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Gambling niche in 2020: How to drive performance effectively?

Support Bodorek 2020-05-24 9

While the world pandemic made everybody stay at home affiliate marketers do not waste time searching for loopholes to get profit. Gambling now is the way out of the deadlock. The niche is rapidly gaining popularity becoming one of the most popular verticals in the sphere. There is quite a simple reason for it. People are quarantined and trying to find new leisure opportunities. Casino is one of the ways of stress-reduction. Moreover, professional players have gone online as now offline casinos are closed as well. 

So, let’s know how to be successful in gambling vertical in 2020 when there are so many competitors on the market. RichPush ad network has prepared for you the whole list of professional tips that will help to get profit in these challenging times. 

How to be successful in gambling vertical in 2020 - few tips

  • Do complex research before launching

Finding the right offer gives 50% of the campaign’s success. It’s necessary to know all details about the offer and GEO before launching. 

First, choose the affiliate program and traffic source. Push traffic converts great with gambling because all the creatives can be personalized. It makes users click and make target action. 

Test the platform of the offer by yourself. Register and evaluate convenience: all the steps of the funnel should be easy and user-oriented. Try to make a deposit and if it’s a complicated process you are likely to lose money. A lazy user will not spend much time trying to fill in all the fields and quit what he has just started. 

Find the countries where offline gambling is allowed but casinos are quarantined. People from these countries will spend and play a lot. 

  • Choose Tier 1 or Tier 3 countries

Actually, in GEO question nothing has changed seriously. We recommend choosing Tier 1 and Tier 3 countries: they perform great nowadays. It all depends on your budget. If your it is limited choose Tier 3 countries, for example, Asian GEOs like India, Thailand, or Vietnam. They have huge traffic volumes and low competition.

For those who prefer spending bigger budgets Tier 1 countries may be appropriate. We recommend choosing Germany or Poland now. But also you should be careful and check all the peculiarities before launching. For example, in Netherlands advertising in native language is forbidden and only English options are possible. 

Gambling tiers in 2020

  • Always use pre-landing pages

The pre-landing page is a necessary element of the sales funnel. It prepares the user for the offer he will see and increase his credibility. They really increase the possibility of performing target action that’s their importance is not overestimated. Each potential customer wants to know more about the product that he is going to buy and this task is undertaken by the pre-landing page. When the customer finally comes to the casino page itself he will more likely make a deposit.

Pre-landing pages in Gambling affiliate programs

  • Use several unisex creatives to perform a/b testing 

It’s not a secret that a/b testing helps to identify best converting creative and get maximum profit further. To make it real you should use several different creatives, we recommend using 3-5 (up to 10) options.

Speaking about gender, don’t limit your audience by choosing men only as women gamble too. Create unisex creatives to engage as many users as possible. 

Unisex creatives in gambling niche

  • Don’t forget about the timing of your campaigns

To get better results and increase CTR we recommend running campaigns at certain times. The answer is pure psychology. Usually, the best time for playing casino games is after work and on weekends. In their spare time, people are active and ready to spend money. But now the whole world is quarantined that’s why it’s better to test different time periods to find best converting variant.   

To know more tips and recommendations from RichPush gambling experts register for the webinar recording and get lifetime access to all the useful materials and the webinar itself. 

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