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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.

Deep link - what is it? New in MyLead

Support Bodorek 2018-08-17 6

Several different things decide about your success in making money online. It can be the chosen payment model, advertising method, as well as affiliate programs that you choose. It’s all very important, but don't forget about other aspects that are rarely noticeable, but have a huge impact on your conversion. One of these features is deep link. What is deep link and why is it worth using?

what is deep linking in affiliate marketing

Affiliate link using deep link. What is deep link and deep linking? Deep link is a link to a subpage, and it literally means deep linking. You place an affiliate link on your website and the user, after clicking the link, is transferred to a specific subpage of the advertiser’s website, at the same time skipping the main page, the search engine page, etc. It can of course, have negative sides such as, for example, less amount of ads, which will be displayed to the customer. In return, the store has a much higher chance of selling, which is definitely more profitable.

You can use deep link in the MyLead network. You will also create affiliate links there.

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How does it work exactly?

How exactly does an affiliate link work using deep link and deep linking? Take a look at this example: you own a blog about shoes. You create an entry about a particular model of footwear and want to monetize it. You use the affiliate program of a shoe store, where for every sale from your command, you will get a profit. You place your own unique affiliate link that will take your users directly to the main e-store website. However, the interested person must find the product himself, most often using the search engine. It can be done better. How?

Well, your readers can be redirected directly to a particular product. They don't need to wander about on the website or don't have to search for things they are interested in. They can easily buy the shoes you review and simply pay for them. It looks much better, right?

This is NOT a deep link: http:///

The affiliate link only directs you to the home page, then the user is on his own.

This is deep link:

An affiliate link directs you to the product page, completely bypassing the homepage.

deep linking affiliate marketing

Why is it worth using affiliate links and deep link?

The answer is simple - to achieve a much better conversion and at the same time a higher profit. You care about every single sale, so you should make sure that the customer can do it without any problems and unnecessary additional steps. For each of us, time counts, we don't want to waste it when looking for a product. Deep link eliminates this problem and speeds up the whole process. It can also be called the omission of one of the steps - a search that doesn't happen at all.

You have to keep in mind that not everyone can handle the Internet and computer. For some people, the use of a completely new website on which they have never been before will be very problematic. Transferring them directly to the product page will make them able to find themselves quickly on the website.

Affiliate link using deep link. What is deep link and deep linking?

How to promote?

Deep link can be found in partner programs based on the CPS (Cost Per Sale) model. As part of this model, you get a percentage for sales from your command. The commission charged depends on the selected affiliate program.

Companies, that most often use the CPS model are online stores that want to increase the popularity of their products. They are available in various categories: from clothing and fashion, technology and RTV, to motorization and sports.

CPS and deep link have one more advantage - cookies. Customers don't have to immediately decide to buy a product. They can do it later, also they don't have to buy a specific product that you recommend to them. If they buy a different product, it is also considered your merit and you get a remuneration. Cookies have up to 30 days of vitality.

You need your own website to promote CPS. However, it can be anything - a blog, a YouTube channel or even a fanpage on Facebook. So creating it, will not be a problem. After that, you share your affiliate link and wait for the results in the form of entering money into your pockets.

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Affiliate links and deep link on MyLead

Since recently, deep link is also available on the MyLead platform. We care about your earnings, that’s why we have immediately made this solution available in dozens of different payment programs. Thanks to this, you can promote various products and deep linking will always be at your disposal. What sales pages use deep link?  There is way too many of them to list them all, but we will recommend those that are extremely interesting:

AliExpress [a well-known Chinese store] (deep link),

AliExpress affiliate program

GearBest [online store with the best prices] (deep link),

GearBest affiliate program

ShowMax [the VOD platform operating in Poland] (deep link),

ShowMax affiliate program

How to use deep link in affiliate marketing?

Affiliate link using deep link. What is deep link and deep linking?

Affiliate links and deep link. Configuration

Customizing affiliate programs is very easy. At the beginning, go to the “Programs” tab and then “Program list”. You can find it in the menu on the left. Then select “DEEPLINKS” option from the left panel.

deeplinks programs in MyLead

By using this filter, your eyes will only see programs that use deep linking. First you need to choose the affiliate program you are interested in. You should be guided primarily by products that are offered by a given service. After making your selection, click the Join button button. If you’ve already added your website, you just have to wait for your request of opportunity to promote to be accepted.

After that, all you have to do is click Promote button button and create a new project via "GENERATE URL". Once created, select “GENERATE DEEP LINK” tile. In the pop-up form, paste the link of the product from the online store you want to popularize, and it’s done. You can start earning money.

If you have a problem creating your own configuration, look at the following guide. It will guide you step by step and help you create the perfect redirection.

Affiliate links and deep link. Summary

As you can see, the deep link is a function that you should definitely use. It will allow you to generate a higher profit with the same advertising traffic and identical interest in your offer. Watch the video summary so that you can remember everything you have just read.

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