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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.

The psychology of color in affiliate marketing. How will the details change your earnings?

dominika.kawczynska 2020-07-03 4

We know for a long time that colors influence the human psyche. The colors that surround us affect not only our mood but also our behavior and nervous system. Experienced marketing specialists are well aware of this, so they put emphasis not only on catchy and engaging slogans but also on color. Carefully selected colors influence brand perception, sales, and the success of your Facebook campaign, but also your actions and promotion of affiliate programs.

What is color psychology?

Color psychology explains how colors affect human behavior. Can the color of a dress force women to buy? Is it only the colors of the packaging that make us more willing to choose one brand over another? The answer to these questions is short - YES! The very symbolism of colors affects the fact that we like some colors more than others, but that's not all. The age, sex, place and environment in which we grew up, as well as past experiences - they are not insignificant.

How do colors affect women and men?

Many factors influence color preferences, but one of them is sex. It is well illustrated by the results of Joe Hallock's research ("Color Assignment"), which established that the favorite colors for both men and women are blue and green. In the range of colors chosen by women, there is also violet, which is one of the least liked colors by men. It is worth noting one more dependence: women prefer subdued shades with the addition of white, while men favor more expressive colors and darker shades.

The Psychology of Color


Our color preferences change over the years

Analyses show that young and energetic people are much more willing to surround themselves with objects that have vivid and bright colors. Older people prefer more subdued colors with mild shades. Before you start promoting a product, think about which age group you want to target your ads, and then choose a color that is dedicated to that age range.

how do certain colors affect people

The colors in affiliate marketing matters

When planning your marketing activities, take care of the appropriate selection of colors so that the advertised product will stand out clearly from the rest of the market. Before you decide, however, carefully think about what effect you want to achieve - incompetently adjusted colors can make the counterproductive effect! A thoroughly selected strategy and understanding of the psychology of colors will ensure that your products or services will be perceived by consumers exactly as you wish.

The psychology of color in affiliate marketing

List of color meaning

  • Psychological effects of the color red

Red is associated with passion and feelings, which is why this color is often seen in dating affiliate programs and those for adults. Red is very popular among brands that strongly influence their customers' emotions. It will work well during a sale or promotional campaign as it encourages the customer to make an immediate decision. You have probably seen many times that brands successfully use the red button on their website, for example the "order now" button.

Brand with color red

  • Psychological effects of the color green

Many people associate green with nature, and they are right! An interesting fact is that the name of this color comes from herbs. It turns out that green is not only used on websites promoting organic products, for example, it is also found on Spotify. Why? It is because the human eye sees green better than any other color, and it also has a relaxing and restful effect. Spotify uses it as listening to music is undoubtedly a form of relaxation, during which we achieve the desired peace. The dark shade of green is also identified with brands that we associate with money, wealth, and economic matters. If you want to promote a financial product, you should use this color.

Brand with color green

  • Psychological effects of the color blue

You see blue, you think about water and the sky. Blue is associated with trust and a sense of security. Companies that provide financial and security services very often use blue in their logos - this way, they make it clear that they can be trusted. An example of a company that uses blue in its branding is Oral B, which helps consumers to think of the brand's products as being of high quality. Blue is perfect for advertising medical products that have been very popular recently.

Brand with color blue;

  • Psychological effects of the color black

The subdued black gives the impression of elegance and class. When we see a product in black packaging on the shop shelf, we perceive it as something highly valuable. Therefore, no one should be surprised that black dominates in affiliate marketing industries. Investment platforms very often have black graphics in their website templates. Black means strength, seriousness, and professionalism, which is why it is often chosen by ambitious people. 

Brand with color black

  • Psychological effects of the color yellow

Yellow is a very warm color and means joy, energy, and happiness. Psychologists connect the yellow with the intellect because looking at this color for a longer time makes it easier to remember and affects the clarity of thoughts. The color yellow, due to its noisy and highly expressive character, is considered to be a warning color. Not without a reason when driving down the street, we pass yellow warning signs. 

Brand with color blue

  • Psychological effects of the color purple

In the psychology of colors, violet is considered to be the royal color. Purple means power, nobility, luxury, wisdom, and spirituality. Be careful not to use this color too often, as it can cause frustration and even repulsion. An example of a company that decided to use this color is Yahoo, but after visiting their website, you will quickly notice that purple is just an accent.

Brand with color purple

After reading this article, you probably do not doubt that colors can influence consumers' purchasing decisions. People very often choose objects in a color that will make them feel better. Take advantage of color psychology in affiliate marketing, influence human emotions consciously through colors, and earn even more than before!


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