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How to choose an ad tracker and why do you need it

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Internet marketing, especially media buying, is among the most lucrative ways to make money online today. Professionals use various tools to launch advertising campaigns effectively, including proxies, white page generators, virtual cards, multi-account browsers, trackers, and more.


Trackers are vital for creating traffic funnels, performing A/B tests on landing pages and offers, protecting against spy services, transferring postbacks and parameters between sources and affiliate networks, and many other critical functions. With these tools, achieving a high ROI is easier.


Our partners at Keitaro Tracker have put together a brief guide on selecting a tracker to maximize your advertising campaign profits.

What Is an Ad Tracker?


Ad tracker software is designed to capture and analyze data from online advertising campaigns. It tracks user data and interactions, such as clicks and conversions, providing insights into the effectiveness of each ad. Some trackers offer an all-in-one platform to launch, analyze, and optimize campaigns. This allows for informed decision-making based on accurate, data-driven insights.


For instance, an ad tracker might reveal that ads with a particular call to action perform better on mobile devices than desktops, allowing you to adjust your campaigns accordingly. Media buyers and affiliate marketers find ad trackers like Keitaro Tracker essential for exploring campaign details, such as customer demographics, user behavior, device usage, and more. This helps them refine strategies and enhance overall campaign performance.

Cloud vs. Self-Hosted Trackers

When choosing an ad tracker, you must decide between cloud-hosted and self-hosted solutions. This choice depends on how much control you want over data processing and storage and your readiness to manage and support a server.

Cloud Trackers

Cloud trackers include the costs for VPS space and maintenance in the subscription fee. They are easy to set up and require no additional technical handling, making them perfect for beginners. However, these solutions limit data processing capabilities and offer limited customization options.

Self-Hosted Trackers

On the other hand, self-hosted trackers offer maximum flexibility and independence. These trackers must be installed on your server to give you complete control over data and infrastructure. They are ideal for users who require full control of their data. With self-hosted trackers like Keitaro, you can choose the virtual server provider capacity you need and select server locations to minimize page load delays.

For example, a media buyer targeting customers in Europe might choose a server in Germany to ensure faster ping and improve campaign performance.

Basic Tracker Functionality


You need a core set of essential functions to launch advertising campaigns effectively. They include:


  • Free domain parking for campaigns;
  • Capability to transfer all click parameters from the source and filter them accordingly;
  • Ability to send postbacks from the landing page to the tracker and from the tracker to the advertising network (S2S);
  •   Filters and flexible traffic funnel settings with a bot and unwanted clicks protection;
  • Split testing;
  • Local landing pages.


It's vital to ensure that all these features are included in the tracker's offerings and that you don't incur additional costs for separate functions.

Key Features of a Perfect Tracker


A perfect ad tracker should possess various features to ensure successful and profitable advertising campaigns. Keitaro Tracker is a good example. It even recently won the award MAC Best Affiliate Service 2024, making it an ideal choice for marketers.


A top-notch ad tracker must provide comprehensive reporting capabilities, offering in-depth analysis with numerous metrics and parameters. This allows for rapid, data-driven decision-making, enabling media buyers to understand campaign performance and make quick adjustments to enhance results.


Customization and flexibility are crucial. The tracker should include tools such as a built-in landing page editor, a customizable GeoDB, and the ability to manage multiple offers. This enables the creation of highly tailored campaigns that cater to different target audiences and marketing goals, such as using distinct landing pages for various demographic groups.


Advanced traffic management is essential. An effective tracker should manage both paid and organic traffic with sophisticated tools for filtering, redirecting, and optimizing user pathways. This maximizes campaign efficacy and ROI through detailed traffic analysis and real-time adjustments.


Security and fraud protection are vital. The tracker must incorporate robust security features to protect against fraud and bots, ensuring campaign integrity with tools like black-and-white lists and a built-in bots database.


Unlimited domain linking provides flexibility and scalability. Media buyers should be able to link unlimited domains to their campaigns. Additionally, the tracker should capture and filter every click parameter from traffic sources for precise targeting and optimization.


Postback capabilities are essential for data accuracy. The tracker should support server-to-server postbacks to exchange conversion data between the landing page, tracker, and source, optimizing performance tracking.


Effective filtering and funnel configuration are necessary. Users should be able to set up various filters and configure funnels to exclude bots and irrelevant traffic, ensuring that marketing efforts focus on genuine and potentially convertible audiences.


Real-time A/B testing is crucial for optimization. The tracker should support A/B testing using different landing pages and offers within a single campaign. This helps identify the most effective strategies and optimize campaign elements.


Local landing pages enhance user experience. The tracker should allow the creation of local landing pages to minimize redirects, improve page load times, and increase conversion rates.


A perfect ad tracker should combine these features to enable marketers to seamlessly launch, A/B test, analyze, control, and optimize all aspects of their campaigns in one space. Keitaro Tracker embodies these features, making it an excellent choice for achieving marketing success.



Ad trackers are crucial for media buyers as they provide detailed insights into campaign performance, enabling data-driven decision-making. With advanced traffic management and filtering, ad trackers help maximize ROI by ensuring marketing efforts target the right audience. Furthermore, comprehensive analysis tools allow continuous monitoring and adjustment, enhancing overall campaign effectiveness and profitability.


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