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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.

HideLinks are now available on MyLead

dominika.kawczynska 2021-01-01 12

HideLink is a new system that is already available on the MyLead platform. The system deals primarily with bots and protects against fraud. Also, it allows you to bypass bans and limits in social media: Facebook, Instagram, Google and many others. Read how to create HideLink in the MyLead panel, and learn more about the advantages of this solution.


Why do you need the solutions that HideLink offers?

You are probably wondering if HideLink is something you should be interested in. Of course - thanks to it, the promotion of affiliate links in social media and advertising networks is much easier because it allows you to bypass persistent bans. If you don't know yet why your content might be blocked, let us explain it in a very simple way. Systems that check social media or, in short, internet bots of specific websites, ensure that the rules of their community are not violated. Among them, there are often various types of bans (including a ban on promoting content considered inappropriate by a given website, e.g. gambling content).  That's why if you are interested in promoting affiliate links on social media, HideLink is for you.

How does the HideLink system work?

The HideLink system consists of several elements. One of them is the so-called safe page. In other words, a safe page is the MyLead user’s landing page - the page that everyone who clicks on the link promoted by the publisher first goes to. To be able to use HideLink you need your own domain and hosting. If a bot uses the link you promote, it remains on the safe page. The real user is redirected to the specific advertiser's website. So there is no contact with your safe page. Thanks to this, the links you promote have a much longer lifespan.


The HideLink system recognizes several values. First of all, it analyzes people accessing your safe page based on the IP and user-agent. By using an extensive database of these specific values, HideLink is able to determine whether the person using the link is an internet bot or a real user. If the IP or user-agent matches the bot template from Facebook, Google or another portal from the list, then there is no further redirection and the bot is left on its own on the safe page domain. The system also has an automatic recognition feature. This means that even if the given values are not in the database, HideLink may still decide to block redirection to the affiliate link.

HideLink - what are its advantages?

1. Dealing with bots

Are you afraid of bots as the traffic source? HideLink can successfully solve this problem. Thanks to the built-in protection against fraud, it allows you to quickly identify suspicious behavior and react in a timely manner. Eliminating traffic generated by bots increases the chances of conversion.

2. Saving money

You don't need any other external tools to bypass social media bans. We give you everything for free. In addition, thanks to the protection against bots, you can potentially reduce your paid advertising expenses - bots will no longer count as artificial impressions.

3. Work automation

People using HideLinks achieve 30% higher investment growth on average. That's a lot, isn't it? Work automation means greater efficiency of activities, which translates into profit.


Step-by-step HideLink creation

1. There is now a new feature on the affiliate program subpage. To use the new option for a specific offer, click the blue "HideLink" tile. 


After clicking on the link, a form appears with the following fields to be completed:

  • campaign name: enter the name of the campaign here. Remember that this information is only for you, so create a name that will allow you to easily know what campaign is hidden under this name.

  • safe page: to use HideLink, you need your domain and hosting. You will have to put the generated code on the website, so remember to provide the address of the page that you can modify. Safe page is a landing page on which the checking bots stay. There can be no affiliate links on it.

What happens to the real user? All those who can really bring you profit are immediately redirected to the sales page.

  • where will you use the link? It is also very important information that needs to be completed. Selecting a specific place will make the system focus more on bots from a given website. A piece of advice from us: if you want to promote on Google and Facebook, create two separate HideLinks.

After filling in all the fields, click "Generate".


2. Then PHP code will be generated, which should be placed as high as possible on your website. To copy the code, just click on the green button on the right side of the code. Sample PHP code looks like this:


PHP code requires a page in PHP format. If the page is in HTML format, all you need to do is change its extension to PHP. Sometimes, changing the extension doesn't fix the problem. In particular, this applies to cheap hosting, which has very restrictive rules and blocks the operation of PHP codes. If you have a problem with changing the format, contact MyLead support.

Everything is ready! You can start promoting

You can promote a domain with HideLink wherever you want: social media, internet forums, and other advertising portals. How you do it is entirely up to you. You can generate any number of HideLinks, but they must be used, otherwise, they can be deleted.

What else to remember? 


Safe page is designed to distract internet bots, so its appearance should not raise any objections. Adjust the graphic design as if it were to be a real page that the user was visiting and, most of all, avoid affiliate links.

When generating HideLinks, the system will ask you to indicate where the link should be used. This is extremely important information, thanks to which the system will know what kind of bots can be expected. If you plan to promote in several places (e.g. on Google, Facebook or Instagram) - create several HideLinks.

There is an infinite number of HideLinks at your disposal, but there are some limitations. You must use them or they can be removed.

In addition, if it's possible, make sure that each of the links you generate works based on a different safe page. The problem is not solved by using several subdomains. The parties must be different from each other. Why is it so important? Using one domain for several HideLinks negatively affects its lifetime. It is worth having a few domains in stock to replace them with others in the event of a ban. We also do not recommend using free .tk domains - they also have a negative impact on the effectiveness of HideLinks. Also remember that you can use the same hosting. At the moment, our research has not found that this has a negative impact on the duration of the solution used.

If you have any problem with the tool, please contact support.


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