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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.

Aleksandra Dalak 2023-05-08 7
What is a smartlink in affiliate marketing? How does it work and what parameters does it take into account? Find out the answers to these and other questions, and check the list of the best smartlinks from MyLead.
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kinga.banaskiewicz 2023-04-17 1
Do you want to develop in the direction of affiliate marketing? That's great! We think that every person in your position should get to know the most important concepts related to making money online, which they will sooner or later encounter on their way. To make it easier for you, we have prepared a set of definitions, which we neatly called the publisher's "glossary". We're glad it's in your hands. Thanks to it, you will master the basics of affiliate marketing in a few moments, and if necessary, you will return to this reading when the need arises.
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natalia.juszczak 2023-04-17 2
Making money online often takes on many different forms. The most popular is the CPS program model, which involves selling physical products in exchange for a commission. There are also CPL, CPA, and COD models. Most of these models share one feature - for you to receive your own profit, someone else must bear the cost. But what if there is a model with which you earn money, but no one loses it? In this article, we will tell you about one of them.
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Jakub_Swiniarski 2023-04-03 82
Some people use different solutions to become anonymous - starting from proxy gateways, and VPNs, ending with Tor browsers. These and other methods can make you feel, at least a little bit, safer on the Internet. But isn't all this just an illusion of anonymity?
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Jakub_Swiniarski 2023-03-22 19
If you've ever wondered how to download an entire website, you're probably familiar with the term web scraping. Web scraping means downloading websites as copies to a computer. This technology is used not only to download entire websites, but also to extract specific data of interest from a given portal. The entire process is carried out using bots, an indexing robot, or a script written in Python. During scraping, specific data is collected and copied from the network to the local database.
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natalia.juszczak 2023-03-07 1
At the moment of starting cooperation with any company, regardless of the area of its activity, we must take into account restrictions and regulations, the non-compliance of which may lead to the termination of this cooperation. It's the same in a situation where you decide to earn with affiliate networks. There are regulations that you agree to at the time of registration and failure to comply with them may lead to a temporary or permanent account ban. Let this article become your compendium of knowledge about the possibility of losing access to campaigns on MyLead. 
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natalia.juszczak 2023-03-03 21
Every product, even, even the most popular and desirable one, needs advertising support. However, what solutions are the most beneficial for a given brand? What types of advertising or marketing activities bring the best results? Where should attention, energy and funding be focused? The answer seems quite simple - where it is easiest to reach the largest number of recipients. And affiliate marketing offers exactly that!
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natalia.juszczak 2023-02-20 15
Preparing any affiliate campaign is a process consisting of several dozen stages and routine activities. All social media require an account and although it is relatively simple, it can sometimes be very monotonous and time-consuming. However, there is a way that will allow you to speed up these actions. Browser extensions come to the rescue. Today we will analyze some of them. Here are the 20 best Chrome extensions that you can use when you make money with affiliate marketing.
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kinga.banaskiewicz 2023-02-10 53
The IncogniTOwin! contest runs from February 6 to April 7. The contest gives our publishers a chance to compete for prizes. The best publisher wins the iPhone 14, and the remaining users receive Amazon gift cards worth $250, $150 and $100. Wanna know more?
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