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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.

How to download an affiliate link?

kinga.banaskiewicz 2022-02-16 9

Did you know that the question of how to download your affiliate link is probably the most frequently asked one? When starting an adventure with affiliate marketing, every novice publisher wants to start promoting selected products and services as soon as possible. However, without a unique link, it just doesn’t make even the slightest sense. But where to get this link? If you also wanted to ask this question, this blog post is for you!

STEP 1. Creating an account on MyLead


The first and most important point is that only users of the affiliate network can generate their affiliate link. Therefore, if you are interested in this way of earning, join MyLead by registering on the website. You can create a free account by clicking on the button below.


STEP 2. Joining a campaign

Good job! You are now a MyLead user, the so-called Publisher. The next step is to join the affiliate program. This is what we call all kinds of product and service offers that you can promote by operating with an affiliate network. MyLead currently has over 3,000 affiliate programs in various categories. We are sure that you will also find something for yourself.

To join the program, log in to your MyLead account and in the Publisher's Panel find the Campaigns tab, and then Campaign list. This is where you will find all the offers that can be promoted.



WChoose one of them and go to the offer details by clicking the blue button with the word Promote.


You will see a detailed description of the program and a few colored tiles. First, go for the red tile that says "URL". Click on it to start generating the link.


If the campaign requires it, specify your traffic source - which is where you will promote it, and then describe the promotion method - which is how you will promote the selected campaign. Do it in detail - based on this description, our Support will decide whether you will get access to the program.


The source of traffic may be, for example, social media (e.g. fanpage on Facebook), paid advertising (e.g. advertising in search engines), own website or blog.

If your promotion idea does not violate the restrictions of a given campaign, you will be able to promote the offer within a few hours (this time may be extended over the weekend). You will be informed about it by a notification that will be displayed in the User Panel in the upper right corner and an automatic email message. You can change the notification settings at any time by going to the Profile > Settings tab.


Attention! If this is your first affiliate link ever, you can skip to step 3, which is downloading the link. In this case, the link is generated automatically by MyLead and you can enjoy it right after approval by Support.

JHowever, if you want to create another link for the same campaign, after gaining access, go back to the program's website and click the red tile again, which we wrote about above. The new link will be useful if you promote campaigns in several places, thanks to which it will be easier for you to monitor the results. Give a name to the new configuration (describe it so that you know what it is about - the name is visible only to you. We called ours "TEST- 1") and select the tracking domain. The tracking domain is the main part of the link generated by you, e.g. in the link the tracking domain is When creating a link, we recommend that you choose the default domain. This is the safest option and you will be sure that your campaign is successful. In a situation where such a domain has been blocked, while waiting for it to be replaced by the MyLead team, you can connect to another domain selected from the list.

STEP 3. Downloading the link

Congratulations! You just generated your first affiliate link. You'll find it in the affiliate program view, just below the colored tiles, in the Your configurations section.


Now you just need to copy the link and start the promotion. Good luck!

Do you want to find out what you can promote by cooperating with MyLead?


Or maybe you are interested in the basics of affiliate marketing?



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My goodness very useful. Thanks a lot 


Good habit good life




How much time approve affiliate link.


I have joined over 7 campaigns and links of all these campaigns seems to be same and can't lead us to the desired product. Please tell me something about this or guide me about making the right link.


i was on travelpayout and they have the option to change the color and frame of the affiliate program that i got accepted in...Mylead should do something like that

Hello I have more or less 5 campain accepted, but the link seems to be pretty much different that the original name of the campain, and lead to the same offer.  Looks strange no?

helpful for newbie 


Hidelinks are now avaible on mylead

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