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Program afiliacyjny Nintendo Switch - US

Wypełnij ankietę i zyskaj szansę na wygranie Nintendo SwitchProwizja: Wypełnienie ankiety

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Opis Programu Afiliacyjnego: Nintendo Switch - US

Nintendo Switch, formerly known as Nintendo NX is a video game console, distributed since 2017. The set includes the console and docking station and Joy-Con controller. From the first reports about the publication of a modern console, Nintendo Switch has become a bestseller. In Japan, it was pre-published by 80% of users. In 2017, total sales of the product were close to 15 million sets.

Access to the platform is provided online and via wireless ad hoc connectivity with other consoles. Available games can be purchased in a dedicated online store and through special cartridges available in selected stores. Currently, Nintendo Switch enters the eighth generation of video consoles, competing with brands such as Sony and Microsoft. The most popular Nintendo Switch games include "Fire Emblem Warriors", "Dark Souls" and "Super Mario Odyssey".

Nintendo Switch affiliate program is based on CPL model. The benefits for the offer promoter are calculated after the users have completed the survey correctly. Promotion realized on the American market.

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