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Statystyki i zarobki przez Internet

Statistics - want to know more, you know everything!

We give you full access to statistics and key information

The program offers constant access to accurate statistics, so that each user can evaluate the effectiveness of their activities and freely optimize them. The entire user panel can be freely modified by clicking on the cogwheel on the right.

The statistics provided in the user panel significantly improve the comfort and quality of our work. All necessary statistics are available on the main screen. The statistics in which we have an insight include: statistics from all of today, from yesterday, and the entire month. You can also choose any time period. In addition, in the statistics panel we can check what conversion we have, the number of leads sent, and visits to a given subpage. The panel has more extensive statistics on each offer.

What information do we collect to help you?

Full compendium of information in one place

Regularly tracking your statistics from previous days, we are able to improve our methodology of operation as well as improve our promotions. By tracking statistics we can collect useful data such as:


What is the general conversion of individual programs


Number of unique visits per specific program


Which programs generate the best profit


Number of leads collected

Zarobki przez Internet w MyLead

Also, at the end of each day/month you will receive an accurate report on your earnings supplemented with all statistics. There is also a possibility of downloading your reports in PDF form to your hard drive. Partner can change in the profile settings under the E-mail Notifications tab, if he wants to receive reports at the end of the day or month.

The MyLead affiliate network also allows you to track statistics with SMS notifications. Each publisher can use the option through which he will receive earnings notifications directly to his mobile phone. Earnings information can be provided every day or at the end of every month.

Detailed PDF reports

SMS Notifications

GG notifications

If you want to receive notifications on Gadu-Gadu, you have to follow a few steps. In the profile settings, find the GG Notifications tab. You must enter your GG number in the appropriate field. Then add GG number 55019675 to your contacts and send any message to this number.

Postback API- with this tool’s help, you can create a whole network of referrals. This tool allows you to view the earnings reports of people who have registered with your affiliate link and earned money for you. With the Postback API solution you can get parameters such as: configuration ID, program ID, lead rate (in pennies), country (in ISO format). You can also use this tool to: generate reports from advertising campaigns as well as to collect your own reports.

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