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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.

How to make money on Halloween in 2022? Guide for affiliates

kinga.banaskiewicz 2022-10-24 0

Halloween is celebrated on October 31. In pop culture, Halloween is associated with hollow pumpkins, ghosts, zombies, vampires, and other monsters. Halloween's traditions include costume parties, games, pranks, and candy gatherings. But how does this day relate to affiliate marketing?

Halloween - let's start with the basics

Halloween is said to be the second most commercial holiday in the United States (Christmas takes the lead here). In 2022, the planned Halloween spending were expected to be around $100 per person. This is probably a sufficient argument for which you should get interested in it.

Statistics related to the celebration of Halloween

In which countries is Halloween celebrated?

Being aware of which countries celebrate Halloween will be a big hint of which countries you should focus on when developing your promotional strategy.

This holiday is celebrated the most in the United States, Canada, Ireland and Australia, although the influence of Western culture is also visible in Poland and other Central European countries.

Regardless of how popular Halloween is in your country, one thing is sure. Both stationary and online stores are full of Halloween-themed products, which means an opportunity to earn money.

What sells best during the Halloween season?

Around Halloween, you should focus on e-commerce campaigns. During this time, customers will be looking for party decorations, costumes, and candy. You can be sure that Halloween contests will also be of interest, and many brands will take the opportunity to offer a discount to their customers. In a word, sales will increase.

TOP niches for Halloween:

  • e-commerce (costumes, make-up cosmetics, candy)
  • contests
  • VOD (horror movies, thrillers)

TOP Halloween GEOs

Ready ideas for Halloween promotion

Although you can sell almost anything at the turn of October and November, certain groups of products or ideas will work much better at this time. After all, a spooky date can be more deterrent than encouraging. However, this does not mean you should opt out of dating promotion. Instead of proposing a meeting with Corpse Bride, try grabbing your audience's attention with the message “Lonely for Halloween? Meet Kate”.

Let's move on to typical Halloween ideas:

Blog post with ideas for Halloween costumes

Halloween will be here soon, but there are still people who don't have their costumes ready yet. Offer your customers ideas for Halloween costumes available in chain stores, or be creative and instruct them to prepare it on their own by linking to individual items of clothing. Headlines like "Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2022" or "X Best Halloween Costumes of All Times" will work great here.

Top horror movies

Halloween is not only about spooky costumes or tons of sweets. Many of your recipients will certainly go to a movie night at this time or organize one by themselves. How about the ranking of the best horror movies? VOD campaigns will be great here, and you can prepare some type of movie review on a website, blog, forum for cinema fans or in social media.

Video tutorial on making Halloween decorations

For more creative publishers, we recommend a video tutorial on how to decorate your home. A shopping haul with pumpkin-shaped decorations, ideas for decorating the room or instructions on creating a ghost that will greet visitors are just some of the ideas that you can present to your customers in a video on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok. Put affiliate links in the video description or BIO profile and enjoy the commissions.

Halloween makeup tutorial

There's costume, and then there's makeup. This idea will work great among people operating in the beauty industry. Artificial blood, wounds, or the image of a sugar skull is something that may be of interest to many people celebrating Halloween. Show your audience a simple way to characterize and show where the products you use come from using affiliate links.

Promotion of Halloween events in games

Gaming campaigns will work just as great. Focus on promoting those games that will prepare Halloween events for players, or take a moment to find those with a theme related to the holiday. Escape from the zombie attack can be a bull's eye, especially when you decide to promote it on an online forum for players or among the community on Reddit, Discord, or Twitch.

Paid advertising for contests

How about creating a paid advertising campaign on Google or Facebook? Recommend Sweepstakes offers. Contests with candy gift baskets will be perfect for Halloween.

Recipe for Halloween starters and pastries

Finally, here's a recommendation for those who are planning to throw a Halloween party. Post a recipe for pumpkin muffins, ghosts made of strawberries or witch's fingers supplemented with affiliate links. Simple and effective.

Ads that work for Halloween

While the thought of playing with words may give you chills, one thing is sure - these messages work. Texts in the style of "monstrously low prices" posed with the image of a zombie will amuse the recipient and encourage them to click on the ad. Here are some sample images that you can easily create in programs such as Crello or Canva, and a few creations used by brands such as Starbucks, Crest or Mango.

Example of a Halloween promotion

Example of a Halloween promotion

Example of a Halloween promotionMango Halloween mailing

Starbucks Halloween social media post

CrestHalloween social media post

Best Halloween affiliate programs

Aliexpress Global

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Rate: 5,60% I Type: CPS | Conversion type: Sale | Countries: GLOBAL | Preview: click

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Rate: 2,92% I Type: CPS | Conversion type: Sale | Countries: multi-GEO | Preview: click

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Rate: ​​$2.6 I Type: CPL | Conversion type: Signing-up, email confirmation and getting an active user | Countries: US, CA, AU, NZ, UK | Preview: click

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WarThunder - Tutorial

Rate: $0.37 - 14.66 I Type: CPA | Conversion type: Signing-up and email confirmation, logging into the game and playing and completing the first missions | Areas: multi-GEO | Preview: click

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MyGym - iOS / MyGym - Android

Rate: $1.27 - $19.61 I Type: CPA | Conversion type: Installing, completing the task (active game and reaching level 23 within 14 days) | Countries: US, UK, DE, JP, KR, CA, AT, SE, TW, TH, NZ, NL, NO, DK, FR | Preview: click

Check this program

5 things to remember about for a Halloween promotion 

1. See what your competitors are doing using spy tools

Spy tools allow you to become a detective for a moment, not only during Halloween. Thanks to them, you will get detailed data on the campaign, check which GEO works best with a given type of offer or creation, as well as what sources of traffic are used by the competition. Some of the spy tools are Adplexity, Anstrex or Adbeat. Or you can check out Facebook's ad library and search for "Halloween".

2. Take care of the mobile version of your website

Even though Halloween is filled with monsters and ghouls, your job is to not scare your audience away. For this to happen, take care of the mobile version of your landing page and make your website responsive.

3. Play with the language and go crazy with images

As we mentioned before, images and messages referring to the atmosphere of Halloween can attract recipients' attention. Include typical Halloween themes in your communication: pumpkins, spiders, black cats, ghosts, witches, zombies, mummies, and a whole lot more. Use them in your campaigns and watch your conversion increase. 

4. Plan the entire customer path

After clicking the advertisement, the customer moves to the prelanding prepared by you and then goes to the advertiser's website. Each of these stages should be consistent with each other. Make sure that the images and content style used are consistent with each other. Thanks to this, the customer will have the impression of a seamless whole.

5. Give the impression of urgency

Encourage customers to buy faster by suggesting a limited offer or an opportunity that will only last a few hours. Remember that the countdown prompts users to act and helps them complete the transaction.


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