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Affiliate program Filarum

Promote a campaign of a well-known loan company! Commission: Loan granted

Rate $5.26

Type CPL

Description of the Filarum Affiliate Program


If the consumer has not yet used Filarum services, the limit of the loan you can try for the first time is PLN 1,000.

We determine the consumer's ability to borrow by checking the history of debts in the databases of the National Debt Register BIG SA, BIGInfomonitor SA and ERIF BIG S.A. including the history in our company, if it arose.

We always fulfill our promises and present our offer of services in a fair and consistent manner - we never give misleading information.


Apart from the status requirements, according to our regulations, we will always show the final cost of repayment in a clear and open manner before the consumer submits a loan application in our company.

The final calculation includes all costs without additional hidden charges or unexpected clauses. We explain the possible costs and consequences of delayed repayments or the total lack of return of the loan equally transparently.

We will never change the interest rate on the loan or other fees during the loan period.


We use data from the National Debt Register, BIGInfomonitor and ERIF, as well as from all permitted data available on the market, to protect our company from possible dishonesty from unreliable customers. Available information also allows us to make the right decisions as early as at the stage of considering the loan application.

This information applies to both the consumer's income and its overall financial situation.

If the loan is refused we try to justify the decision exactly.

Each subsequent application is considered individually based on updated information about the financial situation of the consumer applying for a loan.

At the same time, we reserve the right to refuse to grant a loan even if previous liabilities were settled on time.


We always encourage you to repay the loan within the time chosen by the borrower.

We do not apply any additional fees or refunds for an earlier loan repayment of the loan.

We remind the borrowers about the liability, the repayment amount and the end date at a time similar to for the final loan repayment date, as well as after this deadline, by sending SMS messages and electronically via e-mail.

Reliability < h3>

We warn you how important it is to incur loan liabilities and explain the consequences delaying repayments or total evasion of loan repayment.

If the borrower's life situation changes to worse, let us know by sending an e-mail or by phone, which will result in support from our side and finding a favorable solution sprawy.

Rapid Finance Polska Sp. z o.o. cooperates only with experienced and professional bailiffs whose task is to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement for both parties.

We extend the loan repayment date only if the borrower pays a renewal fee. The amount of the loan extension costs is always visible on the website. We will extend the repayment period only at the borrower's request as described in the rules.


You can contact us by phone during business hours, defined on the website, via the website, e-mail or traditional mail (letter).

We will respond satisfactorily to any case or complaint.

We will try to process any complaint within 48 hours.

If the problem is more complex and requires additional time for consideration, we will explain the reason for the delay and inform you about the time of re-contact.

If our reaction is not satisfactory, you can appeal the decision in writing explaining your concerns and providing all new information useful for further consideration of the case.

Terms of program promotion


  • direct links from Google Adwords - prohibited
  • Google Adwords brand bidding - prohibited
  • filling in on behalf of the client - prohibited
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