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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.

The emotional impact of coronavirus

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Relax, it's only panic? Nothing could be more wrong. Emotions in the economy result in very specific profits or losses - consumer and investor sentiment triggers a mechanism of self-fulfilling prophecy. Although there is no shortage of things to worry about in the time of coronavirus, it is not worth giving in to panic. During the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic, reasonable optimism and peace of mind are crucial. This time can be a chance to develop, find new opportunities, and earn extra money - the key to success will be finding what customers need right now.

Reasonable optimism and communication built on positive emotions

As shown by a survey conducted by Kantar in March 2020, as many as 78% of the respondents believe that brands should take actions that will support consumers in their daily lives, especially during the epidemic. It is very important marketing information, and many companies do not draw any conclusions about it. Many entrepreneurs are pessimists, or on the contrary, they believe that "crisis doesn’t concern them".

Unfortunately, when it is too late, they may panic and start making rash, chaotic decisions. You don't have to pretend at all costs that everything is the same: there's no need to hide from your customers that you are taking part in webinars from home. On the contrary, these days pictures from the home office are completely normal. We also don't hide the fact that we work from home :)

You're wondering how to organize your work at home? We have prepared 10 tips to help you work efficiently at home.

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The emotional impact of coronavirus

It is undoubtedly worth paying attention to the tone and aesthetics of your campaign. Aggressive, disturbing messages may now be the last thing a client wants to find. Instead, it is worth choosing a message that inspires trust and reassurance. Subtle humor may also work. Of course, changing the tone of voice is not enough for all industries. In many cases, however, it can have a strong impact on how the currently conducted marketing activities will be remembered. The affiliate programs we offer may be a chance to earn money without leaving home during the coronavirus era. However, to be successful, it is necessary to think about how they can respond to the real needs of consumers.

Investments that will profit in difficult times

Optimism can be particularly difficult when global stock markets have fallen at a record rate of over 30%. (Source:  In such a situation, subsequent investors withdraw from their investments, believing that they should protect their savings first. Is that right? Not necessarily. It is worth knowing that the current, record-breaking correction on the stock market is only partly due to the "closure" of the economies due to coronavirus. Due to the hysterical behavior of investors and the sudden outflow of cash, panic causes the loss of liquidity also by those companies not directly affected by the current situation. How then not to panic and wisely promote investments in times of coronavirus?

Above all, it is worth realizing that every crisis lies an opportunity - those who see it in time will have a chance to get rich. Even today, it is not difficult to point out some of the industries that benefit greatly during the epidemic. According to Shoper, sales in the first half of March increased significantly in online shops: in the case of books and electronics by more than half, and in health and beauty products by 138%. Meanwhile, the delicatessen has recorded an increase of 239%. It means that some companies can spread their wings right now. Also, stock market drops can be an opportunity to buy shares and financial instruments inexpensively, which we couldn't normally afford. 

Coronavirus impact on Sales in Online Stores

What emotions should accompany the promotion of investment? First of all, calm and substantive tone. In such a situation, people expect support from a competent person who will show them the various possibilities but also present them with pros and cons. Of course, such a person cannot panic or promise impossible things - credibility is the basis. In the future, they might be seen as an expert.


At a time when many people lost their jobs and companies had to reduce their activities, it is almost certain that there will be an increased demand for all kinds of loans. The optimistic news is that the lending industry has recently shown great social responsibility. The vast majority of lenders have allowed customers to postpone their loans. Also, when promoting new offers, it is worth taking care to present the customer with solutions that, with rational decisions, will help them to deal with financial problems. Let the lending industry not associate itself with a usurer who will lead to the ruin of a client, even if he will gain little from it. It is worthwhile to present loan proposals together with sensible financial advice. 

Today's borrowers are becoming more and more aware - they know that they have to pay attention to the APR and pay interest. Don't charm them, that borrowing is a wonderful way to make all the financial problems disappear like with a touch of a magic wand. It is better to show the hope that additional funding will help to implement a well-thought-out plan. Don't forget empathy - borrowers must not be afraid that the bailiff will knock on the door when they end up in the hospital or lose income due to the epidemic.

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Dating services

Dating in pandemic times can be a bit difficult. Quarantine is much easier to endure when a close person is with us. Singles may feel particularly lonely and excluded these days. The number of opportunities to meet someone has dropped dramatically. We even lack the usual meetings with friends. For this reason, dating sites are becoming increasingly popular. A great example is the well-known Tinder application, which has recently gained about 30% growth. 

Dating portals during coronavirus era

During the quarantine, it is definitely worth to promote Polish dating services. By doing this, you can not only profit from user engagement (for example through advertising, micropayments, or our affiliate programs) but also support true love! Nowadays, even skeptics of online dating have become convinced of them. A situation during which we can't meet each other as often as we want can cause longer, interesting conversations and intriguing flirting.

Do you want to know more about dating during coronavirus era

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Online entertainment - mobile and browser games, VOD

It is not difficult to notice that the routine of living in quarantine also often causes great fatigue. People are thirsty for something that will give them at least a little entertainment and excitement. For this reason, all forms of online entertainment are very popular. First of all, it is worth promoting all kinds of streaming platforms such as VOD offering movies and series on demand. Can't you go to the cinema with your friends? There's nothing to stop you from seeing the latest movies at home. More and more people also download mobile and browser games. Nowadays, even parents, who usually limit such activities to their children, understand the need to move to an extraordinary, virtual world and overcome boredom.

Consider the current situation as an opportunity to earn money. In the above article, we indicated industries that haven't suffered from coronavirus, but on the contrary, they are experiencing a real boom. So maybe it's worth a try? Remember that you won't lose anything, and you can gain a lot.


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