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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.

Most important dates in 2022 for affiliate marketing

hanna.danielak 2022-01-28 0

New Year, new plans! We’ve put all of the most important dates in 2022 in one place. You can use our calendar while planning a strategy for the upcoming year. There are many big holidays to celebrate, but even the smaller ones could be useful. St. Patrick’s Day or Book Lovers Day can be a great occasion to give your audience a unique and creative offer. Adapting to seasonal trends is an excellent way to increase traffic on your websites organically, so there’s no time to waste! 



We’re welcoming the New Year! January is a month for setting new goals and resolutions. Make sure you’re prepared for the next 12 months and create a year strategy. We're all thinking about losing those extra Christmas kilograms at the beginning of the year, so it’s best to focus on promoting fitness and nutritional offers. Don’t forget about Blue Monday (17/01), and make sure your audience feels better on this gloomy day. 


It’s February, but don’t throw your sports shoes in the corner just yet. Winter Olympics (4/02) are approaching, so all the streaming services and sports offers should catch the interest of your audience. On Valentine’s Day (14/02), remember to focus on e-commerce and gifts, but also dating apps - loneliness can be difficult for singles this time of the year. February is also a month of Super Bowl (12/02) and President’s Day (21/02). 


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The spring is starting (20/03), so it’s time to start celebrating. There are undoubtedly many occasions for it in March. We’re starting the month by wishing our female friends all the best on International Women’s Day (8/03). It’s time to promote e-commerce offers - gifts for women won’t buy themselves!



We’re starting April off with April Fools Day (1/04), but it’s also a month of reflection. People worldwide are celebrating Ramadan (2/04) and Easter (17/04). The traffic can be a bit slower, but that’s okay - it’s the month of Coachella (15/04), so all the music, fashion, and make-up offers are in. Don’t forget about Earth Day (22/04) and include ecological elements in your campaigns. 


It’s May, the flowers are blooming and it’s finally getting warmer outside. Mexicans are celebrating Cinco de Mayo (5/05) and Star Wars fans worldwide get their special day (4/05). May is also a month when we celebrate our moms! Mother’s Day (8/05) is around the corner, so remember about e-commerce offers - it’s gift-buying time. Jewelry and accessories should be a hit. 


June is Pride Month, so expect to see all the rainbow-colored campaigns. First of all, though, the summer is starting (21/06), so get ready to promote trips and tourist offers. Don’t forget about Children’s Day in China (1/06) and offer your audience toys and gifts.

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The summer is in full bloom, so it’s time to ensure your audience gets some entertainment. Remember about promoting tourist offers, attractions and cultural events. The party is starting mainly in the USA, where they’re celebrating Independence Day (4/07). Also, make sure you have some space saved in your campaign for trip ads because many of your audience members may be taking their vacation in July. 


There’s not much going on in August, but don’t worry! It’s the beginning of the back-to-school season. Everything education-related will be a hit this time of the year - not just basic school supplies but also electronics and learning services. In August, don’t forget Book Lovers Day (9/08) and prepare an exciting offer for all the bookworms in your audience.


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The autumn is starting (22/09), and the younger part of your audience is going back to school. Educational offers are on the rise, and the traffic is up. Get ready to promote books, electronics, and stationery!



Leaves are falling from the trees outside, and the school year is in full swing. In October, the Chinese people celebrate their national day (1/10), and we are all looking forward to Halloween (31/10). It's time to promote costumes, makeup and anything scary! Be sure to include exciting books and movies that help your audience survive the long, cold afternoons. 


The time of intense shopping is here! But first, we celebrate International Men’s Day (19/11) and Thanksgiving (24/11). Christmas time is coming, which means it’s also time for Black Friday (25/11) and Cyber Monday (28/11). Remember to prepare some special deals for your audience, because that’s when many of them will be doing their Christmas shopping.  


The holiday period is officially in progress, so it’s time to promote interesting present ideas. All over the world, people are getting ready to celebrate Christmas (25/12), Hannukah (18/12), and Kwanza (26/11). The year goes by too fast like it always does and at the end of December, it’s time for New Year’s Eve (31/12). Remember to promote offers related to fashion and make-up. Maybe it’s also the time to prepare a small re-cap of all the things you did this year?

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Besides the dates we’ve already mentioned, there are a couple more holidays worth remembering. Including seasonal elements in your content works out great in affiliate marketing, so don’t lose any chance to do it. Content regarding Emoji Day (19/09), World Pizza Day (17/01), or Pi Number Day (14/03) could be a fun treat for your audience. 


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