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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.

New Content Lockers. Test them and earn

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In our panel, there are already new tools - the Content Lockers. We wrote about this remarkable project in January as a teaser. According to our mentors, it is an absolute must-have for every webmaster working on the MyLead platform. We believe that soon you won't be able to imagine making money without Content Lockers. You probably think that's quite a brave statement. You are right, nevertheless, we're sure you'll agree with us 100 percent after reading this post! 


What are Content Lockers?

Content Lockers allow you to block access to a specific part of the text or page. It can be done on a sub-page of the portal (e.g., "For Premium Users"), further parts of an article (e.g., the user can only read the introduction), and many others. To gain access, the user must perform at least one of the listed offers.

Make money from content locking

Follow the best. They use it too!

Content Locking is used by The New York Times, The Washington Post, or Polish In 2019, these news portals published statistics, which show that electronic copies are more popular than printed ones. Of course, a user who wants to read the whole article must first purchase access to it, but as you can see, content locking does not frighten users away. Although this is not exactly the kind of content locker we provide to publishers, the goal is the same.

Examlpes of content locker

Content Locker - what content can be blocked?

Classic Content Lockers give you the ability to block any part of the text that can be:

  • a blog article;
  • subpage;
  • e-book;
  • content for selected users (premium type).
cpa locker

How about blocking the video?

You can block access to the video content using the classic Video Locker, but you can also grant access to users after completing the action. Just use the CPA Locker for this purpose.


What possibilities does Captcha Locker offer?

Captcha Locker is very similar to reCaptcha. A client who wants to access the file must confirm that he/she is human. To do so, the user clicks on the designated field on the page and then performs one of the actions from the list.  


File access lock with File Locker tool

A tool that blocks access to a file? We made it for you. File Locker is a simple widget that blocks a file. It can be:

  • a text document;
  • music;
  • graphics.

Mobile Rewards


But... What task will the user have to do?

We have already mentioned that a user who wants to remove the blockade imposed by Content Locker will have to perform at least one action from the task list. These tasks may be different, but most often this is it:

  • installing the mobile application;
  • installing the program;
  • creating an account, e.g., on the portal;
  • providing data to the e-mail address;
  • sending SMS.

Monetize Mobile Apps

You can monetize mobile applications with Mobile Rewards. It is a great alternative to annoying ads that are often displayed to users while using a particular application. You could say that Mobile Rewards is a combination of business and pleasure. After completing the affiliate offer, the user receives points, which are then exchanged for prizes. It is worth mentioning that the publisher decides about the form of reward.


The result? User satisfaction and money for the publisher

It is safe to say that Content Lockers are the quintessence of affiliate marketing. Both the publisher and the user are satisfied. The client takes only a few seconds to complete the task from the list and then receives the desired content. The publisher gets the money. Can you really ignore such a great tool? We do not doubt that Content Lockers are an innovative approach to affiliate marketing and are even more effective than before. Find out for yourself!  You can read more about the Content Lockers in the following articles:

How to configure the Content Lockers?

tekst alternatywny - krótki opis tej grafiki

How to install the Content Lockers?


How to select affiliate programs for each Content Locker?


How to configure Mobile Rewards?



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