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Gaming affiliate programs

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The gaming and e-sport market has recently experienced a real boom. It is one of the fastest-growing branches of the entertainment industry in the world, and COVID-19 has strengthened it with record sales of online games. Today, practically everyone plays or knows someone who prefers this form of leisure. No wonder, then, that with the rise in popularity of gaming, many offers of affiliate programs have also appeared on the market.

The gaming market - what do we know about it?

According to Newzoo's latest report, the global gaming market will generate $159.3 billion in revenue in 2020. This would be an increase of 9.3 percent year-on-year. Moreover, Newzoo predicts that the industry's income will exceed $200 billion in 2023, and the still growing number of players worldwide will exceed three billion by 2023.

The report also shows that the most significant growth has been recently seen in the mobile gaming sector. The restrictions imposed by the pandemic kept many people at home, which, combined with the growing availability of mobile devices, was even predictable. According to the authors of the study, mobile games will generate up to 77.2 billion dollars of revenue in 2020, which is an increase of 13.3 percent compared to 2019.

Gaming affiliate programs – how to make money?

Do you know that Amazon created the first affiliate program? Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of the company, created this idea as part of his company's marketing strategy. Today this system supports various sectors, including gaming. Considering how big the gaming industry is and how popular affiliate programs are becoming, it is worth thinking about making money in this way. It is an industry that encourages engagement and interaction, bringing real opportunities for advertisers to earn quite good money.

These can be either selling the games themselves and earning commissions or promoting guides and showing others how they can experience their gaming adventures and also make money on their own, placing partner links in films and descriptions or displaying unique partner promotion codes during transmission. A player can also earn money by encouraging their viewers to perform simple tasks - registering in the game, playing it or performing a series of tasks. In fact, there are many different models of making money on the best gaming affiliate programs.

Gaming affiliate programs help fans of this form of entertainment to make much money. These amounts can easily be multiplied if we don't limit ourselves to just one affiliate program. By subscribing to several top gaming affiliate programs, we can diversify and significantly increase our earnings.

Why is it worth to join game affiliate programs?

In the world of online gaming, whether users are playing or just browsing, they enter interactive mode - they click, chat, share links. Such an environment is very involved, especially when it comes to content that meets their needs. Whether they play their favourite game or watch the streamer on Twitch, users are among the media they trust, which makes them more likely to accept their recommendations. This is an ideal opportunity to earn money on partner and gaming affiliate networks. By automating the process, advertisers can easily optimize their campaigns and receive current information from their traffic providers, while understanding what works and where improvements can be made.



Model: CPA | Rate: 2.75$ | Conversion type: Single Opt-in, Double Opt-in, Create and activate account | Countries: GLOBAL |  Preview: click



Model: CPA | Rate: 2.57$ | Conversion type: Single Opt-in, Create and activate account | Countries: AUS, CA, USA, NZL, IRL |  Preview: click



Model: CPL | Rate: 1.08$ - 2.69$ | Conversion type:  Single Opt-in, Create and activate account | Countries: AT, CA, DE, FR, UK, USA, CH|  Preview: click


Top 10 game affiliate programs

  1. Affiliate program WarThunder
    RATE: $0.88 - 3.97
  2. Affiliate program Gamehag
    RATE: $0.39 - 3.16
  3. Affiliate program Total battle
    RATE: $0.25 - 2.95
  4. Affiliate program Warframe
    RATE: $0.82 - 2.17
  5. Affiliate program Crossout
    RATE: $0.82 - 2.17
  6. Affiliate program Heavy Metal Machines
    RATE: $1.61
  7. Affiliate program Raid: Shadow Legends
    RATE: $1
  8. Affiliate program Cuisine Royale
    RATE: $0.42
  9. Affiliate program Soul Calibur
    RATE: $0.12 - 0.3
  10. Affiliate program Pou Game
    RATE: $0.11


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