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How to configure Mobile Rewards?

dominika.kawczynska 2020-09-11 11

Mobile Rewards is a dedicated tool for those who want to monetize their mobile applications. Sounds awesome, but how to do it? All you have to do is provide your users with a list of offers. In turn, they will collect points for the completed task, and then exchange them for rewards. Setting up Mobile Rewards is not complicated and will take you only a few minutes. Before I show you how to complete the configuration, I will briefly present the advantages of this tool.

Mobile Rewards - an alternative to annoying ads

Ads are also displayed in mobile applications. The users would most likely not want to see them at all, but to use the application, they have no other choice. With Mobile Rewards, you will be able to create an attractive activity for them.

You choose the rewards 

You decide about the rewards for your users. It could be a bonus in a game, or access to blocked premium content in your mobile app

How to configure mobile rewards?

It can have a unique appearance 

Like all other lockers, Mobile Rewards can be freely modified and customized to match the application. You can edit any element and thus create a tool that is consistent with the graphic layout of your application.

It operates worldwide

With Mobile Rewards, you can make money on every user who uses your application. There are hundreds of offers at your disposal.

Remember that Mobile Rewards works only on mobile devices.

Step by step configuration

1. First, log in to the publisher's panel, and from the menu on the left, select the Mobile Rewards.
2. Next, click on the green Add Locker button. 

Step by step configuration the Mobile Rewards

3. At the top of the page, you can see basic settings, theme configuration, and a list of rewards. On the right side, you will see the tool preview.

Theme configuration


1. Set the name of the locker, e.g., Mobile Rewards Test.
2. Then select the type of the locker header. At this stage, you decide whether the header will be displayed as text or as a photo. I choose the first option. If you decide on the second variant, you will have to upload a photo. To do this, click the button and choose a photo from your device. 

Choose type of locker header

3. In the next step, complete the fields "header content", "locker title content" and "locker description content". We have completed these windows as follows:

Locker title and locker description

4. Now you will have to complete the content of the instruction, as well as the title and the description on the login and registration page.

The content of the instruction

5.  You can also change the background on the login and registration page. To do this, click on the "upload photo" button and then select an image from your device, however, no change is necessary. You can keep the default background as we have done. 

Upload photo button

6. Finally, you decide whether to reject the CPA campaigns or not. Select "no" or "yes" from the drop-down menu. 

Reject the CPA campaigns

Remember that at each stage, you can monitor the effects of your configurations by clicking the preview on the right. 
After the changes, our Mobile Rewards looks like this:

Mobile Rewards look


1. Start the configuration by selecting a theme. From the drop-down menu, choose template 1 or template 2. We choose template 2.


2. Then you can also customize your theme and design it according to your preferences. Select "yes" from the menu and then adjust the background colors and content displayed on the locker. It looks like this:

Selecting a theme of Mobile Rewards

After the changes, our Mobile Rewards presents this way:

Customize theme and design

Reward list

1. Click on the "Create a reward" button.

Create a reward button

2. Next, complete the fields: “Reward name”, “Reward value” and “Reward description”. The reward value is the number of points that will be collected from the user. We did it like this: 

Reward name, value and description

3. Then upload the prize picture from your device.
4. Also, you will have to choose action after collecting the reward. You have two options to choose:

  • "Redirection to a URL".  Enter the address for redirection in the field below.
URL for a redirection

At this stage, you can also set an additional question by selecting the "yes" option in this window, and then type the content of the additional question below.

  • “Receiving an email about a user”. Enter the email address in the field below.
Receiving an email about a user

It's finished! You just managed to set up Mobile Rewards. From now on, your users will no longer receive boring ads but engaging content instead. 


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After designing the application and publishing it on Google Play, members communicate with me about offers that have not been completed yet

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