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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.



The all-new Content Locker on MyLead

Support Bodorek 2020-04-19 8

We prepare for you the world’s most advanced tool to earn money on websites, blogs, and own mobile applications. Now, we would like to share with you some details. 

Content Locker is about earning at a whole new level

Content Lockers are popular tools for making money on websites, but we decided to approach the topic anew. We built our Content Locker from scratch so you can expect unusual innovation with which you will successfully monetize your web portals. All Content Lockers will work on mobile devices. 

The all-new tools - Content Lockers 

Content Locker - what is this?

Content Lockers are systems that block access to a particular part of the website. This can be special premium content, one of the subpages, or further part of the article. When trying to access the file, the user will have to perform at least one offer from the list of offers displayed.  

Content Lockers always allow incentivized traffic. 

Unlock the content

CPA Locker

CPA Locker is the most popular type of content locking. On MyLead, you will find different CPA Lockers designs, where each element is adjustable. 

File Locker

Captcha Locker

Captcha Locker is almost identical to CPA Locker. The only difference is the graphics - Captcha Locker appears in the form of a system to verify that the client is not a bot. It can be highly effective as Internet users use CAPTCHA in many places. 

Captcha locker

File Locker

File Locker lets you upload a simple widget on your website to block access to the file. Before downloading the file, the client will have to perform an action from the list. 

Mobile Rewards

Mobile Reward

Mobile Reward will become a perfect solution if you are the owner of a mobile application. It will allow your recipients to use the offers and gain points, and you will receive remuneration. The points can be exchanged for prizes that you choose for yourself, for example, bonuses in your mobile game. With Mobile Reward, monetizing your mobile app will be very efficient. 

Content locking affiliate network

Not-so-perfect offer of Wordpress Content Locker 

For a long time, Wordpress has its own Content Locker plugins that work similarly to the MyLead’s tool. One of the most popular solutions is Social Content Locker, yet Wordpress plugins are not perfect. 

Social Content Locker

Social Content Locker is a way to increase traffic on your social media. To unlock the material, the customer will have to like, react, or share your page on a given social channel. Such actions, however, will not bring you additional earnings, meanwhile Content Lockers on MyLead, enable real website monetization.

The advantage of MyLead tool over Wordpress Content Locker 

With Wordpress plugins, you can block access to a certain part of your Wordpress website, but nowhere else. If your website is built on a different system or you have a mobile application, you cannot use this solution. In this situation, the tools available on MyLead gain an advantage, as Content Lockers can be used on any system, including Wordpress.

what is a content locker

The world’s most modern Content Locker available on MyLead

Content Locker allows customizing 

On MyLead, you can freely customize all Content Lockers - change the colors as well as all the texts used in the tool. With that, you will be able to create a unique combination that no one else uses.

Entirely new offers for customers from all over the world

Especially for Content Lockers, we are preparing hundreds of offers for clients from all over the world. All of these offers allow incentivized traffic, so you can be sure that all customers' activities will be monetized.

In addition, Content Lockers will operate worldwide. The ability to customize any element will allow you to translate it into all languages of the world.

The most advanced Content Locker look

All of the Content Lockers will have several graphic designs. It will enable you to use exactly what you think is best. Their construction took place in recent months, hence they were created using the latest technologies and the most current programming trends.

You will be impressed with the achieved efficiency. 

All you have to know about new Content Locker

When will the Content Locker premiere take place?

The premiere will take place soon - Content Locker will appear in February 2020. We are currently in the testing phase, so you can be sure that it will appear without errors or problems.

How to settle earnings from Content Lockers? 

You will settle your earnings from Content Lockers in the same way as from other affiliate programs, i.e., as part of the lease of advertising space. You settle with a company from Poland, so you will not have any problems with fiscal control. Additionally, you can use a lump sum settlement - 8.5%.

Will everyone have access to Content Lockers? 

Yes, all MyLead’s publishers will have access to Content Lockers. Access will not require any application, so using it will be very easy. Of course, in case of the promotion rules violation, using the Content Locker will be blocked. 


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I'm ready


is the content locker ready now?


Wen is it gonna b ready since Feb and we r nw in may sir


When this will be available for use? you have mentioned this will be available from Feb 2020 now we are in May. :)


I'm sad


Where can we find it in the dashboard?


seems like it would be very goog content locking

Seems like it would be a very good content locking setup, Thanks for this update.