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Cruise Affiliate Programs

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For some people, taking a cruise is considered a luxury, only to be enjoyed at a fairly old age when it’s time to cash in all your life’s hard work. However, for a majority of individuals all around the world, it’s an entirely different story. The cruise industry is worth roughly $125 billion per year and it’s solely because people choose it as their preferred holiday excursion every single year. A seven-day cruise for a single person can cost somewhere between $1000 and $3,700, and most people are perfectly comfortable spending even more than this every single year to escape from their worries and unwind. 

The cruise ship industry could not be more popular, and it has led to a sharp increase in Cruise Ship Affiliate Programs. More and more people are turning to cruise ships to enjoy their yearly holidays, opening up a ton of new avenues for affiliate marketers worldwide, especially those in the travel niche. 

If you wish to learn how to get started with the Best Cruise Affiliate Program to suit your needs, then give this article a read. 

The Hottest Cruise Line Affiliate Programs 2021 Has to Offer!

If you’re a fan of travel, you need to dive into the cruise ship niche. You’ll need to have your very own platform to get started, such as a blog, a website, or a social media account. Maintaining a travel blog is the best option as it will show your audience that you speak from a ton of experience. This will encourage them to check out whatever you’re promoting. If blogs aren’t your thing, you can still achieve some great results by opting for an Instagram or a Facebook account. 

Moving on to the top Cruise Affiliate Programs of 2021, Royal Caribbean is our first choice. Aside from the fact that they’re an established name brand, Royal Caribbean offers luxury transport to 250 different exotic destinations. On average, a cruise of theirs costs $1,800 and they pay their affiliates 4% commissions on every sale they bring in. So, you could be looking at a sweet $72 off one sale. Best of all, their prices go a lot higher than this, so you can expect to earn much more. 

The Virgin Voyages Affiliate Program is another popular choice. The company offers luxury cruises with the best treatment you will ever find. The fact that they pay a 1% commission on every sale you make can appear as a major setback. However, let’s take into consideration the average cost of one cruise – around $3,500. So, that’s still a $35 earning on one sale. Moreover, the costs can go as high as $62,500, earning you a generous $625! 

There are different kinds of cruises... carnival cruise, Norwegian cruise line, Disney cruise, Carter cruise, jungle cruise, cruise holidays, and obviously, Tom Cruise. Help your audience become the best cruise critics with our list of Cruise Affiliate Programs! If your audience is looking for a way to spend holidays on cruises, you've come to the right place. Go and immerse yourself in the world of cruises! Promoting the Cruise Affiliate Programs will be a piece of cake once you find appropriate target group for it. No matter whether your audience is looking for a carnival cruise, Norwegian cruise line, Disney cruise, Carter cruise, jungle cruise, you will always find something interesting from this "category" in the MyLead offer. So how will it be? Will you try your odds with our Cruise Affiliate Programs? Check out our recommended program list below and make that money with us!

Aside from travel, Cruise Affiliate Programs include a wide range of sub-niches. You can try out luggage affiliate programs such as ROAM Luggage, hotel reservation programs like Orbitz, or even healthcare programs like Allianz Worldwide Care – the options are endless! Get started today and earn big right from your home. 

Top Cruise Affiliate Programs

  1. Affiliate program
    Type: CPS
    Rate: $0.35 - $0.88 | 0,60% - 4,92%
  2. Affiliate program FosterTravel
    Type: CPS
    Rate: 1,68%
  3. Affiliate program Tez Tour
    Type: CPS
    Rate: 1,60% - 6,40%
  4. Affiliate program Go2see
    Type: CPS
    Rate: 1,28%
  5. Affiliate program Greca
    Type: CPS
    Rate: 8,00%
  6. Affiliate program Jetradar
    Type: CPS
    Rate: 0,98%
  7. Affiliate program Priceline
    Type: CPL | CPS
    Rate: 1.71 $ | 3,60% - 4,80%
  8. Affiliate program Triverna
    Type: CPS
    Rate: 2,56%
  9. Affiliate program Lastminute - IT
    Type: CPA | CPS
    Rate: $3.36 - $8.97 | 2,56% - 3,20%
  10. Affiliate program eDreams
    Type: CPS
    Rate: 4,80%


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