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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.

Earn with offer trackers

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Regardless of the affiliate programs you earn with, offer trackers will come in handy during your promotions. Offer trackers provide you with the ability to test multiple offers using a single link, eliminating the need for intuitive evaluation of offer profitability and allowing you to simply choose the best-performing offer. What other benefits do offer trackers provide? What are the best offer trackers on the market? You can find out in this article.

Campaign tracking

To effectively monitor the progress of your campaigns, reliable and accurate data is essential. This goes beyond general information found on the internet and focuses on personalized data specific to your ongoing campaigns. Detailed analysis of each parameter is crucial if you aim for success in affiliate marketing.

Every aspect matters, including campaign profitability, key indicators such as ROI, margin, and order value. Lacking precise data can lead to hasty decisions and wasted spending on ineffective actions.

In this context, offer tracking tools provide excellent support for publishers. They offer answers to key questions such as:

  • which campaigns generate the highest profits?
  • where is your audience from?
  • how many conversions do they generate?

Access to such information enables more informed decision-making and optimization of actions, ultimately increasing the profitability of your affiliate activities.

Managing campaign from one place

Working on multiple platforms can be challenging, and accessing information from various sources can significantly hinder conducting reliable analysis.

Offer trackers come to the rescue by allowing you to gather all campaign parameters and different traffic sources in one place, providing a comprehensive view of your campaign's effectiveness.

By using offer trackers in affiliate marketing, you save time and effort, eliminating the need to search through multiple sources of information. This tool provides you with a holistic perspective and enables a precise analysis of your campaign's efficiency.

The link to the tracker remains the same

You may be familiar with the scenario where the campaign you've been working on suddenly expires, and all your previous efforts go to waste. There are various factors that can contribute to such an outcome, and one of them is reaching the lead limit.

In such a situation, publishers are redirected to a similar campaign over which they have no control. This limits their ability to influence the campaign selection. What can you do to avoid repeating this story? You guessed it - offer trackers.

Offer trackers in affiliate marketing allow you to quickly replace one campaign with another while keeping the same link. This flexibility arises from the fact that the link to the offer tracker remains unchanged, enabling effective adaptation and optimization of your promotional strategy, providing greater control over your campaign's results.

Choose the most profitable path

An offer tracker allows you to select the paths that customers take and identify the ones that generate the highest profit. For instance, with a tracker, you can decide to redirect Instagram users directly to an affiliate program, while customers coming from Facebook are directed to your sales page. The data obtained from this enables you to clearly identify the preferred paths of your users.

The data you get from offer trackers will indicate the path your users like more.

The appearance of the sales page

Sales pages differ on various levels, including color schemes, graphic design, and header length. In reality, no two sales pages are identical. In this context, offer trackers once again assist you in making crucial decisions for the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Offer trackers in affiliate marketing allow you to split users into two groups: 50% of them will be redirected to a page with a green CTA button, while the remaining 50% will be directed to a page with a red CTA button. This experiment allows you to determine which button works better for your target audience, encouraging them to take actions that are significant to you.

This opens the door to conducting A/B tests, which are vital for conversion optimization. With offer trackers, you can precisely analyze user reactions to different variations of sales pages and make data-driven decisions. This enables continuous improvement of your affiliate strategy and maximization of the effectiveness of your sales efforts.

Offer trackers in affiliate marketing allow you to divide users into two groups.

Which offer trackers can be used with MyLead affiliate programs?

It's time to explore the best offer trackers that can be utilized in collaboration with MyLead. What specific features do these tools offer, how to configure them, and how to effectively leverage their capabilities for tracking and optimizing your affiliate campaigns?


The best offer trackers in affiliate marketing - Voluum

Voluum is a powerful platform designed for users who want to follow the progress and check the profitability of their campaigns. The publisher can use this tool in any browser or mobile application available on Android and iOS.


  • fast redirection that reduces the risk of losing clicks,
  • analysis of all traffic types,
  • security - Voluum uses encryption and authentication methods.

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To learn how to configure Voluum and MyLead click here:

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The best offer trackers in affiliate marketing - Peerclick

Peerclick is an effective offer tracker that should be used by any conscious publisher. With this software, you can track, analyze, and optimize your affiliate program campaigns in real-time.


  • fastest redirection (2 ms and in other trackers usually about 200 ms),
  • Protection from a suspicious source of traffic,
  • pixel tracking,
  • Al traffic distribution.

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To sum up, Peerclick is a reliable tracking module that offers the publisher a lot of reliable and priceless information. The simplicity and user-friendly interface makes setting up campaigns much faster than before. 


The best offer trackers in affiliate marketing - CPVLab

CPV Lab is an industry-leading ad-tracking software that helps affiliate marketers and publishers to track, test and optimize their campaigns from one single dashboard. Real time reports, fraud detection, cookie-less tracking are all available to help you never miss a conversion again.


  • unlimited number of campaigns and events tracked,
  • multivariate testing tool integrated,
  • fast redirects,
  • bot and Proxy filtering,
  • API integrations,
  • both self-hosted or cloud-based versions available (CPV One).
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The promocode "MYLEAD" will offer 20% off for the first 3 months or 10% for the yearly plans.


The best offer trackers in affiliate marketing - Bemob

BeMob is a cloud-based tracking software for media buyers and affiliate marketers with a wide range of advanced features to track your advertising campaigns in one place, manage traffic data, analyze reports and optimize your performance.


  • quick and seamless redirects to your offers,
  • detailed reporting system: regular, drill-down and grouping reports,
  • advanced rules & smart rotations for traffic distribution,
  • IVT metrics for tracking and managing invalid traffic,
  • API integrations with traffic sources.
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The best offer trackers in affiliate marketing - AdsBridge

AdsBridge is a premium class tracking software for beginner-level and experienced affiliates and also for users who wish to explore the attendance of their site or portals.   

AdsBridge is a SaaS tracker that provides quick redirects and allows you to save money on hosting and servers.


  • campaign auto-optimization can help differentiate profitable landing pages and offers that have the best indicators of EPV/EPC in real time and then proceeds to send traffic to those landing pages / offers, 
  • in-built landing page editor (visual and HTML) - it is possible to create, customize, and then test the landing pages. All landing pages are hosted on our side and all the graphic content works through a CDN provider with whom we cooperate,
  • ‘hide referrer’ function - this function allows you to redirect undesirable traffic onto a neutral domain. AdsBridge provides a default domain for that, but it is possible to add your own,
  • multi-user access – media buys teams can work on AdsBridge under one account. This will allow you to track and monitor the performance of each manager, as well as limit permission for beginners.

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We wrote about the integration of MyLead and AdsBridge in a separate article.

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The best offer trackers in affiliate marketing - Binom

Having started their journey in affiliate marketing more than 7 years ago, Binom team knows very well the needs of every affiliate marketer and tracker industry.


  • self hosted and Cloud versions,
  • fastest interface and redirects speed,
  • great for Pops, Mobile, Native ads, Facebook, Google, etc,
  • powerful API for automation,
  • price does not depend on volumes.

Sign up with the button at the bottom and you'll get your first month of tracker free and $40 off the second month.

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In the article, we discussed various aspects and possibilities related to the use of offer trackers in affiliate marketing. With the mentioned tools, you can effectively monitor and optimize your campaigns, whether you're just starting out in the industry or you're an experienced partner. Harness the potential of offer trackers in affiliate marketing today!

Last update: July 5, 2023


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