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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.

Affiliate marketing in practice: TOP tools for publishers

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Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. So how do you become a successful publisher? By using the right tools, created specifically for the needs of affiliate marketing.

Here is a list of the best affiliate marketing tools to help you fully automate your activities and streamline your online monetization process. The article will be updated with new tools, so check back regularly!

Why would you need all these tools?

The publisher is a one-man band. Just think how much work you do, how many stages you go through before you get valuable leads. First, you are an analyst (you choose the affiliate program and the appropriate GEO), then a graphic designer, copywriter, social media manager, SEO specialist, and then start the analysis again (evaluate the promotion results). 

Apart from that:

  • Affiliate tools automate many processes

Antidetect browsers will help you "warm up" social media accounts, and offer trackers - test offers and get detailed statistics for them at one time. Time is money. Especially when you're a publisher.

  • Thanks to them, you don't have to invent anything 

Many things have already been invented and done for you. Your job is to use it wisely.

The benefits of affiliate tools are automation, ready solutions, and protection

Even though we did publish an e-book on tools for affiliate publishers in the past, now it's time for an update. Let's start!

Offer trackers

When choosing from must-have tools, we must distinguish offer trackers. This is the main analytics tool for affiliate activities that monitors the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Trackers help publishers optimize their affiliate marketing efforts by showing them which campaigns are performing better and which are performing worse. Thanks to this, the publisher can see which promotion strategy works best and focus on it in the future.

There are many functions of modern trackers and they do not end with analytics. Trackers separate traffic based on various parameters, redirect traffic to another offer, conduct A/B tests, etc.

CPV Lab is a self-hosted conversion tracker that evolved together with the affiliate marketing industry in the last decade. Recently they launched their cloud version tracker, CPV One which offers all the advantages of accurately tracking your marketing in one place but with no stress with server maintenance. It is the only tracker on the market offering both self-hosted and cloud-based solutions, with unlimited events tracked.


The best affiliate tools for publishers - CPV Lab

CPV Lab is a self-hosted conversion tracker that evolved together with the affiliate marketing industry in the last decade. Recently they launched their cloud version tracker, CPV One which offers all the advantages of accurately tracking your marketing in one place but with no stress with server maintenance. It is the only tracker on the market offering both self-hosted and cloud-based solutions, with unlimited events tracked.

As any tracker, CPV Lab can track clicks, visitors, conversions, engagements + bots filtering, has integrations with 150+ networks and much more. Everything in one place.

So, what you get by using CPV Lab ad tracker:

  • cookie-less tracking,
  • multivariate testing (or A/B/C/D/…X testing),
  • full security of privacy of your data,
  • unlimited events tracked,
  • you can keep your data forever on your server,
  • lifetime license available - to pay once and start tracking your campaigns.

CPV Lab has now a special offer for MyLead users:

Get CPV Lab with Free 14 days trial + 25% off for 3 months with the promo code “MYLEAD”.

Get the offer from here: 


The best affiliate tools for publishers - Voluum

​​Voluum is campaign performance analysis software for marketers. If you're an affiliate publisher, Voluum will be especially useful for tracking, managing and optimizing all your paid and organic traffic sources right from one place online.

This tool will help any affiliate publisher find bots that can lower their results by identifying suspicious clicks or visits to reports. One of the functions of Voluum is also the artificial intelligence of traffic distribution, which analyzes the data and then distributes users between campaigns to maximize revenue.

Voluum is therefore great for monitoring campaign metrics such as visits, clicks, costs and profits.


The best affiliate tools for publishers - PeerClick

PeerClick is a cloud ad tracking platform which provides you with profound data analytics and a wide range of optimization tools to maximize your revenue and monetize your traffic efficiently.

It may be time-consuming to set up traffic sources and affiliate networks campaigns, but with PeerClick, the only thing that affiliate publishers have to do is to configure them through a user-friendly, efficient, and simple interface to optimize them. Dozens of integrated source and affiliate network templates are available in one place.

Affiliate publishers can use PeerClick to keep track of unique visits for campaigns without the initial redirect and accelerate the process of redirecting visitors to the landing page. PeerClick's users can also easily group its recipients any way they want, distribute traffic optimally, and send their audience to different paths (offers, landing pages) if they open the campaign link multiple times. PeerClick provides publishers with detailed statistics as well as the ability to detect invalid traffic and automatically redirect fraudulent and suspicious clicks.

Now, Peerclick grants all MYLEAD users 1 mln events for 1 month. You will be able to set up FREE CLOAKING for 1 campaign* to pass moderation in traffic sources!

All you need to do is to register with coupon code MYLEAD22.

*cloaking campaigns is available during 1 month after subscribing to Free Plan 


The best affiliate tools for publishers - RedTrack is an ad tracking and conversion attribution platform that helps you combine the statistics of all your campaigns. This tool will allow any affiliate publisher to see all their multi-channel campaigns without third-party cookies.

RedTrack is known for its professional support. Here, you have not only the entire support team to help you, but when the requests are non-standard, experienced programmers also try to solve the problem. Such a solution should give each publisher a sense of security that their problems are important and the platform wants to help with them as soon as possible.

When it comes to features, RedTrack is primarily distinguished by the ability to combine complex paths (e.g. tracking inbound and outbound traffic on portals), but it is also worth noting that RedTrack ads have direct API integration with ad networks.


The best affiliate tools for publishers - Keitaro

Keitaro is an effective solution for affiliate and performance marketing. All-in-one tool which allows you to collect all necessary data with incoming parameters and user conversions. To work without redirects, build custom reports, send data to the 3rd services, and many other useful features.

Keitaro allows:

  • to park domains and use them as campaign links;
  • uploading local landing pages and open them without redirects;
  • sending postbacks from order forms on a website to a tracker and affiliate networks;
  • auto-update Facebook costs;
  • editing landing pages code right inside Keitaro;
  • sending and receiving postbacks via API;
  • creating te and use smart links;
  • hassle-free PHP, JS, and WordPress websites integration with Keitaro;
  • creating users with different levels of access;
  • building reports using 30+ metrics to measure campaign effectiveness.

This solution allows you to get additional benefits by having a complete control over server management and tracker operation and maximum protection and privacy of your data.

 The platform offers a free 7-day trial. You only need to register and get a license key in your personal account on the website. Also with the promo code MyLead25 you get a 25% discount!

Ad networks

Ad network is where an affiliate publisher can find traffic for their campaigns. Such networks have access to consumers who the marketer would potentially like to reach. They allow the recipients themselves to view affiliate offers so that they can interact with them. Using the services of advertising networks is extremely helpful in generating profits, because the more people are interested in your affiliate campaigns, the greater the chance of conversions.

The advertising network is another important intermediary between you and the portals where you intend to place your advertisement. The advertising network will not only automate advertising campaigns, but also save valuable time. In such networks, you can buy various ad formats: push and pop notifications, video ads, native ads, etc.


The best affiliate tools for publishers - Zeropark

Zeropark is a performance marketing and advertising technology platform. Zeropark will help affiliate publishers reach customers who are ready for purchase.

Meeting advertising benchmarks is not always easy, which is why diversification of marketing channels is a must. The biggest benefit of Zeropark is that it helps marketers reach audiences outside of the major search engines. Zeropark can connect its users with shoppers from all corners of the internet, such as BNPL platforms, alternative search engines, browsers, app extensions, content sites, comparison websites and more.

Zeropark is a great tool to reach an exclusive, highly motivated audience. Solutions offered by Zeropark are completely safe for the brand and do not have cookies. Zeropark is based on contextual targeting, which means that you will place each ad in the most suitable context for it.

Especially for MyLead users, the Zeropark platform has prepared an unlimited MYLEAD10 code for 10% for the first top-up for all new customers.


The best affiliate tools for publishers - ClickAdilla

ClickAdilla is a self-service ad network platform. Its main solution allows marketers to create, manage, and optimize their campaigns.

The ClickAdilla Ad Network provides a wide variety of ad formats. It can help affiliate publishers achieve their marketing goals. The platform serves small businesses and highly successful advertisers and publishers with its expertise and technology that is required to reach your marketing goals.

With regards to ad targeting and bid management, ClickAdilla provides advertisers with tools to help them maximize their return on investment. In addition, ClickAdilla offers advertisers with a self-service platform to launch ad campaigns, manage traffic stock, and assess performance data in a few clicks.

ClickAdilla offers the following advantages to affiliate publishers:

  • All ad types can be controlled via the admin panel once the tag is placed on a website.
  • Real-time statistics updated every hour to improve traffic management.
  • Ads of the highest quality and exclusively from premium platforms, covering a variety of niches.
  • Dating, software, and casino are among the most popular mainstream verticals for advertising.


The best affiliate tools for publishers - RichPush

RichPush is not just a simple push traffic network. The platform is the fruit of the work of people who have mastered the ability to deliver the right traffic to perfection.

The website claims that 100% of its database are real and unique users. So don't worry about advertising budgets that will be wasted on fake users or bots.

Publishers can enjoy a maximized profit if they get good traffic every month, and with RichPartners calculators they can roughly estimate their earnings.

RichPush is surely any partner's best choice when it comes to using push notifications to increase engagement. Clicks earned through the platform will allow you to increase traffic without spending a lot of money. In RichPush, you have full control over the type of target users, the maximum cost of the visit and the budget of the entire campaign.


The best affiliate tools for publishers - TacoLoco

TacoLoco is a push platform that brings quality traffic to its users. It specializes in targeting, thanks to which each affiliate publisher will reach the right people. TacoLoco will therefore provide you only with audiences that are interested in your campaign.

TacoLoco's working process is simple. After providing details such as the country you want to target as an affiliate publisher, the next thing is to select your device and operating system. In this way, TacoLoco will provide you with an experience tailored specifically to your advertising campaign.

This type of approach is ideal for affiliate marketing as it allows you to precisely target your customers. By using TacoLoco, you can easily increase the profits of your campaign.

If you're looking for high-quality traffic and want lots of conversions, TacoLoco is for you. All the traffic they provide is organic and bot free. Thanks to organic traffic, you will see many conversions and your affiliate business will start to grow.


The best affiliate tools for publishers - Clickadu

Clickadu is a multi-format advertising network with many years of expertise and hundreds of successful cases in digital marketing. Its goal is to provide partners with 360° monetization and ad coverage. Over 50,000 campaigns are served daily with 5.8+ billion impressions and 3.8 million conversions.


Clickadu has multiple benefits: 

  • API Integration,
  • 7 ad formats: Banners, Push, Popunder, InPage, Instant Text Message, Video, SKIM,
  • traffic coverage on 240+ GEOs,
  • fraud and bot filters,
  • unique Ad Rotation.

And now, especially for the MyLead users who want to use the Clickadu platform, if you use the promo code MYCLCK , you can get a $20 bonus for the first deposit of $100, or more, or a 10% bonus for the first deposit of $300, or more.


Everyone wants to get high-quality traffic these days, whether it's organic or paid. Good knowledge and proper application of SEO principles, i.e. search engine optimization, help in obtaining it. SEO strategies allow you to increase website traffic, which will directly affect the maximization of earnings made with affiliate marketing.


The best affiliate tools for publishers - Serpstat
Serpstat is a platform for comprehensive solutions for marketing tasks, including a promotion with the assistance of paid traffic.


The service will help in: 

  • doing online competitors research and finding perspective niches for arbitrage,
  • choosing relevant keywords for advertising campaigns,
  • analyzing competitors' advertising campaigns, ads, and landing pages,
  • collecting your competitors' top pages which generate the most traffic,
  • tracking competitors' positions in the desired region in paid and organic search.

In addition, a set of AI tools for content generation will help to speed up and simplify the work with the creation of any content, meta tags, and texts for advertisements.

Proxy servers 

A proxy is a server that becomes an intermediary between the user's device and the target server and changes the IP address. Publishers need them primarily to avoid blocking by social networks, Google Adwords and Yandex. Thanks to the proxy, you can create and work with multiple accounts at the same time. Either way, a proxy is one of the must-have affiliate tools.


The best affiliate tools for publishers - Proxy-Store

The Proxy-Store server has made sure that each user has the opportunity to choose exactly what they need at the moment.

With Proxy Store you can:

  • buy reliable proxies: residential, server and mobile for various tasks at moderate prices and with regular discounts up to 80%;
  • choose the necessary proxies for work from a large offer of plans and rental conditions.

Proxy servers are provided in fully automatic mode. Prices are very low due to shared access to proxy servers. And for every new purchase, the platform offers a -30% discount on the proxynew30 promo code. If the proxies fully suit you, you can extend the order in your account. This is more profitable than placing a new order. Depending on the renewal method, a discount of -20% (in manual mode) or -25% (automatic renewal) is activated in the Cart.

SPY-tools (spy services)

Finding creatives, patterns, and popular traffic sources that will convert can take time. Also, it's very hard to do it yourself: you have to read a lot of case studies, test your creations to finally get good results and start making money online. Spy-tools come to the rescue and will do all the dirty work for you.


The best affiliate tools for publishers - AdMobiSpy

AdMobiSpy is a spy tool that will come in handy in your affiliate marketing activities. It provides publishers with the widest possibilities and interesting ideas for creating their own advertising campaign. The service monitors over 1,500 new ads per day, campaigns on mobile devices and in applications, but also popups and redirects. It also gives publishers the opportunity to build the most converting ads on the most popular networks.

AdMobiSpy's task is to solve the main problem when working with mobile traffic - the endless search for converting links. Searching for new links in manual mode can take weeks or even months. To avoid this situation, use spying tools such as AdMobiSpy.

Landing page creator

We can guess that until quite recently the thought of having your own website might have scared you, and the concept of a landing page didn't exist for you at all... Currently, it is an inseparable element of most affiliate campaigns. This means it's time to get acquainted with landing page creators, which we recommend especially for beginners as they offer ready-made website templates. However, if you plan to create your own landing pages to stand out from the competition, you should read our guide on creating your own landing page.



The best affiliate tools for publishers - Mobirise

Mobirise is an easy-to-use offline application for creating landing pages, providing a large selection of templates and the ability to design the appearance of individual blocks on the page.

With this tool you can:

  • create small websites, landing pages, portfolios, prototypes of other advanced projects without any special knowledge;
  • publish your pages in a folder on your local drive or on a Mobirise subdomain;
  • edit the style and content, completely customizing the template to your requirements.


In addition, your landing pages created in Mobirise will automatically have mobile versions.


Cloaking is all about hiding, masking. Do we have to explain how important this stage is, especially for those who promote the so-called gray offers? The cloaker is designed to distract bots and moderators from the affiliate program, encouraging them to go to the eye-pleasing "white page", while redirecting potential customers to the offer page.


The best affiliate tools for publishers - HideLink

As a publisher of the MyLead affiliate network, you get access to this tool completely free of charge. How does HideLink work? It is able to recognize users using several parameters at once, including IP address and user agent. Thanks to this, traffic splitting and redirection takes place in automatic mode and you no longer have to worry about the lifespan of your accounts. You will learn how HideLink works in practice and how it will help you make money on social media in our video:

The End…

If you are here, congratulations! You got to know many useful affiliate tools. But wait! Be sure to bookmark this site to keep this list, as our Top Most Useful Affiliate Tools article is sure to be updated with new platforms. Check back!


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