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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.

5 Types Of Affiliate Commissions

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As affiliate marketing is reaching its peak of popularity, many new and those more advanced publishers ask themselves a question “What is the most profitable affiliate commission?”. Even though any method can work if you get into it, when it comes to affiliation, some may be better and more profitable than others. We offer five different commission types., It’s up to you which one you’ll choose, but let us give you some ideas on how to earn money with different types of affiliate commissions.

CPA - cost per action

Type of affiliate commissions - CPA

It’s the most popular and extensive remuneration model in the world of affiliate marketing. It means the fee paid by the advertiser at the moment of performing a specific action by the recipient of the advertisement. Contrary to the CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per mille), the costs of running an advertisement do not depend on the number of clicks or the number of emissions. You get paid for the effect of the advertising campaign in the form of behavior of recipients aroused by contact with the advertisement. There’s a lot of actions that may be required, for example:

  • downloading an app,
  • reaching a certain level in a game,
  • providing some personal information.

One of the con of CPA model is pretty low commissions, since it’s so extensive and pretty easy to complete.

To see all CPA affiliate programs, click here:

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CPL - cost per lead

In the case of CPL model, you receive a commission for the generated lead, for example a correctly completed form. Sometimes this lead can only be an email address, but sometimes the forms may contain a lot of data to be filled in (residential address, phone number). Usually, the more data to fill in, the higher the lead rate. In this case you can meet some certain conditions, too. Like verified completion of the form or a received call. It’s possible that the lead is rejected even if the data is correct, because the customer answered the call, but did not express any interest in the offer. However, there are also advertisers who pay for all leads generated for them, so it’s always worth a try.

To see all CPL affiliate programs, click here:

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CPS - cost per sale

In this model you can receive a commission on sales. It is most used with online stores, where such transactions are the easiest to track.The commission can be a specific amount for the sale of any product from the store or it can be expressed as a percentage, for example 5% of the sale amount. Each affiliate program may define differently what a commision actually is. Sometimes just purchasing is enough, and sometimes rules may add some conditions, for example: a product must be ordered, paid for and cannot be returned within two weeks. In this case, if a customer decides to return the product, a commission will be rejected and you won’t receive any money for it.

CPS - Cost per Sale type of affiliate commissions

With that in mind, think about picking a campaign in which you can promote clothing. Once a customer buys something by clicking on your personalised affiliate link, you get a commission. You can see CPS fashion affiliate programs.

To see all CPS affiliate programs, click here:

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PPI - pay per install

PPI - type of affiliate commissions

PPI is a monetization model that is a part of a CPA “family”. In PPI money is accrued after the user installs the application you decide to promote. There’s no sending SMSs, no filling out surveys, no conforming an email address, or any kind of data, the only thing your potential customer will have to make happen, is a quick download. That’s enough, the lead is granted. PPI is a very interesting affiliate commission, but it’s used pretty rarely. While the SMS payment in many cases evoked reluctance of fear, software installations are something unusual, thanks to which they achieve high conversion results. PPI campaigns also offer many possible ways of promotion, hence they will surely match your target audience. 

To see all PPI affiliate programs, click here:

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COD - cash on delivery

In the COD model, the remuneration is paid for acquiring a customer who ordered the goods online and paid for it upon delivery. So, when it comes to COD, a purchase is required, but in contrast to CPS model, the timing of payment is completely different. It’s a great choice for small and newly created businesses that have not yet gained the trust of customers, which makes them prefer to pay cash on delivery when they physically own the product.

COD affiliate programs

Among Internet users, there are also people who, regardless of brand awareness, do not decide to make any online transactions, since they have some concerns about potentially being scammed into not receiving a package at all, or they simply do not want to provide any information about their bank account. If you aim at this target, it will be much better to try COD programs, instead of CPS.

To see all COD affiliate programs, click here:

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MyLead has to offer almost 2 thousand campaigns and 5 different affiliate commissions. It’s up to you which one you feel the most comfortable with when it comes to promoting campaigns. It’s obvious that not everyone is a born seller and will not feel okay with telling their customers to make a purchase of some sort, but having them reach a certain level in a game that is free to download doesn’t sound that bad. However, affiliate marketing is all about trying out any option possible. You don’t have to focus on one particular commission just because it works a little bit better than the others. Try everything out, join any affiliate program you wish, no matter what kind of remuneration model it’s based on.

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