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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.

How to do affiliate marketing through web push notifications?

melisa arraigada 2022-06-11 5

Affiliate marketing is the process by which affiliates earn commissions for marketing other people's products and businesses. Affiliates simply search for the product they like, promote it, and earn a portion of the profits from each sale they make. Sales are tracked from one website to another via affiliate links.

The main affiliate marketing method has been emails, blog posts, and lately social media channels such as Instagram or TikTok. But nowadays, there is a new channel that you can use for affiliate marketing: “web push notifications”, if you have a website or blog.

What are web push notifications?

Web push notifications are the browser version of push notifications, allowing you to send a notification to users of your website without them even leaving their contact information. These are alert-type messages that can be sent to any user of a website on a computer or mobile, whether the user is on the website or not. Not to be confused with pop-ups, which are windows that appear automatically without the user having requested them.

Why affiliate marketing through web push notifications?


Affiliate marketing is a system of exchange between advertisers who wish to promote their offers and affiliates who have an audience, by using web push notifications both will win.

Why are web push notifications a great remarketing solution?

Web push notification is the only channel that allows you to send messages:

  • Without having an application
  • On computer and phone
  • To unregistered users
  • Even when they are not on your site

Push notifications are much more effective than email marketing and SMS campaigns. The reason is that they capture the user's attention immediately and with one click they are on your site.

In addition to this, the web push notifications do not require the use of third-party cookies, which Google has announced the suppression of for 2023, but they only need the first-party cookies that do not require any personal information of the user.

How do they work?

First of all there are different types of web push notifications, based on what it is sent: time-based and automated notifications.

1) Manual Push Notifications:

Manual web push notifications are those that are configured manually and used for promoting temporary campaigns. They will be sent massively, even if it is also possible to segment them. They allow you to send your customers information about sales, clearance, and promotions.

Here is an example of a manual web push notification:


2) Automated Push Notifications:

The automated notifications are those that are triggered based on some rules, such as user behaviour. Some examples can be product retargeting, category retargeting, but also page abandonment notifications.

An Example of Product Retargeting Push Notification:


An Example of Category Retargeting Push Notification:


Cart abandonment notifications allow a non-registered user who has placed an item in his cart to finalize his order. This notification is an excellent strategy, it can include messages such as "last items available", or "hurry to complete your purchase" which encourages the user to complete the order. This solution allows e-commerce to increase their sales.

An example of Cart Abandonment Push Notification:


Web push notifications in affiliate marketing

Here’s asample affiliate marketing push notification:


Affiliate marketing is not just for bloggers. There are also high potential spaces for social media influencers. A good influencer has an audience that trusts them to make recommendations. This means that influencers are very likely to be powerful affiliate marketers.

For example, an influencer who writes a blog about an article can generate a lot of clicks to the product's website. So with web push notifications, those individuals who have been to the site can be reminded with a notification that they have been to the item.

Influencer, Chiara Ferragni, writes blogs on her site featuring different branded products such as You Be or Jo Malone. This will allow these brands to make sales thanks to the posts of the blogger, who will earn a fee for the sales of the products mentioned on her site. The web push notifications will then send a reminder to site visitors who leave without leaving their contact details.

How to create a Web Push Notification?


Go to the Frizbit website and create an account. After logging in, start creating a web push notification with a simple creator allowing you to use the board and the different options. As you can see, you can change the title and text as you wish and add emojis.

In the body section, you can also put a formula that will write the name of the item the customer has recently seen along with the picture of the item.

On the notification, the customer will see the brand logo displayed along with the photo and the name of the item. Using the URL link, when the customer clicks on the notification, they will be taken directly to your site with the item in their basket.

It is very easy to create all kinds of notifications with this platform.

Web push notifications to help bloggers to inform customers about products and their different offers

Here is an Example of an Offer Web Push Notification:


Affiliate marketing and push notifications strengthen the loyalty of users and increase sales. By offering a variety of products and services, push notifications will expand the amount of transactions that you generate.


Affiliate marketing keeps the notifications with value propositions and keeps your offers attractive. With push notifications, you can expand your customer base by offering regular, or seasonal offers on a range of products.

Using web push notifications can allow the affiliate to significantly increase their sales and get a good marketing strategy.

For using web push notifications with the state-of-the-art features, you can contact


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Does this mean I have to have my own website before I can do web push notifications?

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