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App Affiliate Programs

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Owing to the substantial growth and commonization of technology, mobile and desktop applications have grown to be immensely popular. According to App Annie, there were over 204 billion app downloads in 2019. In fact, the app industry has generated over $50 billion in revenue in just the first half of 2020! This is especially because of the whole COVID-19 debacle. Being forced inside their homes, people would turn to technology to stay connected, resulting in a massive boost in app engagement! Whether it’s for work or leisure, more and more people are turning to apps to help them with their daily routine

The Rise of Mobile App Affiliate Programs!

Because of the convenience of using laptops, desktop apps aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. However, as of late, mobile apps have started to dominate the app market. With the growing popularity of both Android and iOS apps, there has subsequently been a sharp increase in the availability of App Download Affiliate Programs

Whether it’s the App Store or the Play Store, both stores receive substantial traffic and downloads. Although the Play Store generates the largest number of app downloads globally, the App Store dominates when it comes to consumer spending on the apps. These are some of the highlight reasons that the iOS and Android App Affiliate Programs are a gold-mine for regular folk sitting at home looking to earn some good money! 

How Do Mobile App Download Affiliate Programs Work?

So, where do you get started with these programs? Well, as with any affiliate marketing scheme, Mobile App Download Affiliate Programs pay you according to the commission structure that you agree to. You just need to have your personal link that people will use to download an app and place it on a platform where you can promote it. Google, for instance, pays you $15 for each new user that installs their app and a generous $1500 for every business you bring to the company. You’ll literally be making money while you sleep since people can just visit your platform, click on your link, and download an app anytime! 

The most popular and easily-marketable apps, however, are gaming apps. Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga, Temple Run – these games went viral within a month or two of release. The mobile gaming industry alone generates over $68.5 billion annually. So, it’s safe to say that these apps practically sell themselves! That’s why it’s perhaps the most lucrative to join an App Download Affiliate Program for mobile gaming. Popular schemes include Leprestore, Nvidia, and Razer that offer a varied range of commissions and marketing schemes for you to make money! It’s important that you already have a running gaming platform – a YouTube channel, website, or a blog to promote the different types of gaming services and products.   

So, go ahead and explore some of the Best Mobile App Affiliate Programs – a surefire way to profit from the ever-increasing popularity of mobile phones! Before you even know it, you’ll be well on your way to earning big rewards. 


Model: CPS | Rate: 0.36 - 0.9$ | 0,60 - 4,92% | Conversion type: Sell | Countries: Global | Preview: click



Model: CPS | Rate: 5,60 - 8,40% | Conversion type: Sell | Countries: UA, KU, SU, TS | Preview: click



Model: CPS | Rate:  12,00% | Conversion type: Sell | Countries: Global | Preview: click


Top 10 mobile app download affiliate programs

  1. Kaspersky affiliate program
    Type: CPA
    Rate: 3,67$
  2. PureVPN affiliate program
    Type: CPS
    Rate: 15,20%
  3. Tinaba affiliate program
    Type: CPA
    Rate: 8,37$
  4. NordVPN affiliate program
    Type: CPS
    Rate: 32%
  5. Fifa 2020 UA affiliate program
    Type: CPA
    Rate: 0,37$
  6. Space Racing DZ affiliate program
    Type: CPA
    Rate: 0,17$
  7. See the world EG affiliate program
    Type: CPA
    Rate: 0,19$
  8. Easy Battery Optimizer KE affiliate program
    Rate: 0,44$
  9. Clean Phone EG affiliate program
    Type: CPA
    Rate: 0,32$
  10. Super Mario Run affiliate program
    Type: CPA
    Rate: 0,48$


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