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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.

Sub-affiliate networks - transparency and benefits for everyone

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Each business model consists of many elements, thanks to which the operation of a given model is improved and more effective. Affiliate marketing is no different. Affiliate networks, advertisers, affiliate programs and of course affiliate publishers... But these are not all the factors that make up this branch of internet marketing.

An often overlooked, but equally important factor is the existence of subnetworks and their coexistence with each of the aforementioned elements of affiliate marketing. What are sub-affiliate networks, what are their advantages and how do affiliate networks such as MyLead cooperate with subnetworks? Let's find out!

What are sub-affiliate networks?

A sub-affiliate network is an external network that works with an affiliate network as a regular publisher.

A sub-affiliate network helps publishers monetize their traffic sources, i.e. blogs, websites or social channels, by joining affiliate programs provided by various affiliate networks. It also offers services and support to affiliate publishers – often bloggers, influencers, content creators and website owners.

A subnetwork is therefore an external network that works with another affiliate network as a regular publisher. The subnetwork has its own publishers that do not need to be registered with the parent affiliate network and communicate with the system only through the subnetwork.

What do sub-affiliate networks gain from cooperation with affiliate networks?

The cooperation we talk about in this article brings advantages not only to advertisers or affiliate publishers, but also to the subnetworks themselves.

  • Win-win situation

Sometimes, advertisers prefer cooperation with larger affiliate networks. There may also be an exclusivity agreement with competing networks. Additionally, it takes more effort and time to engage with multiple advertisers.

Cooperation with an affiliate network will therefore allow you to circumvent the problem of exclusivity for a specific network or the potential waste of time  by direct contact with advertisers. At the same time, it will provide your publishers with more programs, which will bring more profit to your subnetwork.

  • One deal, unlimited possibilities

In the case of establishing cooperation with MyLead, it is enough to accept the regulations for the subnetwork to receive access to over four thousand affiliate programs. Thanks to this model, as a representative of a sub-affiliate network, you do not have to worry about direct contact with advertisers, where one contract often equals access to one campaign only.

  • Publishers looking for solutions

Assuming that meeting the needs of the publisher is the most important thing in this business, remember that it is not always the rates that are most important, but the flexibility and solutions that the subnetwork can offer. When choosing a place to earn online, the publisher will often focus on the support offered or possible payment methods. Subnetworks also often offer their own services or tools that will make the earning process easier. This is what publishers want. And the more publishers, the greater the profit of your subnetwork.

MyLead - the network worth working with


The advantages of cooperation between subnetworks with an affiliate network such as MyLead are a wide range of activities, excellent customer service and an internal anti-fraud system.

At MyLead, we focus on openness, partnership, professional service and safety. This makes us an ideal partner willing to start working with sub-affiliate networks.

Here are the factors that distinguish us from other networks:

  • Wide range of activities

Thanks to our openness to various models and categories of affiliate programs, we create an ideal environment for various advertisers. Including those offering products and services promoting which is often not accepted in advertising networks, for example from the financial or investment industry. Thus, we provide them with access to a wider group of publishers, which translates to effective customer acquisition. Our strong suit are offers from the dating and e-commerce categories.

What's more, the affiliate programs available in our offer are targeted at many locations. This openness also benefits subnetworks with publishers from different locations. Let's also not forget that publishers often promote affiliate programs outside of their country of origin.

By joining MyLead, the sub-affiliate network receives access to over four thousand offers.

  • Excellent customer service

While other platforms focus on a very business approach, MyLead focuses on partnership in relationships. This is the principle we follow when dealing with publishers, advertisers and sub-affiliate networks. Our team is happy to negotiate individual terms of cooperation. When contacting the manager, we provide immediate approval of access to the campaign or assistance in selecting the best offers for the subnetwork, and if necessary, we offer the possibility of organizing a new campaign "on request".

  • In-house anti-fraud system

Our internal anti-fraud system allows you to sift out self-generated leads. The advertiser thus receives the highest quality of traffic. The sub-affiliate network, on the other hand, gains information about frauds that may have gone unnoticed. Thanks to this, the network cooperating with us is able to react faster, cutting off its publisher operating in a manner inconsistent with the rules of the program, and thus improve the quality of the traffic provided.

The anti-fraud system we use was created in-house and is available only in the MyLead affiliate network.

How to connect to MyLead as a sub-affiliate network?

If the sub-affiliate network you represent is interested in connecting to MyLead, there are two ways to do it.

API integration (automatic download of offers)

Sub-affiliate networks are connected to the affiliate network by generating an API token.

Create a free account as a publisher. After registration, go to the user panel, and then select the For Webmasters tab, where you will find a subpage dedicated to API integration. After clicking, you will see the API access token, which you will generate after clicking the Generate new token button. In the tab you will also find all the necessary documentation to connect.

MyLead provides API integration documentation. You will find it in the publisher panel.

You've generated your Token? Good job! When you get access to affiliate offers in MyLead, they will be automatically downloaded by the system of your affiliate network, together with the necessary information, such as remuneration type, rate or description of the program. 

You will get mass access to offers by contacting one of our affiliate managers.

To get information about leads and statistics, use the Postback integration.

Postback integration (automatic download of information about leads)

Sub-affiliate networks are connected to the affiliate network by postback integration.

Postback is a system that automatically and regularly sends data about all new leads your sub-affiliate network receives. Therefore, postback is necessary to cooperate with an affiliate network.

To set up postback, create a free account as a publisher. After registration, go to the user panel, join selected campaigns, and then select the For Webmasters tab, where you will find a subpage dedicated to Postback.

By using various parameters (e.g. ml_sub1-5) you will be able to track detailed information about each lead and earnings obtained by a particular publisher in real time.

We wrote about the possibility of integration via postback in a separate article.

In case of any problems or doubts related to joining MyLead, please contact our team members. Weronika Mazerska, our Affiliate Project Manager, will be happy to discuss all the details regarding the integration of your subnetwork with MyLead.


“Cooperation with MyLead is a great opportunity for both advertisers and sub-affiliate newtorks. Advertisers who already have developed programs recommended by numerous publishers on our platform, can now further expand their reach, test new sources of traffic or diversify their sources of income. Advertisers who are just starting their adventure with affiliate marketing gain a great opportunity to reach thousands of publishers with their customer base. For subnetworks, cooperation with us creates an opportunity to reach publishers who, by gaining access to new campaigns, will be less likely to join the competition” – Weronika Mazerska, Affiliate Project Manager at MyLead.

If you have any doubts about connecting a sub-affiliate network to MyLead, please contact our team members.

If you have any doubts about connecting a sub-affiliate network to MyLead, please contact our team members.

If you have any doubts about connecting a sub-affiliate network to MyLead, please contact our team members.


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