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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.

Postback in affiliate marketing

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In today's dynamic environment, monitoring and analyzing data is the key to success. Postback in affiliate marketing allows seamless synchronization of information, enabling a better understanding of user behavior and more precise adjustments, resulting in higher campaign efficiency.

In this article, you will learn what exactly postback in affiliate marketing means and the benefits it brings to professionals like you.


Postback API is an advanced system that allows automatic (real-time) data transmission of all new leads registered on your account by placing the appropriate script on your server. This functionality opens up wide possibilities for action.

Postback in affiliate marketing enables the process of collecting and analyzing data, allowing for rapid response to new leads and providing the means for appropriate adjustment of marketing actions. Direct and automatic data transmission between your server and the MyLead platform ensures not only the timeliness of information but also precise monitoring of campaign effectiveness.

Whether you are a programmer, an entrepreneur, or a marketing company, postback is a tool that optimizes processes and achieves better results. With it, you will fully harness the potential of your campaigns and expand your affiliate activities.

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How does the postback URL work in affiliate marketing?

The scheme of postback in affiliate marketing

The key step is to place a specially prepared script on your server. With it, you can fully leverage the potential of postback in affiliate marketing and automatically receive data about new leads in real-time.

MyLead's postback works based on the GET technology, allowing for flexible configuration. You have the option to choose various parameters that will be added to your link. Each of these parameters represents specific information that you will receive from MyLead.

The postback URL offers a range of 15 parameters that will automatically provide you with essential data, from transaction ID and lead payout to the IP of the generated lead. It's up to you to decide which of this information is important to you and what you'd like to receive. This integration allows for precise monitoring and analysis of crucial information.

On our website, you will find a separate article dedicated to the integration of postback API.which  contains detailed information and practical tips that will help you effectively implement this advanced technology. We encourage you to explore it further to better understand and harness the potential of postback in affiliate marketing.

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The configured postback URL may look like this (with this setup, you will receive 5 types of data to your server):[transaction_id]&program=[program_id]&name=[program_name]&status=[status]&payout=[payout]


  • is your tracking domain, which you can use both in the cloud and on your own tracker,
  • the "?" sign separates the main part of the link from the tracking parameters,
  • the "&" sign separates different tracking parameters from each other,
  • subID, program, name, status, payout are tracking parameters that pass different values,
  • [transaction_id], [program_id], [program_name], [status], [payout] are tokens that will be replaced with values when the link is activated.

Parameters available in MyLead

postback API variables available in GET parameters


Postback in affiliate marketing can be used for settlement with partners, tracking, optimization and connecting sub-affiliate networks.

Postback API in affiliate marketing is a crucial tool for tracking and reporting user actions that lead to conversions or actions expected by advertisers. Its primary purpose is to provide real-time feedback (postback) from the affiliate network to affiliate partners.

Here are several ways to use the postback in affiliate marketing:

Settlement with partners

Thanks to Postback API, you can engage third parties in advertising and generate your own profit by taking a portion of the commission for yourself. Such solutions have proven effective in the financial industry, where you first promote bank accounts and loans independently, and then additional individuals join the promotion through your referrals. However, this is just an example - your own group of publishers can focus on promoting anything.

How to find partners and encourage them to collaborate? In your publisher panel, you will find ready-made images that you can use for promotion. We have also prepared images displaying the total earnings on MyLead for you. This builds your credibility - the image of a person who has generated profit online and can be trusted. It also serves as evidence of the effectiveness of your actions.

You can announce your offer on Internet forums related to making money online. You can also utilize groups, but keep in mind that the people you find there may not have any knowledge about earning money online, so you may need to help them acquire more basic knowledge.

Build your personal network of publishers!

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Conversion tracking

Thanks to conversion tracking with Postback API, publishers have full visibility into the results of their campaigns, allowing them to analyze in real-time which marketing channels and traffic sources are bringing the most valuable conversions. Accurate data enables effective adjustments to advertising strategies, identifying the most efficient actions, and eliminating those that do not yield the expected results.

Implementing conversion tracking with Postback API significantly enhances the effectiveness of affiliate campaigns. Publishers can fully utilize this information to optimize their efforts and maximize profits. In-depth conversion analysis also leads to a better understanding of user behavior, enabling the creation of more targeted and personalized advertising campaigns.

Conversion tracking through Postback API is, therefore, a crucial element that allows comprehensive control over marketing results. It is a key part of the affiliate strategy, enabling effective campaign management and achieving higher conversion rates.

Campaign optimization

Postback API also plays a crucial role in optimizing affiliate campaigns. It enables publishers to effectively monitor and analyze campaign results in real-time.

Receiving feedback from Postback API allows for an immediate response to campaign results, enabling publishers to adjust their actions and change advertising strategies based on the received data. If a particular campaign does not yield the expected results, partners can take quick corrective actions, such as changing advertising channels, target groups, or ad content.

With Postback API, publishers can experiment with new advertising strategies and monitor their results, allowing the discovery of effective solutions that can lead to higher profits.

Connecting sub-affiliate networks

Postback API is a tool that allows integration with MyLead as a sub-affiliate network. A sub-affiliate network is an external network that collaborates with MyLead as an ordinary publisher.

A sub-affiliate network helps publishers earn with their traffic sources, such as blogs, websites, or social media channels, by joining affiliate programs provided by various affiliate networks. It also offers services and support to affiliate publishers - often bloggers, influencers, content creators, and website owners.

Sub-affiliate networks have their own publishers who do not need to be registered in the main affiliate network and can directly communicate with the system only through the subnetwork. This provides the opportunity to increase the reach and effectiveness of the affiliate program, achieving better results and profits.


The truth is that your creativity is the only limit. Postback API opens up unlimited possibilities, allowing you to tailor the system to your own solutions. It all depends on your ideas for its use.


Finally, remember a few important aspects:

  1. Postback API is an advanced tool that requires broader technical knowledge. Therefore, before deciding to use it, it's essential to ensure you have the necessary skills to configure and maintain the integration. This can be particularly crucial for less experienced users who may encounter difficulties during the implementation of Postback API. If you encounter any complications, remember that there is a separate article about Postback API integration, as well as the entire MyLead team at your disposal.
  2. To ensure security, make sure that notifications come only from specific IP addresses. Receiving data from untrusted sources may expose your data and campaigns to risks. Utilize available access control and security methods to limit access only to trusted sources.
  3. Postback API requires appropriate systems on your server, which need to be created by you or upon your request. This means that you will be responsible for maintaining and monitoring the functionality of these systems. Ensure that your servers are sufficiently efficient and scalable to handle potentially high traffic associated with using Postback API.

In conclusion, postback in affiliate marketing is a tool that allows for precise tracking and conversion reporting. However, due to its advanced nature, it is essential to be adequately prepared and possess certain technical skills to effectively leverage its potential. Also, remember about security measures to safeguard your data and campaigns. With Postback API, you can achieve significant success in affiliate marketing, but proper preparation and cooperation with the MyLead team can help you fully harness its benefits.

Take advantage of Postback API now!


Last update: August 1, 2023


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