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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.

TacoLoco: PUSH notifications in 2023. Does it make sense?

kinga.banaskiewicz 2023-01-12 0

Push notifications in affiliate marketing as a form of native advertising format blew up the media buying market in 2018. At first, advertisers were actively sending lots of traffic and could not get enough of the high conversion rates.

But five years later, push notifications are not what they used to be. Approaches have changed, the entry threshold to the source has grown, affiliate programs have begun to work differently with such traffic, and the conversion with some verticals has begun to drop. Now, webmasters are not able to immediately turn traffic into profit with all offers simultaneously: they have to test bundles and optimize campaigns first.

How are push notifications converted in 2023, and does it even make sense to use this method?

Push notifications are a type of small notification, for example in the bottom of a website. Notifications are used to inform users. Also, it calls users to action and manages them to do certain activities. Is it really working? Is it still valuable to use push notifications?

Meet the detailed guide from our partners - TacoLoco. They decided to figure out whether it is worth using push notifications and if there are any pitfalls.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, then you are probably wondering why there is so much buzz around push notifications. Just imagine: you do not need to cloak, need to set up ads manually, incur high costs, there are no problems with moderation and a lot (did we mention, a lot?!) of traffic.

Push notifications in affiliate marketing

Why are push notifications still worth it?

The main advantage of push notifications in affiliate marketing is that users subscribe to them voluntarily. This means that the audience is potentially ready to click. Additionally, it gives a chance to be informed all the time. Users are still informed about some updates and promotions. Also, a call to action message really helps because it encourages users to do specific activities.

Of course, there are also weaknesses – it is not easy to achieve conversion with certain niches, and you will need to use pre-landers. Sometimes push notifications could also be annoying for users. Of course, if push notifications are prepared improperly. So it is really important to implement our tips and create them in the right way.

How does push notifications look with an offer?

However, dating vertical and offers that promise to get something valuable for free, work very well with push notifications. The finance and e-commerce niches will be a bit more challenging, but lucrative results are also possible.

Here is an example of push notification in dating. You can notice the simple message and call to action. It is the clue of using push notifications. It is only an example, but it shows how we can use it depending on the sector.

Example of push notifications in dating niche

Push trends over the past year

More offers for any GEO

By 2023, push notifications can reach the whole world, as there are more GEOs in all networks. Media buyers successfully send traffic for Dating, Mainstream, Crypto, Betting, Gambling, and other offers targeted at excited audiences. If you try hard, push notifications can be adapted to any vertical.

High competition

The growth of competition is driven by the bid price for all GEOs. It also happens that the rate at auctions reaches such heights that it becomes pointless to buy.

In-Page Push

In-Page Push continues to gain popularity. At first, they performed well in promoting Dating and Sweepstakes offers, and now, with IPP, they are successfully sending money into antivirus, utilities, and microloans. In-Page Push appeared a couple of years ago in response to Google's attempts to fight pop-up ads. In essence, IPP is the same banner ad, but the design of widgets is similar to classic push notifications. When configured correctly, they successfully bypass ad-blocking browser extensions and cover almost 100% of the audience. As a result, they deliver a higher CTR than standard pop-up ads.

Completely different approach

Affiliates now look at push notifications as a source of traffic in a completely different way. In 2023, you can easily get full information and guides from the support team, and even tools to set up an advertising campaign.

Access to GEO

Push notifications show an excellent conversion everywhere, but the access to the GEO has somewhat changed. The more solvent the audience is, the more difficult and expensive it is to work with it. Tips for new novice affiliates. You should start by sending traffic to Tier-2 or even Tier-3 countries before attempting to enter the Western market.

How to work with push notifications in 2023?

Push notifications are a great tool even for beginners. If you invest at least $100 at the start, it is quite possible to figure out a well-working bundle.

To increase the conversion of traffic coming from push notifications, we recommend that advertisers follow trends and track the creatives that reach the audience the best. But keep in mind that spy services methods located on the front pages have long been known to everyone.

Also, while working on creatives, we recommend:

  • choose simple but memorable pictures, photos of real people
  • do not place text on the image
  • use emoji
  • trigger an audience using restrictions (for residents of a specific region or over 21 years old)
  • use imitations of a real person, video, voice message, incoming message, dating application in Dating offers
  • use the FOMO technique – the consumer's fear of missing out on a valuable offer (“don't miss out”, “only today”, “limited batch”, “limited offer”, etc.);
  • test 3-4 bundles with different approaches
  • change bundles every 7-10 days
  • use a call to action (10% of users click on notifications with a CTA button, less than 6% without a button)

How push notifications and In-Page push ads look like?

Tricks on increasing conversion rate with push notifications in affiliate marketing

Simply put, keep track of your stats and show people what they want to see. For example, pop-up notifications with pictures of animals give 15% more CTR than those without them. And with emoji – as much as 40%.

It has also been noticed that people react worse to red color in push notifications than to green. Of course, this does not mean that a charming corgi on a green background with emoji will bring success to an affiliate marketer. Test several bundles, fix any changes in the advertising campaign, and continue to optimize.

In complex funnels, where the user is “warmed up” according to a certain scheme and led to the completion of an action, push traffic works flawlessly.

For example, in gambling, Telegram channels are often used to warm up the audience, and only after that do they start working on promoting the main offer. Sooner or later, users decide to make a deposit (or maybe more than one), which brings income not only from CPA, but also from RevShare.

Conclusions from TacoLoco 

Push notifications, as a source of traffic, are very much alive in 2023. There are a lot of advantages of using push notifications in affiliate marketing, especially. It helps to increase conversion and achieve goals. It is recommended to use tips which were maintained. The way to create push notifications can be different for another sector – it could be easier or more difficult to present. But in every sector it is possible to implement.

TacoLoco's experience only shows that the volume of such advertising is growing every year. The most relevant verticals are Dating, Crypto, Utilities, Sweepstakes, eCommerce, Betting, and Nutra.

Interested in seeing if your push traffic is converting? Contact your Account Manager to learn more about best performing offers with MyLead.


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