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Dating in the Coronavirus Era

dominika.kawczynska 2020-06-24 0

If you're single, you're probably facing a difficult challenge during this epidemic. Imposed restrictions and prohibitions favor social distancing. It might seem that an infectious virus will turn the lives of millions of singles around the world upside down and make them even more lonely. However, all the data indicate that it is… completely different. People also date each other during a pandemic, and what's even more, they do it with greater intensity than ever before! How is this possible? It's because of dating applications - like Tinder

The number of conversations in this popular application increased by about 39% worldwide. Moreover, according to data published by Tinder, the average length of conversations increased by as much as 28%. To make this difficult time more pleasant, free of charge passport function was made available on Tinder, and it allows its users to view profiles of people from all over the world.

Dating in the Coronavirus Era via Tinder & Bumble

How does the coronavirus affect the psyche?

We are not used to such situations. After all, freedom is one of the fundamental features of our life, and suddenly it turns out that common sense tells us to stay at home in fear of infection. We have significantly reduced people-to-people contacts. Many of us do not meet with friends, do not go to the cinema or restaurant. It doesn't mean, however, that we suddenly stop feeling the need for closeness and tenderness. On the contrary, many singles have only now realized how bad it is to live alone, especially in an unsafe situation. That is why they decided to look for solutions to their problems in dating applications. According to Berkeley International, a pairing agency, coronavirus has changed the approach of single people to love and relationships:

In the era of coronavirus, people became more sensitive, authentic, and self-aware. They are more focused on the other person and want to build a warm relationship based on feeling, understanding, and support [...].

Many singles became aware of the importance of having a soul mate to enjoy successes or drink sorrows if they fail. 

Living alone is not easy. It is widely known that loneliness negatively affects not only the psyche but also health. According to scientists, it is conducive to greater mortality and causes numerous health problems. Research conducted by Dr. Lisa Jaremka from the University of Ohio shows that loneliness is a stress factor for the human body. It turns out that the body of a lonely person produces as much as 10% more stress hormones than of a person in a relationship.

Stress hormones production - relationship vs lonely person

Why will virtual dating grow in popularity?

The reports of epidemiologists on the coronavirus pandemic are not optimistic. No one at the moment can tell when the threat will end. Only one thing is known - we will be able to forget about a pandemic when we invent a vaccine or medicine. There is no indication that the situation will change soon. As we mentioned earlier, dating apps are now experiencing enormous popularity. Many of us are now forced to stay at home. For a few months, our house turned into an office, a place of entertainment, or a home gym.

Is this the worst possible scenario for lonely people? Not necessarily! We also have more time than before the pandemic. That is why many have decided to refresh their account on Tinder, Badoo, or other dating apps - not to mention completely new users who are just taking their first steps in the online amorous exploits.

Make money on dating affiliate programs!

On MyLead, you can earn from almost anything, including dating. After reading the above facts, you should not doubt that the coronavirus pandemic is the perfect time to promote dating affiliate programs. It's an easy way to make money with a little effort. On the list of affiliate programs, you can find many interesting dating campaigns. Here are some of them:

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So, are you convinced yet? Help people find the other half, and at the same time, enjoy a handsome profit! Making money on dating campaigns is now very profitable - see for yourself! 


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