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Beware of partnering with Chameleon Ads

natalia.juszczak 2023-01-17 5

Dear Partners,

This post aims to share our experience regarding cooperation with the affiliate network Chameleon Ads (Velor Advertising Group SL), which we started in September 2021. Our manager was Christoph Brughmans.

Unfortunately, instead of the expected results, we experienced disappointment and encountered a complete lack of professionalism, which will be precisely described in this post.

Sequence of events (enlarge the image by clicking on the specific screenshot):

August 31, 2022:

We contacted Christoph regarding the first settlement concerning the results for June and July 2022.


October 19, 2022 - October 21, 2022:

We informed Christoph that we hadn't received any payment for the mentioned periods. We received a promise of intervention.


November 2, 2022:

We discussed with Christoph the need for payment confirmation. We received it the next day.


It turned out that the payment was for the results in September, not for the previous months. It was our mistake not to notice the discrepancy, which delayed the resolution of the problem.

December 22, 2022:

We discovered discrepancies in the settlements with Chameleon Ads. We informed our manager about the need to adjust the payments to the actual state. The next day, we received information that due to the holiday season, the matter would be resolved in January.



January 4, 2023:

We continued to try to establish contact to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, our attempts to communicate with Christoph were unsuccessful. 


January 16, 2023:

We receive a request from the manager to send a summary of the entire matter along with information to the finance department via email. We send an email with the summary on the same day, and also follow up with two emails on February 8th and 17th.



We received responses to these messages nearly 4 months later,  in May, which will be discussed in the following points.

February 7, 2023:

We tried to contact Christoph again, who responded the next day, claiming to be sick. Unfortunately, in the following days, we still do not receive any response.


Meanwhile, we unsuccessfully tried to contact another manager, Judith, hoping to resolve the issue. We only received a response on February 24, but it didn't provide any useful information.



We attempted to contact both individuals again on March 13-14.

March 15, 2023:

Christoph informed us that according to his system, all payments had already been settled. We asked for confirmation of the transfers. We received a suggestion to contact the finance department.




We sent an email as requested, but the finance department did not respond.


March 27, 2023:

We once again contacted Christoph regarding the payment status. Unfortunately, we still couldn't obtain confirmation of the transfers; we only received information that they would be sent the next day. After nearly a month, on April 20, we informed Christoph that we still hadn't received any outstanding payments. 


Meanwhile, we also tried to obtain any information via email.


April 28, 2023:

We still received suggestions regarding launching new offers from Chameleon Ads. We responded that we wanted to focus on resolving the payment issue first. 


May 9, 2023:

After almost 4 months, Christoph finally addressed the email from January 16. He presented the results from his system and requested payment details. We pointed out significant discrepancies in the amounts and attached supporting documents.




Unfortunately, as always, our messages with comments were ignored. We sent several follow-ups, including an email dated May 15, in which we gave Christoph a deadline to resolve the matter by the end of the week. On May 18, we sent a final reminder to the advertiser, to which we haven't received any response or payment to this day (May 23). 



From December 2022 to May 2023, we were unable to reach any agreement with Chameleon Ads regarding results and payments. Chameleon Ads is unable to control its own panel displaying approved funds, and their finance department hasn't addressed the matter even once.

We received only empty assurances that payments would be settled soon. Such unreliability on the part of Chameleon Ads is absolutely unacceptable.

We do not recommend cooperating with Chameleon Ads due to recurring settlement problems, lack of response, disregard for our requests, zero commitment, and lack of professionalism. Their actions demonstrate disregard for partners and an irresponsible approach to business obligations.

In light of these negative experiences, we would like to warn other entrepreneurs against entering into cooperation with Chameleon Ads.


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Very nice, best my lead, how to earn money this app


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