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Affiliate marketing job offers

Available job offers in the MyLead team

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Junior Affiliate Manager

Creativity, experience in customer acquisition, marketing, advertising
Specific-task contract
Internet startup – MyLead– is looking for a person for the position of a junior project manager.

Don’t hesitate and write to us immediately if:
    • you are creative – it’s the key – if you have a lot of creativity in you, just write to us;
    • you have experience in customer/partner acquisition;
    • you have experience in promotion/marketing/advertising;
    • you have enough time to perform your duties (we are not looking for someone just for a while);
    • you learn quickly and you can adapt easily to a new position.

We will offer:
    • 15 PLN net/hour (13 PLN net/hour during the trial period);
    • broad development opportunities – you will have a chance to work on tasks that are best suited to you (for example, in support or in marketing and PR);
    • work in growing affiliation industry;
    • support from Project Managers who will show you the vast area of sales and marketing.

Your responsibilities will include:
    • acquiring contacts and new publishers for the website;
    • promotional and marketing activities, that will make the MyLead brand even more recognizable in Poland and in the World;
    • user service and support;
    • any other tasks, that will back up MyLead support.

It would be great, if you additionally:
    • have experience in working in similar position;
    • have experience in SEO;
    • have experience in creating social media;
    • have experience in implementing campaigns with the use of paid advertising.

We are waiting for a signal from you! 

Do you fit into that description? That’s great! Be sure to contact us at [email protected]

Missing an offer that suits you?

Write to us and convince us that it is your talent we need to build our affiliate network. We are waiting for your offer!