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How to run Nutra with push traffic RichAds Top tips

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No doubt that Nutra is one of the most trending verticals right now. How to make the most of it? Our partner – RichAds ad network – gives an answer in this article, as well as discuss possible offers, GEOs and proven tips to run such offers.

Before we get down to our recommendations, let’s enumerate what kind of offer types exist in Nutra vertical:

  • Weight control,
  • Vitamins and supplements,
  • Athletic improvement,
  • Male health enhancement,
  • Well-being and brain activity improvement,
  • Skin care and organic products

Now you know that there’s a variety of options if you want to run Nutra. Is there a safe way to do it and get profit? The answer is yes, just stick to push format.

Push ads for Nutra: top-notch tips

As mentioned earlier, push format shows the best results on Nutra vertical and there are several reasons for it. The thing is that push (as well as in-page push) have a strong visual impact on users due to the personalization that allows to address your audience directly. It’s perfect for Nutra as this vertical aims to address a user’s pain, which can be done only with the help of suitable creatives.

Choose the best payment option

There are numerous payment options for users when it comes to Nutra: cash-on-delivery, direct sales and trial model. Let’s discuss each of them briefly and choose the best one.

Cash-On-Delivery (COD) model is said to be the most popular when it comes to Nutra. Basically, a person leaves their personal data, then is contacted by a manager, receives their purchase and pays upon delivery. The main advantage of the format is that a user doesn’t have to pay right away, only when goods are delivered.

Direct Sales is not that hyping because not everyone is ready to leave their credit card information on the Internet. But it’s actually quite profitable, as a marketer gets money right after a user makes a purchase. The trial model allows a person to get samples of a product before actually paying for it. They leave personal data, receive the goods, and then decide whether to make an actual purchase or not. It’s up to you which model to choose, but we’d strongly recommend sticking to the COD option.

Converting creatives: ideas for Nutra

As the Nutra market is very wide, the creatives can range greatly from offer to offer. Now we’ll focus mainly on the most popular subverticals at RichAds — Men Health and Weight Loss.

Weight loss creatives: best practices 

1. It’s not a secret that everybody wants to notice a visible result when it comes to diets and losing weight. Use this in your creatives, show a contrast with the help of before/after pictures, shock users with impressive numbers — that’s a classic move to attract people’s attention.

How to run Nutra with push traffic:

2. Highlight the main products that assist in dieting, it’s better to be the food that’s easy to find and not very expensive. Dwell on the useful properties of the product, it shall interest a user from the first sight.

How to run Nutra with push traffic:

3. The key ingredient to use is a celebrity figure. Almost everyone dreams of being as perfect as their favorite star — go ahead and apply this in your creative! That creates an image of a trustworthy ad and urges a person to click on it.

How to run Nutra with push traffic:

Men Health — choosing working approach

1. Similar to weight loss, in case of men enhancement product, we’d advise showing actual result, for example, the benefits a woman will get after a man applies the product, images of pleasure:

How to run Nutra with push traffic

Important: you can use adult creatives to attract even more audience, RichAds has recently canceled the restrictions, now there’s a possibility to use adult landings and creatives in your campaigns.

2. Use comparison, like graphics, statistics or show the actual growth with the help of a ruler or bananas. It helps to see the result in numbers and rely on your product to get the same results:

How to run Nutra with push traffic

Tip: Pay attention to seasonality — use texts that can be related to a holiday (e.g., New Year’s Eve, Christmas) or a particular time of the year. For example, you can urge a user to buy your product to “lose weight before the New Year” or “to prepare for a swimming season”.

Make use of effective settings

Once you’ve chosen the offer and payment option, you’re about to set up a campaign. At RichAds we have worked out best converting settings:

  • Always choose premium traffic sources — they are the safest variant to get a great CR and high-quality traffic. Later you can scale with other groups of sources, but it’s a perfect option to start that guarantees success.

  • We have white lists of sources for all the desired GEOs and verticals, just contact your manager if you need a ready-made list for the campaign.

  • It’s recommended to use the latest versions of Android when choosing targeting in order not to miss the most relevant user base.

  • Make separate campaigns for mobile and desktop as the bid is usually different for these devices and the audience varies as well.

  • Use no less than 5 creatives — it’s a must-have for an effective campaign, especially for Nutra where banners play a significant role. They allow to segment your audience. For instance, if you want to attract women, you can use before/after pictures or role models (e.g., celebrity stories), while for men you can apply pictures explaining how to bulk up and gain muscles.

Tip: Don’t forget about the importance of  “creative — pre-landing — landing” combination. They shall be similar to each other and create the same image for a user, telling them a story they want to hear. They shouldn’t mismatch, otherwise your offer won’t be credible for a person, and they won’t make a purchase.

Apply Automated rules

If you’re looking for a way to simplify your optimization process for Nutra vertical, congrats, we have one to be interested in.

It’s Automated rules — they allow you to save your time and money. Basically, Automated rules make it possible to add sites and publishers to thelack list if the price of a conversion is higher than your expected CPA or there are no conversions at all. Due to the rules you can also create a white list of sources as well if they fall into the desired CPA.

Making most of the Automated rules is a great idea for Nutra. Why?

The thing is that usually expected CPAs are quite low while the feature assists in the constant process of optimization, allowing a marketer to focus on other issues. For instance, research the market in order to find trending creatives and make a matching prelanding.

Best GEO and verticals bundles for Nutra

As a cherry on top, there are some insights on the hottest GEOs and offers at RichAds now. Especially if you crave to get started on Nutra but the amount of opportunities on this market drives you crazy.

Top GEOs for Nutra offers at RichAds:

  • India

  • Philippines
  • the USA
  • Nepal
  • Colombia
  • Argentina 
  • Mexico

Converting GEO+vertical combinations:

  • Male health enhancement — India, Nepal, Algeria, Peru, Philippines

  • Weight loss — the USA, Thailand, Slovakia, The Czech Republic, India

Nutra Brands that show great results:

  • Level X
  • Bluesbone
  • Titan Gel

Now you have all the cards up your sleeve in terms of Nutra — it’s high time to start running it at RichAds. Good luck!


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