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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.

How to make money with MyLead partner program? part 1

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Affiliate programs have been known in many countries for a long time. However, it has been known for some time now, that this method of earning money on Internet is very effective. One of the evidence on how earnings can be generated from affiliate programs may be entries of some blogs. Our perfect example in Poland is Michał Szafrański - author of the blog In one of his entries, the blogger explained how it happened that he earned over 69,000 PLN in just 8 days with affiliate programs! How to skillfully use affiliates to earn and repeat Michał’s success? Below, we present you a guide, from which you will learn the basics of earning with the help of MyLead partner program.

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Steps - how to make money?

Over four hundred partner programs from various industries are available in the MyLead affiliate network. Before you decide to promote any of them, take a moment to review all programs. Look for such stores, websites and services that you use personally. At the beginning, the easiest way is to make money with the help of such programs.

If you cannot find any store you have used before and haven't found any product that you can recommend from your own experience, don't worry. In order to earn money in partner programs, you don't have to recommend products you have used before.

Step 1 - think about who you want to reach with your message

When choosing affiliate programs for promotion, you should also remember where we will promote them and who will be the target audience of our advertisement. If at the beginning you decide to promote affiliate programs on your Facebook profile, focus on those that interest your friends. If you have mainly young friends, there is no sense in promoting for example, bank deposits, because it is simply not a product that will interest young people.

It is easier for the owners of thematic pages and blogs. With the help of analyzing the popularity of blog entries, they can easily find topics that may interest readers of the site.

In the case of a blog that has been running for a long time, the author doesn't have to strain to identify his readers’ interests. Every blogger knows exactly what his readers are interested in. Affiliate programs should be chosen with readers in mind and look for those that might interest them.

Step 2 - select a few programs and join them

Once you’ve established your target audience and know who you’re targeting your advertising campaigns from affiliate programs, you can start to choose affiliate programs from our list. We recommend that you select a dozen programs at once, because you usually have to wait a few hours for the acceptance of joining selected programs.

It should be remembered that the program matching the target audience is more important than the lead rate it offers. It is much easier to obtain leads or to persuade readers to use the offer or purchase a product that they actually need or are looking for. There is no point in promoting programs, just because they offer a very high salary, as nobody will benefit from such an affiliate program.

Step 3 - prepare texts that will convince people to make a purchase

After accepting selected affiliate programs, you should proceed start promotion. There are a lot of promotion methods, you can use prepared tools available on our website and put a graphic banner on the website from which you can link to the store’s website. You can promote the affiliate program in articles by including links to specific products. If you have an email base, you can promote affiliate programs among recipients of emails.

The example given at the beginning of the guide shows us how an effective way to promote affiliate programs is to write a good article - which will encourage to use publisher’s offer.

It is best to recommend products that we have had the opportunity to test (from electronic equipment and home appliances, through read books, food products to banking products and e-services).

You can already get access to affiliate programs that will generate your profit!

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How to promote affiliate programs

What if you don't find such programs? You can promote affiliate programs in many different ways. Have a look at how other bloggers in Poland are doing it:

  • fashion bloggers put banners of stores on their websites, in which they (as they claim) usually shop

  • culinary bloggers link to stores in which they buy kitchen gadgets or stock up on unusual ingredients (for example, organic food)

  • cosmetic bloggers recommend stores where you can buy good cosmetics

  • lifestyle bloggers prepare lists of ideas for a gift from a field close to them (eg a list of gift ideas for a guy for Christmas)

  • bloggers writing about motherhood are preparing letters of interesting gadgets for children, games and toys

  • bloggers writing about books provide each review with an affiliate link to the bookstore where you can buy a book they are reviewing

  • bloggers writing about finances inform about very attractive deposits and promotions offered by banks.

The offer of affiliate networks is not only used by bloggers and administrators of small websites, but also by large portals. All you need to do is go to the website of your chosen financial portal, to easily find out that from time to time there are, for example, bank account rankings, credits or published deposits. Such rankings are simply clever use of affiliate programs in texts.

As you can see, there is a lot of ideas and they are not limited to the review of a specific product that we want to promote within the selected affiliate programs.

It is worth noting that many of these ideas don't require the author to review product knowledge. A few examples - a list of interesting games for children, ideas for a gift, reviews of computer hardware, etc. When you write posts of this type on a website or blog, you don't have to claim that you know all the products that you promote, because no one requires you to know them.

Step 4 - make sure you promote your article properly

Writing one article on a blog or a website is not everything. It is also necessary to ensure the proper promotion of the text, so that as many people as possible can learn about it, read it and then use the offer included in the article.

That’s exactly what the blogger did, mentioned at the very beginning. He advertised his post via Facebook sponsored posts. Paid ads are just a part of the promotion methods that we can use to promote our article. At the beginning, you can promote your posts also for free. You can promote your articles on your personal profile on Facebook. If we have a fanpage linked to our website or blog, it is also worth using the option to share a link with the affiliate program. Analogously, you can do it on other social networks, such as - Google+, Twitter, ask FM, Youtube, Pinterest. In addition, if you have a mailing base, you can send your readers information about the product you are promoting. You need to think about what actions should be taken to make as many people as possible to read this article. Especially if it concerns a promotion or a product that has its limited time and after a while it won't be possible to use. As the offer expires, no commission will be charged for the purchase from your link.

Step 5 - observe, how commissions are being transferred into your account

If you are promoting partner programs billed in CPC, CPA or CPL models, it is easy to exceed the threshold for withdrawal. All you need is a few transactions to collect the amount of $20 needed for withdrawal.

When promoting affiliate programs on the Internet, you should keep an eye on the impact of commission for specific purchases on our account. We will be able to find out which of our promotion methods bring better results (eg affiliate links or banners) and check which texts/articles perform better. Is the involvement of users greater in case of a list of ideas for a gift or review of a given product?

It is extremely important when promoting affiliate programs to analyze revenue and draw conclusions. It is true that there is no universal method for earning thanks to affiliate programs. On every advertising surface (website, blog, or mailing list) something else will work. It is worth adapting the methods of promoting our programs to the preferences and behaviors of specific users.

Do you want to know more?  We have prepared for you the second part of the guide “How to make money on partner programs in MyLead”! Go and check it out now!

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