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Affiliate Kampagne GearBest

Promote products at GearBest, one of the largest stores in the Eastern market!
Commission: Sale

Vergütung 0,80% - 8,00%


Kampagnenbeschreibung: GearBest

GearBest is a home appliances online shop featuring an enormous range of gadgets and consumer electronics. The product catalog is being constantly expanded, and thanks to that it allows the clients to purchase the most high-tech and up-to-date items. GearBest offers free shipment worldwide, high-quality products at low prices, manufacturer's guarantee, and full protection of its customers' data. Gearbest works closely with over 5,000 famous Chinese brands and top suppliers, including over 1,000 top brands like Xiaomi, Lenovo, Huawei. Gearbest has got over 1 million SKUs online, more than 1,000 new arrivals per day, providing plentiful shopping options for users. Isn’t that a GearBest affiliate publisher’s dream?

Join the GearBest affiliate program if you want to provide your audience with the best high-quality electronic products. Do you think you know any gadget heads? Good for you, because the GearBest brand affiliate program will make a virtue of necessity! Through the comprehensive quality control, all products are guaranteed to be genuine. The Gearbest affiliate program and its brand strictly follows five steps of CITST quality control, namely Checking suppliers, Inspecting production, Testing sample quality, Spot-checking products, Tracking after sales, ensuring all products meet a consistant quality standard and users' requirements.

Promote the GearBest affiliate program and earn up to 8% of each sale you bring in! The GearBest affiliate program, as a strategic brand product of the renowned Chinese cross-border enterprise Globalegrow, is backed by abundant funds and resources. Suppliers from the Gearbest affiliate program are managed through a professional rating system to select top suppliers and optimize the procurement of quality goods, while at the same time, maintian the comprehensiveness of product categories.

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