or an expert’s endorsement. You can also put official seals of approval from prominent platforms dedicated to evaluating and comparing businesses in your industry. Placing such badges in your signup forms will prove that your brand is appreciated and trustworthy.


2.  Create engaging CTA

When advertising your business, you will surely use “call to action” buttons or links to attract your potential subscribers’ attention and guide them to your landing pages. There are a few elements you have to focus on to gain better results from your CTA - for instance, the use of action words. The verbiage you choose should motivate your potential subscribers to click the button. They should be friendly but encouraging; therefore, you might consider using “click here” or “go” rather than a simple “subscribe”. Also, the visual aspect of your CTA is crucial because it needs to be eye-catching to draw people’s attention. First of all, you should use contrasting colors to make your call to action stand out. It is also worth considering making the button or link bigger than the rest of the text so that people don’t miss it.


3. Offer lead magnets

Another foolproof way to grow your email marketing list is to offer lead magnets. Such incentives change people’s perspective of giving you their email address. If they also gain something from the signup process, they consider it more like an exchange. From your side, you may provide them with discounts, free tools or downloadables, depending on the service or products you offer.


4. Make use of Social Media

Take advantage of your social media to increase your chances of collecting more contacts. Depending on the platform, you can take advantage of various functionalities that will help you grow your email list. It may not be surprising at all that Facebook offers arguably the biggest range of options to choose from. For example, on top of your Facebook page, you can add a CTA button redirecting users to your landing page. You can also search for email marketing tools that you can integrate with Facebook so that you can add a signup form directly to your Facebook page. Another way to take advantage of social media when growing your email list is to use Facebook Ads, by boosting your already-existing posts or creating a whole new ad campaign. It’s highly beneficial for building your email marketing list because you can specify your target audience to reach people who are similar to your followers.


On online video sharing platforms like YouTube, you can add subscribe links in the description section or on the end screen. As for Instagram, there might be a link to a signup form in your bio or Instagram Stories with the link on it.

5. Host webinars

Organizing webinars is a great and cost-effective opportunity to grow your audience, regardless of their location. Not only will you connect with people from your industry, but you can also take advantage of the fact that your audience has already registered for your event via email. You can nurture your relationship with personalized updates related to your webinar, but you can also offer sign-up-only access to your events or allow them to opt-in to your newsletter.

6. Get involved in your industry community

Another way to make new connections and get involved in your business community is to collaborate with influencers or industry partners and interact on forums and groups. Depending on your industry, you can reach out to thought leaders or influencers to come up with a cross-promotion, for example, by presenting a special offer for their audience or by writing a guest post. When it comes to interacting on forums when you engage in your business community, your brand is more recognizable and approachable, and you have a chance to stay up-to-date on what issues your audience faces and respond to them.

As you can see, there are plenty of options to choose from when growing your email marketing list. Sometimes you need to try various list-building strategies to figure out which ones work best in your industry. Once you know that, you can combine them to skyrocket your chances of attracting new subscribers and growing your business.

Author: Ula Chwesiuk


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