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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.



How to make money with MyLead partner program? part 2

Support Bodorek 2018-08-16 10

You already know the basic steps that enable you to earn in partner programs. We have prepared a few more tips.

If you haven't read the previous part of the guide, you can do it right now.


Remember a few things!

Tip 1 - you can make a dedicated website for affiliate programs

For example, one way to earn money on partner programs is to create dedicated websites that aim to earn money by selling specific products from partner programs.

An example of this type of site may be a website with a ranking of bank deposits or payday loans. Just prepare it once, place all possible loans or deposits on the website, compare their parameters and tie each deposit with a suitable partner program. With this, someone who hits the ranking of deposits from the search engine will easily go to a particular deposit and when someone start it - we will get a commission.

Dedicated websites, where you earn money through partner programs, over time take the form of single pages - i.e. landing page. Advantages of the product, opinions and a link to the store where the product can be ordered from, are presented on them. In this way, dietary supplements and preparations from the health category are often promoted. Simply placing a website like this is not expensive and if a website gets high on Google, it will be profitable for a long time.

Tip 2 - watch how others work

A very good way to learn how to make money on affiliation, i.e. partner programs - is to watch other bloggers or websites that earn in this way. The champions of earning online are American bloggers who live off making money online.

(eg Pat Flynn from the blog or Michelle from the blog).

Tip 3 - keep browsing the list of programs

There are many partner programs. There is always something new among our programs. That is why it is worth browsing the list of programs, at least once a week. There can be a great promotion out there that you can recommend to readers - before they know about it from other sources. The sooner you use it, the greater the chance of earnings.

Tip 4 - check the timeliness of your links

It may happen that after some time from placing a partner link or banner on the website, the banner or link will stop working. That’s why you should periodically check whether the links that you have are still running.

Tip 5 - get ready for hard work

Anyone who thinks that earning on partner programs is about throwing one link on Facebook is wrong. Nowadays, when the inflow of information is huge, even the sensational promotion can go unnoticed if we only talk about it once. Promoting partner programs is not a one-time action, but hard work that needs to be done by continually renewing the promotion. You should also remind readers about your articles, trying to reach them through various channels. In case of promoting partner programs - the rule is simple - the more people will be able to see your article with the link or a banner - the greater the chance that someone will benefit from the offer placed there. We can achieve spectacular results if we have a properly selected target group and very high traffic on the website.

Remember that all of these partner programs can be found in your publisher panel.


Let’s summarize everything

Partner programs give you the opportunity to earn very a large amount of money. However, you need to know how to promote them properly. You cannot earn thousands of USD in a few days, starting from zero. To earn large amounts you need to have a big audience, and when we have a small group to which we can reach, we probably won't be able to repeat the success of American bloggers. Which does not mean that it isn't worth trying, because even with a small group, you can earn money that will be a regular addition to your salary or other ways of earning money online. The most important thing is to choose the right programs, tailored to the target group, to promote them consistently and to constantly learn, test and search for suitable methods for promoting partner programs.

If you haven't read the previous part of the guide, you can do it right now.



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