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Sex webcams - How to Make Money With Them? Things That are Not Talked About Enough

Jakub_Swiniarski 2022-10-17 9

Webcams have been in the industry for a long time, but so far hardly anyone has talked about them. Today that is changing, all because of the British platform OnlyFans, which is conquering the world. Some people wonder if this business is still profitable. The answer is yes. In this article we will explain to you how to earn money on webcams in 2022.

Sex webcams - questions you need to know the answer to

Sex webcams - if you want to promote them, you need to be well prepared, especially technically. Let us help you with this. There are many factors to consider before promoting such campaigns. Thanks to them, it will be easier for you to earn. What services are users demanding and which of them are must-have? What is worth investing in and what traffic sources are suitable for this niche? Here are the answers.

What tools do you need to promote adult programs safely?

When promoting offers with webcams, you should pay special attention to the safety of the campaign. After all, a ban can mean more than just losing profit. In addition to blocking the profile, Facebook can block the target domain, and remember that setting up a new domain is more difficult than setting up a new account on a social network. Google Ads, however, can block both the campaign and the ad account. And so on… sanctions are expected everywhere. What to do? You have two options to choose from.

 Earning with sex webcams - a budget option (for beginners)

  1. Use Firefox. It's one of the safest free browsers (according to our cybersecurity informant).
  2. To be sure, set up a proxy or use a VPN.
  3. Download the user-agent plugin, change accounts and remember to clear cookies.
  4. If necessary, use an app to change the GPS location.

These steps are acceptable, but not ideal. Why? There is a thing called a "digital fingerprint". Thanks to this, servers identify the user on the Internet. The information contained in this “fingerprint” consists of a series of metadata left by the browser or device.

What information does a digital fingerprint contain?

The fingertips contain information like: time zone, font list, screen resolution, and more. It remains unchanged, even if you clear cookies, go into incognito mode, or reset your browser data. This is how "anonymous" we truly are on the Internet. Can webmasters get around this system? Yes, they can.

Making money with sex webcams - an expensive option (for the elusive online ninjas)

If there is a need for something, there is a solution for it. There are anti-detection browsers that allow you to create various "fingerprints". These are, for example, Dolphin {anty}, AdsPower,, Linken Sphere or Multilogin, but unfortunately you have to pay for these solutions.

What features do anti-detection browsers have?

If you have any questions regarding online security, please contact us.

How to promote sex webcams and not violate the rules of the network?

Long-term publishers are not limited to white (allowed) topics. With time, many of them choose the gray ones more often because you can earn more with them. This begs the question: how to promote campaigns for adults on social media and not to get banned? First of all, always follow the rules of the platform you are promoting on: no nudes, nicknames or texts with indecent words. To not get banned, you can use a tool that allows you to check if a given photo is "polite" enough. Suggest, but do not speak directly. You can read more about limits on Facebook in one of our ebooks.

Secondly, in order not to get banned, you need to mask your affiliate links. For offers with adult themes, neither shortening the link nor linking to the landing page will help. The bots will check your landing page content within minutes and will block your post in minutes. Masking will be the best solution here. Usually, you'd have to pay for solutions like these, but MyLead provides its publishers with HideLink. It's a reliable and free option. It redirects the bots to an alternative landing page that meets all social networking requirements, while real users are immediately directed to the offer page.

Now that the security issues are over, let's talk about which traffic sources you can choose from.

What traffic sources should you use to promote adult offers?

The choice of traffic source should be approached carefully as Webcam offers are quite a gray topic. Here are some  examples of free and paid promotion.

1. Contextual and display advertising 

This type of promotion allows you to take advantage of a huge base of ad networks to find customers. The advantage of such an advertisement is very accurate targeting of potential customers, a large range and results available immediately after launch.

How can this type of advertising be used to promote adult programs?

If you choose your words and images very carefully, even Yandex Direct and Google Ads can handle campaigns like that.

When choosing this type of ad, make sure you use pictures and encouraging vocabulary. This way you will attract targeted customers. Try to think like your potential recipient and imagine what would encourage you to click on the link.

Advertising campaigns on Google

Contextual display ad

In case you use this type of advertising, you will need the Extra.App tool which allows you to have an unlimited number of virtual bank cards. It's perfect for advertising networks such as Google Ads, Meta Ads, etc.

Yandex and Google have very strict rules, but these aren't the only options. There are alternative ad networks, and even adult-oriented ones are among them, such as JuicyAds, Tube Corporate, Traffic Factory. Before deciding, consider what will generate the biggest profit.

2. Telegram

Telegram is one of the most convenient and secure traffic sources for Webcam offers. According to Telegram data, this application has over 700 million registered users. The great advantage is the lack of censorship, which allows the publication of even the most daring creations.

How can this type of advertising be used to promote adult programs?

First, create a Telegram channel, fill in your profile information and start posting thematic content. In this case, what we mean are photos of attractive girls and short videos, for example, webcam teasers.

Telegram ad for adults

The next step is to actively attract traffic. Here are some ways to do this:

Fake subscribers - bots

The sole purpose of using this solution is to attract several hundred bots so that the channel does not look too suspicious in the eyes of a potential customer. If you want to know more about it, read about lead magnets.


Advertising on other channels

Recommending your channel on another channel can have a very positive impact on your conversion. If people already trust one admin and they have authority, chances are they will follow their recommendation.


Redirection from other sources

To get traffic on Telegram, invite your audience from other sources (social networks, newsletters, banners, or push notifications) to follow you.

3. Social media

Social media is one of the most popular sources of traffic used by publishers. There is a huge audience that is usually interested in engaging advertising. A lot of social media coverage can be obtained relatively cheaply. For webcams, focus on Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook as they are particularly popular.

Twitter ad for adults

How can this type of advertising be used to promote adult programs?

There are many variants of promoting affiliate links on social media, the most common of which are:

  • creating your own community (e.g. through groups or fanpage),
  • sending private messages, including the use of chatbots,
  • commenting on external groups or fanpages,
  • paid advertising,
  • buying advertising posts in groups.

It will be important for you to use several accounts at the same time when working with social media in order to minimize the loss of profits in case of a ban.

4. Porn sites and erotic portals

Porn sites are great for promoting adult themed offers. Not only is there a loyal target group open to new experiences, but there are also no sanctions on such websites for promoting these offers.

How can this type of advertising be used to promote adult programs?

You can take advantage of free traffic here - these are comments with an affiliate link. However, you should be vigilant, because such behavior can be considered spam, which leads to getting a ban. You can also use the messenger on private dating sites. A paid promotion option could be a teaser advertising, which works very well on adult websites.

5. Landing page

A landing page can be considered mandatory when promoting webcam offers as it allows you to redirect users to it from different sites - it is much safer than direct redirection to the offer. In addition, the landing page can arouse the interest of users who then follow the affiliate link.

You can create a simple landing page in wizards such as Tilda, Mobirise or WordPress. Also, will soon publish detailed instructions on how to create a landing page on our blog. Remember that your landing page can also become a source of free traffic. For that to happen, remember about SEO.

How can this type of advertising be used to promote adult programs?

You can get free landing page traffic with good SEO optimization. These tools will help with this: Keyword Tool, Key Collector, Yandex Wordstat Assistant, Yandex Wordstat Helper, Yandex Word Selection.

Additionally, users from all the traffic sources described above may be redirected to the landing page with an affiliate link and a call to action button. Then, with your landing page design, you can increase your chances of getting converted.

Landing page's advertising for adults

Which Webcam offers have the best conversions?

Here are 3 offers that convert well. They are targeted all over the world, so you have complete freedom of promotion. You will get higher rates from Tier 1 countries, but you should also pay attention to Tier 2 countries as there is not as much competition there and interest in adult themes is very lively.

BongaCams Affiliate Program

Rate:  $0 - 2.66 | Type: CPL | Conversion type: Creating and activating an account, Email confirmation | Countries: GLOBAL | Preview: click

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BongaCams - Social Affiliate Program

Rate: $0 - 1.42 | Type: CPL | Conversion type: Creating and activating an account, Email confirmation | Countries: GLOBAL | Preview: click

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Stripchat Affiliate Program

Rate: $0 - 2.85 | Type: CPL | Conversion type: Double Opt-In, Creating and activating an account, Email confirmation | Countries: GLOBAL | Preview: click

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Earning money on sex webcams - conclusion

The most important thing for a successful webcam deal promotion campaign is to create a catchy ad. There is no need to use complicated methods, the simpler the better. Use our safety recommendations and you'll get a higher conversion. This is where you make your next move.


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