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Affiliate program Kovea - RU

Promote the Kovea program. Commission Sales

Rate 4,00%

Type CPS

Description of the Kovea - RU Affiliate Program

The South Korean company Kovea has been in existence since 1982 and is engaged in the production of gas appliances and related products. For a long time, the guys worked only on their own market, which, despite the small size of the country by our standards, is simply huge. For 20 years, Kovea has been building a strong brand loved by all Koreans, and then it entered the international arena. Kovea products are in demand, recognizable on our market and account for over 50% of all gas appliances sold in Russia.

Terms of program promotion

-Mobile traffic
-Partner shops and price comparison engines
-Lead call
- API traffic
-Ruch Adult

-Pop-up / Click-under
-Targeted advertising
-Loyalty programs
-Coupon services
- YouTube channel
-Incent traffic
-Advertisement in social media
-Advertising using the keyword
-Network of teasers and banners
- Contextual advertising

Category: House and Garden , Household items , Sport & Hobby
Last update: 2022-03-01 22:01:32
Device type: Desktop , Mac , Windows , Linux
Traffic type: Incent
EPC : 4.99 PLN
Conversion type: Sell
CR : n/a
Deeplink: Yes
Banners No

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