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Postback / API - creating

KAROLINA.NOSEK 2019-12-09 9

Postback or API integration is an approach that allows conveniently monitor statistics. It is especially useful for publishers who are affiliate networks themselves or are other similar entities. Postback allows tracking the leads in a real time, while the API interface periodically sends queries to the advertiser's server (in this case to MyLead).

Before you start configuring Postback, get more familiar with the tool itself by reading our earlier article (Earn money like a pro - postback API on MyLead).

How to configure Postback correctly?

First, go to the “For webmasters” tab and then choose Postback [or click here to go]. You will find there a list of parameters that postback is able to pass to the publisher. The most common parameters necessary to correctly assign the leads to sub-publishers are the click identifier (clickid) and the sub-publisher identifier (affid). To define clickid it is best to use the [ml_sub1] parameter, and similarly the [ml_sub2] parameter to define affid.

To create a new postback click the “Add a new Postback URL” button. When you do this, a window with the following two fields will appear:

  1. Lead status that activates Postback” - in this field select the event at which postback should start. These events determine the lead status change and are correlated with the statuses in the MyLead panel. The following variants are available:

  • Any - postback will be launched whenever the status changes (most commonly used option),
  • Available to pay - postback is activated when the lead in the MyLead panel receives the acceptance status and can be withdrawn,
  • Accepted - postback will be launched when the lead is registered in the MyLead system as pre-approved and waits for consideration by a direct advertiser,
  • Pending - will be activated when the lead is registered in the MyLead system as correctly made, but not yet analyzed (mainly CPS offers)
  • Rejected - the postback will start when the lead in the MyLead system changes its status to rejected.

Postback URL” - in this field enter the address of publisher’s website that is used for counting statistics. A more detailed explanation of creating such an address can be found below. 

Creating a Postback address

To the basic address of the tracking platform you should add the parameters you want to be passed through postback. Let's assume that the platform address is To create a valid postback link you should:

  1. add the "?" sign to the end of the platform address and then assign the MyLead parameter to the publisher parameter (remember to keep the square brackets). It should look like this:[ml_sub1]

  2. If the publisher needs more parameters, they should be separated by the "&" character. For example:[ml_sub1]&affid=[ml_sub2]&transaction=[transaction_id] 

    It is important to remember to pass the lead rate parameter. Depending on the system used to support postback, the user should use the [payout_decimal] parameter which will display the rate in the form of a floating point (e.g. 4.00), or [payout] returning the value in pennies (e.g. 400).

You should also remember to add the [status] parameter to the postback if you have selected the "Any" status. Otherwise, there may be complications in counting statistics.

Preparation of a tracking link for postback

To ensure that the statistics will be transferred correctly, in addition to postback configuration, you need to create a tracking link based on the link that the publisher uses to promote a specific MyLead offer. Let's assume that the promotion link looks like this: For the link to work properly, you must assign the appropriate parameters in the link to the postback parameters (you have to map them).

A correctly configured tracking link should look like this:

Parameters ml_sub1 to ml_sub5 that are passed for tracking, can be viewed in the generated leads in the Statistics tab -> Leads (click here to go). This is especially useful if you need to verify the postback operation. 

For promotion among sub-publishers, you should use a link that was configured as described above.

What Postback API can offer you

Since you know how to configure postback, check what it can offer you. Click here and read more.


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