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How to make money during Black Friday?

kinga.banaskiewicz 2020-09-18 0

Have you ever wondered how to use Black Friday to make money and not spend it? If not, this year you have a chance. A popular holiday called Black Friday falls this year on November 27. Therefore, you still have a few days to consider your strategy. 

What is Black Friday? 

Black Friday is the fourth Friday of November following Thanksgiving Day. For the first time, it was celebrated in the United States, and originally, it started the Christmas shopping season. Today, Black Friday is celebrated all over the world and means huge shopping opportunities and big discounts. Some people wait for this day for months. On Black Friday, stores are open much longer, and the sales are better than during the whole year.

Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Comparision between Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The whole idea of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is to offer great price discounts in a limited period of time, so you can say that they are inseparable. Black Friday was born in stationery stores - Cyber Monday is its digital equivalent. Currently, Black Friday takes place almost equally in both traditional and online stores. However, the types of promotions are quite different. While Black Friday offers discounts on specific groups of products (most often electronics or household appliances), Cyber Monday provides promotions on various goods.

When to start preparing?

Black Friday on 2020

As the old adage says, the sooner the better. 

This year's preparations will certainly be slightly different from those of previous years. Although Covid-19 doesn't give up, the same goes for advertising specialists. No wonder, according to this year's Gemius report, already 73% of internet users shop online. Interestingly, this number is 11 percentage points higher than in the previous year, and the reasons for this include the development of the pandemic. 

How do stores make money on Black Friday?

Despite this year, we won’t be able to do traditional shopping, it doesn’t necessarily mean that our account balance will remain the same.

How to make money during Black Friday?

In 2019, during Black Friday, Poles spent nearly 2 billion zlotys online. For comparison, the Americans left about 7.4 billion dollars (about 28 billion zlotys) in online stores. It is worth adding that these were the highest sums so far, and it is already predicted that 2020 will bring further records.

That's why, as a Publisher, you should take an interest in this topic immediately to encourage potential customers and give them a reason to buy. 

Certainly, the promotions that have appeared so far didn't escape your attention. Black Friday 2020 is slightly different than before. Many stores started their actions long before the planned Friday. Due to the shifting dates and the growing interest in online shopping, we may soon see a significant improvement in the quality of website traffic. Why not take advantage of this?

Promote MyLead campaigns and make money

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Special offers for MyLead publishers on Black Friday

If you believe that only customers will receive great offers, then you are wrong. Especially for you, we have prepared some attractive discounts. With the “MyLead” code, you will get a 10% discount from our partners such as RichPush or AdPlexity. Use the offer and enjoy the money you saved. 



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