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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.

A profitable bot? Create one with us!

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Year 2016. The year when it became loud about artificial intelligence. The year when we saw a full-fledged chatbot operating on the basis of Facebook’s Messenger. Although in Poland chatbots aren’t popular, this trend is growing rapidly in the world and it is just a matter of time when it become popular in here. Despite it is still ahead of us, it is worth investing in modern solutions that will surprise the client, will be convenient for both of you and will allow you to earn money.


What is a chatbox?

Messenger these days is not only a messenger, but a whole collection of various products. Products like games, services, and recently even advertising. Part of this collection are the chatbots.

Bots are nothing new. Some of you may associate them with other messengers. Bot is a system that can imitate artificial intelligence in a way that can lead conversations and contact with fans. The word "conversation" is important here, because Messenger is a message exchange platform, so in the same way must function a system operating within it. Chatbot therefore allows for some kind of conversation with an automatic system.

In general, bot must bring the user any advantage. In our case it will be an offer that is seriously interesting for client, because he independently took up discussion with a given chatbot. Chatbots offer a huge opportunities - including the possibility of placing orders and making payments. However, we will use quite basic functionalities, which are not complicated and simultaneously completely enough for us.

It should be remembered, that these new possibilities of Messenger are in use for a very short time, but they have a huge potential. Currently, there are mostly used by large brands and not all of them. In addition, Poland isn't a market in which this tool is often used. However, its popularity is still growing, and this is a good reason to think about your own solution right now to be ahead of the competition.

To use all the advice and examples described in this e-book, you will need a free account on the platform. If you haven’t registered yet, you should do it right now.


How does it work?

The rules of operation are really simple to understand. Customer interested in a given bots peaks to it and thus initiates a conversation. Usually customer uses the “Start” button.

The conversation usually looks very natural – it contains terms and texts previously written by the author of the application. To build more authenticity the author can use additional tools provided by platforms for building chatbots. Example for such a tool might be the ability to add a message-writing animation and sending it when the animation is finished.

Usually, customer conducts a discussion with bot through buttons. The system has a programmed flow and the user selects the next options by clicking on the buttons, which push him towards the solution.

It is difficult to clearly assess the purpose – end of such a conversation – because bots are so universal that can be used for everything. In our case, it will always be a proposition to use the offer with affiliate link.

Bots in numbers

After reading the introduction, you can get the impression that this is a great solution to use. And you are right. In a moment, we will tell you about the advantages of these systems, but first we would like to show you the numbers, that confirm all the statements that you will find in this article.


Growing mobile devices market

Due to growing advantage of mobile devices, it can be said that there is an enormous potential in bots. Mobile devices are becoming more and more important and currently most of the traffic that comes from the largest pages like Google or Facebook, is generated by mobiles.


Why is it worth your time?


It is simple effective…

Systems like bots, allow the customer to be served 24 hours a day and what’s even more they offer various solutions. Someone is looking for a television? Bot can recommends him aTV using your affiliate link. Someone wants to learn more about the possibility of winning a voucher to a well-known chain of stores? He or she writes to the bot and gets immediate and detailed instructions on how to go through the form along with the screenshots posted in the conversation. The market has already emerged such a solution – WebGains together withIBM have created a huge bot that advises the client considering its preferences.Furthermore, the system itself learns directly from the conversations. At this point, it is worth to mention that everyone can own a chatbot because there are some platforms where we can easily build them.

…and convenient

Chatbots are therefore extremely comfortable, both for clients and for affiliation dealing persons. Clients simply send a message to the bot and they don’t need an additional application because Messenger is being used by most of us. At the same time they don’t have to provide any extensive data. All communication runs much faster and is more automated.

Facebook’s locks? Never heard of it

If you already earn with the use of social media, this will be extremely important information for you. Using the bot doesn’t mean that you have to worry about the blocking your promoted links. They aren’t blocked by the Facebook system, thus the promotion is so much simpler and less stressful.

Passive earnings

Once built, the system works all the time. It doesn’t need breaks, doesn’t need your regular intervention, and it can be more and more automated.

Of course, your idea for promotion is the basis here. For example, if you want to promote it using groups on Facebook, you will probably spend a comparable amount of time to promote as before. However your work can bring a higher profit because chatbots are effective, modern and prospective.

Additional marketing base

Anyone who writes to you, automatically becomes a subscriber. This means that one message is enough to get a contact to a person interested in specific topic.

Moreover, platforms with bots have build-in systems for sending messages that can contain texts, photos, videos or buttons with links.

That kind of base has one very important advantage – it is very effective. Not only we have a selected users who have applied to us, but also we send them the content that is extremely difficult to overlook because each of us uses the communicator every day.

The simplicity of creating

Building a chatbot doesn’t require you to know anything about programming. In addition, the process itself is not time-consuming. Of course, it is dependent on the complexity of the system, but in general it shouldn’t take you more than a few hours.

Certainly, there are some elements that can take more time, for example, creating a template for automatic recognizing the most common questions and sending previously written messages. To the examples of chatbots that you can create, we will move on in a moment. Totally universalChatbots will do well in all sectors. Regardless of which affiliate programs you want to promote, or about what topics you have a website – the bots are totally universal.

What kind of chatbots can we create?

In chatbots you can do absolutely everything and the only thing that limits you is your creativity. Here are just a few of our ideas:

● “Let’s find you a girl” - a bot which based on your preferences offers a dating site and helps you to find the love of your life (or someone to meet to),

● “Answer and win” - a simple quiz that rewards correct answers with the opportunity to take part in a competition with valuable prizes,

● “What to play?” - a bot that advises which browser game the player should play based on his/hers answers,

● “How to lose weight?” - a bot that matches right dietary supplement to the customer’s expectations,

● “Where to watch the movie?” - the only example of a bot that allows customer to enter a unique response - this response may include the name of the movie that he/she wants to watch and the bot may pretend searching the web for a site where a given production is available, next the client can be redirected to a VOD-based affiliate program;

● “How to please a woman?” - a system that combines various partner programs -both based on adult dietary supplements and the offer of sex shops,

● “Which computer should I buy?” - a bot that researches the technological expectations of the interested and advises which equipment to choose. Naturally it does this using the affiliate link to the selected electronic store.

In addition to this, the possibilities are huge. In this article we will implement the first two ideas step by step.

Let’s create our own bot and find a girl

Which platform should be used?

We will use the, platform, but there are many different websites that offer the opportunity to prepare the bots, for example: ManyChat or It is worth to mention that if you need a bot for other markets, you can create a systems for different platforms – allows you to implement chatbots on the popular Telegram messenger.

What affiliate programs will be used?

In this project we will use 4 dating sites from the MyLead offer.

If you don’t have an account on MyLead, sign up now. It is necessary, if you want to earn on the Messenger bots.




Rate 0.52 - 0.54 $ | Model: CPL, commission for creating an account | 

Erodate will be a program for people looking for sex, but for younger ones – aged 18 to 24



Rate: 0.75 $ | Model: CPL, commission for creating an account |

SexPrzygody will be a program for those seeking for sex, but more mature – between the ages of 25 to 35



Rate: 0.89 $ – 6.97 $ | Model: CPL, commission for creating an account | 
Flirt will be a program for those seeking for sex, but those definitely older – from the age of 35 and up



Rate: 0.85 $ – 1.27 $ | Model: CPL, commission for creating an account | 
eDarling will be a program for those seeking for true love, regardless of their age


So let’s start!

Project description

The bot’s task will be to help find the girl and it will meet two basic expectations – finding the love of life (aka person for stable relationship), as well as women for flirting and sex. The system will be based on a series of questions, and at the end will find the right affiliate program that best suits client’s preferences.

This project in case of the Messenger has very important feature – privacy. If someone is looking for a girl to meet with her without any obligation, usually wants to keep this information for himself. Talking through a personal account on the communicator is definitely like that – no one else will see the client's choices.

Writing an action plan

Before you start, you need to write down system’s principles of operation. It will definitely make your work easier and you won’t forget about any case you have to consider.

Let us show you how are we going to use chatbot.


Message that the user sees when wants to interact, requiring an action. This message makes promises and encourages to start a conversation.

Let's get to know the first expectations of the client – he wants to flirt and have sex or wants to find a real love? This is the first crucial moment of conversation – depending on what he chooses, he will receive various proposals based on separate affiliate programs.


There are two ways – the first is to admit the willingness to meet without obligation. When we know that, we should present additional questions to the interviewee.

In our case, these questions have no effect on the result. They are only meant to confirm the user that the proposal which he will receive soon is completely unique. The user is supposed to feel that the dating site which will be offered him in a moment is specially selected for him.At the same time, these questions may have real meaning. There are portals for masochists, so if there is a client who likes bdsm then you can offer him such a portal without having to ask any further questions.

The user can also choose the “I want sex, not questions” option at any time, and then immediately go to the key question about the age of the future partner.


The most important question – every age qualifies another dating site. This choice has an impact on the final proposal.


The choice of 18-24 will result in the proposition of Erodate – a rather younger portal with a modern construction, oriented towards sex and flirting. Age of 25-35 will result in SexPrzygody, a platform for slightly older users, and 35+ will end up offering the Flirt platform. The whole is presented in the form of a gallery with three girls - the user can choose the one he likes, and clicking on "Let’s get laid!" results in redirection to the given portal using the affiliate link. 

The second way is the option when the client wants to find love, instead of meeting without obligation.


Additional questions. As in the previously described case, they have no effect on the result, the result is also not affected by the question about the age.

The user can also choose the "Love without questions" option at any time and immediately go to the suggestion of the dating site.


Regardless of the choice, the user will be offered the registration on eDarling dating platform. The whole is presented in the form of a gallery with three girls - the client can choose the one he likes, and clicking on "I want to get to know her" results in redirecting to a given portal using an affiliate link.

Creating an account

Creating an account on Chatfuel is very simple. On the home page you will find a button that you just need to click to create a new profile.


After that you will be asked to log into your Facebook account or, what is more likely, immediately asked for permission to access to your account. Chatfuel will not publish anything on your behalf, this is just a type of verification.When you log in, you will see a dashboard. It is now empty, but we will change it soon.
Building and creating

It is the time to create our first project. Click on the “Create from Template” tile and then select the "Blank Bot" option.


Our newly created bot now appears in the dashboard. In next step, we have to connect the bot with our Facebook page where it should operate. To do this, click on “Connect” button.


From the list we choose the page which we want to connect to the bot. We are already connected, but our bot is quite empty right now.


Let us introduce you to the two important elements of each bot:

● blocks,
● buttons.

Blocks are certain stages that the user goes through. Conversation and the entire flow that you create doesn’t take place within one board - it is divided into different stages and scenarios, in other words blocks. In the case of our bot we decided to use the following blocks:


Buttons give you an ability to enter into a conversation with a potential user, directing him into further parts of conversation and giving him a feeling that using the bot guarantees him individuality – after all, he makes the choices himself. However, the truth is that the bot should anticipate all scenarios, hence whatever choices the user makes, he will always reach the point that was planned by you.

Buttons can be added to various elements – text, movie or audio material that you add during a conversation. We will try to do it soon.


Before we do this, we must complete the welcome message. The message must contain elements that will encourage the client to click on the button and start the conversation with bot. This moment is crucial – the user may not be fully convinced to that kind of solution, soyou have to be effective.

Now, let’s edit the default welcome message. We can leave the parameter {{first name}} – it pastes the name of our client into a given place and makes him feel that the system is even more personalized for him.

When we talked about the buttons, we mentioned that you can add them to each element, and at this time we will add it to our welcome message.


At first, enter a text that should be included in the button. At this moment, we don’t want to redirect the user to any link – we want him to continue the conversation with the bot, so we choose “Blocks” section and select the block to which he will be moved after clicking. In this case it will be “Default Answer” - a welcome message that is an invitation to a discussion, and the “Default Answer” block contains the first important question. 

"Default Answer" also contains the default message, so let's edit it again. This time we will ask questions that will influence the end of the conversation.

At this stage, make sure you've created all the blocks that you've seen on several graphics before. We will redirect the user to these blocks, thus they are necessary for further design.We will continue to use the parameter responsible for adjusting the name.

Let’s edit the message adding two questions at the same time. Look at blocks that the user is directed to.


So we have two scenarios – the client either wants to find love or have sex. Let’s get to the beginning through first scenario. For this case we have 6 previously created blocks.


Their order is not accidental - the client will successively pass through blocks from the top row and the final result will be those from the second line. The question about the age will be the decisive one and depending on the answer, the user will be directed into one of them.First tile “Sex – main” is now completely empty, so we need to add some content to it.


This toolbox allows you to add additional elements to your blocks and it works like building blocks. You can simply join additional elements and change their order freely. We will use the following options:

Text – obviously we need the possibility of sending the message to the client,
Typing – adding a message-writing animation (3 dots) that lasts as long as we specified it; it increases the naturalness of the bot,
Quick reply – in our case an additional button other than traditional answers to questions,•
Gallery – a series of photos; we will use this option at the last stage.Now we should add a text field and when it is done an animation of writing.


Well done, you’ve added the first new items. You can add some more, for example, another text box, another typing animation, and finally a text box with buttons. If you want to send your client some more information it is always good to separate it into several different messages. This solution will allow him to get acquainted with the data you send to him faster.

We have recently created two different buttons. This time we will make three, but with one more change – the choice of the button won’t affect the further course of the conversation. This block and the next two are aimed only to build a sense of individuality.Naturally, we could use an information that the user likes to peep at women (we didn’t ask such question, but it is possible to add it) and if the answer would be “YES”, we would redirect him to the adult broadcast service. The possibilities of monetization are so huge.


We redirect the client to the next block. In case of this block you have to do something else –predict that the user is not going to answer your questions. He just wants to meet the girl quickly and it doesn’t matter what she will be like. We have predicted such a case which is why we will use quick reply to add an additional button.


This button appears at the bottom of the conversation as it passes through given block and redirects to block “Sex 18-24”. This means that it bypasses all the questions and immediately redirects the user to the affiliate link. We will apply the same approach in the next block - “Sex – approach”. Let’s do it.


Of course we add a number of subsequent buttons which, if pressed, jumps to the next block.


Don’t forget about the “I want sex, not questions” button and we can move on. Block “Sex –age”, a very important tab that contains three buttons and each of them is a proposal of another affiliate program.


Now, it is definitely worth paying attention to one aspect - the reaction to the choice of the client. The last two blocks of his choices were of no importance, however he always received a reply regarding his opinion. That kind of message must necessarily be universal, like the one above.

Let us ask what is the ideal age of the user’s girlfriend. This question is important because there is a wide range of dating sites - there are portals created for younger audiences, as well as those that are directed very openly to the older people, which is often associated with a better remuneration.


Don’t forget that this is the moment when each answer redirects to another block.

The construction of the next three blocks is very similar. It contains the same content, it differs only with the affiliate link, as well as photos of women.


The customer receives an information that his choices had an impact on the final proposal(in a certain part it surely was). Adding a few writing effects has much sense in this case.You can even slightly extend the waiting time for the message to create the impression that the system is thinking over something - calculating the best solution.

Finally, a suggestion appears. However, this must be attractive - it is the last step and at this point we can’t afford to lose the client.


Let’s create a gallery. Each photo can have its own title, we will use the name or the login of the girl. Each of them has a button with the same affiliate link. There is also a possibility top ut a description, however we didn’t use this option.

The customer can choose a girl with whom he wants to spend unforgettable moments. What if the client doesn’t want sex? In this case we will use the "Love - Main" block.

Now we should forget about the all sex-related blocks and return to the moment when we asked the client about his expectations. Let us assume that back then he decided to get involved into real relationship and bot will provide him with what he expects. This is the basis of the bot’s operation – getting to the user in a very highly targeted way, without asking a lot of questions - the client by himself reveals his intentions through one answer.


We create content in the same way as with blocks related to sex - response to the previous answer, animation of typing, text with buttons.

While in the case of previous blocks we used a separate button to skip questions - "I want sex, not questions", here it will be replaced by "Love without questions".


The answer to the question results in moving to the next question – the responses have no impact on the further course of the discussion, and clicking on the additional button immediately redirects to the “Love – 18-35+” block, and thus directly to the proposal of the dating site.

Next block - “Love – earnings” will look exactly the same.


The question doesn’t affect the proposal of the dating site that will be presented soon. All responses redirect to “Love – Age”, of course with the exception of an additional button.

When we asked about the age in blocks related to sex, this question had a key impact on the offered proposal. Here it is not - regardless of the answer, the same dating site will always be offered, and the redirect always goes to the same, last block.


Right now we are going to the main offer. The user will receive a proposal to register on theeDarling platform using an affiliate link. The only two things that will slightly change will be the content of the last message and types of women in the gallery.


The gallery will become more subdued and will briefly talk about each of the women.


Our bot is ready to test. It is best to do it via the option in the bottom right corner of the screen.
Summary and demo bot – check it in practice

The bot works exactly as we planned it during creating its basis. We’ve really made it and you can check it by clicking the banner below.


Remember, the system we have just created is only an example. Bots are very flexible and we encourage you to edit and improve the solutions proposed in this e-book.

Okay, but how to promote it?


WebsiteIf you have your own internet portal, then the basis is so-called “Customer Chat”. It is theFacebook’s plugin which allows to conveniently contact with you from the level of the website. With just one click you can quickly contact a virtual adviser.

The best way to create the Customer Chat is to do it through a platform that you use to make bot. You will receive a short code, that you just need to paste into the source of the page.

Landing page

Some of the platforms for creating bots allow you to build a specialized landing page that allows to start a conversation. You don’t have to build additional solutions and spend lots of time over their implementation.


Social media

Bots are perfect for the fanpage owners and they are the first who should implement them.They are also a good solution for people that make money on Facebook, for example through thematic groups or events. Instead of sending affiliate links in groups, bother with locks or force the client to go to your pre-landers, you can build a sense of security in private conversation where at the end there is a redirection, not covered by any blockades.

Paid advertising

This is a very logical move and what is more, Facebook itself has provided a special CTA button – "Send message" which allows to easily start a conversation with the bot.

Paid advertisements have the great advantage of profiling - they allow you to ideally match the content to the recipient who will receive it. It is really worth to try them.

Special materials


You have the option of redirecting the client to a specific stage of the discussion, so he/she doesn’t have to start from the beginning. This is useful when you promote your bot in many places.

Take a look at this example - you promote your chatbot on groups on Facebook. These can have two types of people - lonely and those seeking for flirt. Firsts are most likely alone and they look for love and support, so you can redirect the user directly to the part of the conversation about love. Thanks to this the client doesn’t have to go through the entire discussion and reaches the goal much faster.

Reflinks can be created by clicking on "Link" in the selected block.


„Send to Messenger” or checkbox

The above solution allows to open the configuration window, but you still need to do some kind of interaction and you have to do it when you use the tool. "Send to Messenger" is only one button which informs the bot about the willingness to talk by a given client. After clicking, the bot automatically sends a welcome message.

The customer can write back at a later time, and moreover, the conversation won’t be carried out via website, but directly through the Messenger. This solution can also be used in the form of a checkbox where the user indicates the will to contact.

Messenger Code

Messenger Code is a kind of code that just needs to be scanned in order to be able to contact with the site immediately. You can use it, for example, in promotional materials, or profiles on other social networks.You can create a Messenger Code via a convenient online tool available HERE.

Important questions

Is it expensive?

Chatbots can be expensive, but their price depends primarily on the number of subscribers. If you don’t want to increase their number, and you intend to use this functionality only for new users – who do not have to be your potential clients in a longer period of time – then you don’t have to pay for anything.

Of course, the lack of payment has some limitations, for example first message to the client will contain the information about the lack of a premium option. Moreover you won’t be able to use highly advanced options while creating the bot, however it isn’t necessary in case of affiliation.

Nevertheless, if you wish to collect a subscriber base, prices will range between $15/month for 500 subscribers and $300/month for unlimited subscribers.

GDPR in case of collecting marketing base

If you want to use the subscription option to collect people’s data for the marketing database, your bot will have to be verified and accepted by the Facebook team. You will need the"Subscription" tag, but you can get this in a simple way as Facebook has provided an application form that will help you in this. In case of comprehensive consents there is no requirement for legal terminology and it can be written in slang or user-friendly language.

Do chatboxes have any disadvantages or threats?

Probably not. The only required thing is Internet access. However, it shouldn’t be surprise asyou need it in any other mobile app or website. It is also necessary to have a Messenger application (or a Facebook account) which is also not a problem, as almost all of us have it.Bots are therefore a very safe solution intended for the absolute majority of people using theInternet.

I have a problem with affiliate links in bots - what can I do?

The problem like that should not occur - as of today, links used in bots are still not verified by the Facebook’s system. However, sometimes it happens that they have problem with proper functioning. In the situation like that it is good to use the URL shorteners and it will be the best to do it through the popular Wordpress. It should be connected to the plugin called"URL Shortener by MyThemeShop". This connection should help you solve the problem.

Where can I find the "special materials" discussed in this article?

All the functionalities - that may be used for the promotion - are available on the bot building platform you are using. In Chatfuel it is the “Grow” tab selected from the menu on the left in the panel for creating a bot.

Create quiz and earn money

What affiliate programs will be used?In this project, we will use 3 competitions from the MyLead offer.


RossMann Coupons

Rate: 0.89 $ | Model: CPL, filling out the form |

Rossmann will be a program with reward addressed to women.


iPhone XS – Survey

Rate: 0.91 $ | Model: CPL, filling out the form | 

The poll will be a program with reward targeted to both sexes, but mainly teenagers.


Shell fuel – Coupon

Rate: 0.89 $ | Model: CPL, filling out the form |

Shell will be a program with reward addressed to men.


Let’s start

Project description

This project will be a kind of challenge. It will be based on a simple test and in return for its solution there will be a possibility to receive a chance to collect valuable prizes. For example, vouchers to popular store chains.

The simplicity of the test is the basis here. We want to give the user the opportunity to score as many points as possible. The quiz will be a set of questions and at the end the user will receive an information about the number of correct answers. Each question will have four variants of answer.

Writing an action plan


This is the welcome message, that the user sees when he/she wants to interact and that requires reaction on his/her part. The message immediately informs about the possibility of obtaining valuable bonuses. The test begins after clicking the button.



The system is created in such way that it recognizes correct and incorrect answers.Thanks to this the results are completely real.

It is possible to create multimedia questions based on movies or audio messages. This will cause that the test won’t be boring, and in addition it may seem more difficult. It can also take a little longer which may have a positive impact on the credibility of the proposed reward. Of course, the test can be edited – if you want it to be as simple as possible, you can only use text in all questions.




These were the questions. There were five of them, so the maximum of points that someone can get is five. After getting the answers, the system will automatically calculate earned points and the client will receive one of three answers.


Regardless of the number of points earned, the user can receive the prize. Getting even one point results in a message with praise which builds the feeling of being able to collect the bonus.


The client receives a proposal for three partner programs – a voucher to the Rossmann which will mostly be chosen by women, an iPhone which is quite universal partner program, but it is targeted to the younger users of both sexes, and the last offer addressed to men -voucher to the Shell petrol station. After clicking “COLLECT”, the link is redirected using the affiliate link.

Building and creating

You already have an account on Chatfuel, so now let’s move on to implementation.

The previous bot was created from scratch. This time we will use the template, because Chatfuel has many ready-made bots which only need to be adapted to your needs. We are looking for a template that is called "Quiz Score".


Click "Preview" and then "Use template". Thus, the bot was created.


You must link it to the existing fan page which belongs to you. To do this, click on the“Connect” button and select the page where bot will operate.


Last time we built the bot from the scratch. We were building new blocks, we were typing texts.

This time the situation is different, because the template is actually ready – it has a complemented question, all content and also it has a ready algorithm that counts the points scored.This time we are only interested in two elements that we will edit in a moment – the content of the questions and the content of the buttons (answers). Let's start with the basic message – "Welcome Message".


This content can be edited in this way. Of course, it all depend on your idea for the bot. Don’t forget to edit the button.

And that’s it! We’ve made two changes and our welcome message is ready. Let’s move to the questions.


We have 5 questions to edit


In the vast majority we decided to use the possibilities of this template, leaving for example, questions with video materials (question 2 and 5). We’ve changed the question no 3which was a musical question. Audio is an interesting addition, but we didn’t want to unnecessarily prolong the ongoing test. What is more, people like to listen to different genres, and at the same time the user could make a mistake in this question, and we don’t want it. We want him/her to get a set of points.

In our bot, this has become a text question.


The key elements are the answer buttons. You will probably choose to use your own responses and customize the content of the buttons. Be sure to pay close attention to theRight_answer and Wrong_answer markings. While making substitutions always remember about this.


You have just finished replacing the five questions with your own. Now it's time to get on with the results and pass it to the user in the right way. You can use 3 blocks for this.


By default, the test solution is the end of the game and nothing happens after that. However, the last element is important to us as that is the offer to use the affiliate link. For this reason, the content passed to the client has to be positive, regardless of the result achieved in the test. Except that, we must create a button that will allow to go further.


As you can see in the graphic, the button refers to the "Reward" block. This is the only block in this bot that must be created by us personally. Let's create. Add two messages together with the animation of writing and then add a gallery with 3 photos and 3 buttons where each button is a different affiliate link.


Remember that each of the 3 blocks displaying information about the result should contain are direction to the reward block.

Now we have to test our solution and see how it works in practice. It's good to do this several times going through different scenarios.

Summary and demo bot – check it in practice

The bot works exactly as we planned it during creating its basis. We’ve really made it and you can check it by clicking the banner below.


Remember, the system we have just created is only an example. Bots are very flexible and we encourage you to edit and improve the solutions proposed in this e-book.What else should you remember?Right now you have the knowledge of how to create your own chatbot. Now we would like to tell you some precious tips, that you need to remember:

1. Idea – think it well, think about what you want to do and write your idea on a piece of paper, while building the bot it will be very useful and will allow you to remember about every element of your system; always follow the most important question – “What problem will I solve with the bot?”

2. Interactivity – a bot must always have the possibility of two-way communication – the client must always feel that the proposal presented by the chatbot is unique and based on his/hers expectations,

3. Do not hurry – the simplest bot can be done in several minutes, but try to create a project that is adjusted to the client; try to predict all scenarios and make sure to test your bot before publishing,

4. Be professional – it connects with the previous points – try to create professional content, especially in texts and buttons which can be clicked by the user during the conversation,

5. Analyze – it is very important – make attention to your clients’ choices, what options are crucial for them, don’t be afraid to change and experiment – even small changes, like adding a new question for analysis can make you achieve higher conversion.

Do you need some more knowledge? You can find it on the MyLead blog!



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I am Interested where i can find someone who can make me this profitable master bot.
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