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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.

The affiliate marketing state of art

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The affiliate marketing state of art from Clickadu and Mylead. There is so much potential in choosing the right combination of affiliate program and a traffic source.


How often do you manage to choose both correctly?

Every traffic source varies with its niche, formats, websites and other aspects so you should consider and juggle them effectively.

Since you’re cooperating with MyLead you did half the homework. So, what about the ‘sauce’? Plenty of our offers are entertainment-oriented and require a subtle approach. So this time we’re going to tell you about the network this offers go well together. 

The Clickadu Advertising Network.

A bit more about Clickadu

Clickadu - is a well-established advertising network (or if you prefer the traffic source) with a multi-format inventory. The traffic comes worldwide, so the coverage allows you to cover any offer demands.

The trade is carried within managed service and self-served basis with the available 2.3Bln daily traffic volume.

Offer categories suitable for Clickadu traffic

To make the most of entertainment vertical we have picked a short list of categories from our offer wall that should do: 


Tips to make it

A few ‘tips to make it’ Clickadu team would like to share with you.

Adult - Webcams & Datings
The common templates usually show less performance than a self-made unique combination with pre-land -> land -> registration.

Adult - Games
This category has only a few competitors on the Clickadu traffic so it’s a good one to get into with pop/push ads.

Entertainment - Social Apps
The best move is to be on the first wave to catch the hype as after a few days these services  are tightening the KPIs.

Entertainment - Games 
In 90% of cases сlassic game offers have a base KPI like ‘install to game play’ (lvls), ‘retention rate’, ‘install to 1st ingame purchase’ etc.
The only tip we could share is to find an offer with a soft KPI. Otherwise you need to manage your traffic zones (sources) carefully.

Downloads - Tools\Utilities
Considering the Google issues, the creative should be less aggressive. Use the words like ‘may be’, ‘probably etc.
The best choice of GEOs for tools\utilities is Tier3.

Downloads - АРК and DL
The core aspect for APK and DL is the file size and it’s safety. The content rating algorithms  argue a lot about the distribution type, not the file itself so an ‘infected’ file might be an issue.
Another important point is the landing quality. We recommend you to use a graphic landing page with the APK / DL instructions.

Was it valuable? The more tips you’ll get at Clickadu website.

Is it really worth it?

By becoming a Clickadu partner you’ll get access to an advertising platform that is never static and loads of entertainment sources that can cover your MyLead chosen offer demand.
Looking for a trusted traffic source? Then Clickadu is your call.



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