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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.

SEO Affiliate Programs

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Affiliate Marketing Programs are no stranger to SEOSearch Engine Optimization. SEO is just a fancy term for increasing a website’s visibility on Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs. More visibility means more traffic which could do wonders for businesses. In fact, almost half of a company’s revenue comes from SEO! This sole phenomenon is the reason that the SEO industry is worth an astounding $80 billion!

As long as people want their businesses promoted, there’s going to be a high place for SEO in the job market. In other words – it’s not going anywhere. In fact, there is no way to go but up! That’s why different SEO tools such as Ahrefs and SEMrush are so in demand right now. These tools have the capacity to increase a business’s revenue by a high margin.

How Do SEO Tools Affiliate Programs Work?

All of the SEO tools available have an SEO Affiliate Program or two in place. You just have to know which ones will bring you the most profit. SEMrush has its own SEO affiliate network in place known as BeRush. This program is among the Highest-Paying SEO Affiliate Programs in place. It allows its affiliates to earn 40% recurring commissions every month for a single subscription! Allow me to elaborate. A subscriber for an SEO tool is usually billed on a monthly basis. If the person has subscribed on your referral, then you’ll earn a 40% commission every month that they’re billed! Doesn’t that sound like a tempting offer? You could easily be a one-hit-wonder and keep earning until the person ends their subscription.

Owing to this lucrative scheme, a lot of people have benefitted immensely from this program. In fact, you can go ahead and search for their individual stories that most of them have shared with the world. Some have even mentioned earning up to $250K via an SEO Affiliate Program! Who’s to say that that can’t be you by the next year or even a few months?

There’s no secret sauce to becoming a high-earning SEO affiliate. You don’t require any special talents to start earning. All you need is a little bit of passion and you’ll be well on your way to making big money! Other popular SEO Software Affiliate Programs include Surfer SEO, AMZ Watcher, KWFinder; that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you run a blog or a website then that means you’ve got everything already set up for you! You’ve got the platform and the audience. Now all you need is to write about the best SEO tools! SEO tools are so in demand – people are bound to purchase them to guarantee that their business will remain afloat in the coming years. It could very well be your link that takes them to the subscription website. There’s no rocket science here, just some old-fashioned dedication and a little bit of patience – you’ll get your fruit or maybe a whole orchard.

So you already know what is SEO, what is SEO meaning and how important the SEO optimization really is in the world of marketing. What's impressive about SEO marketing is the results you can achieve by doing so little! There are people who hire SEO agencies, SEO companies or just SEO consultants to make sure they're doing their SEO optimization right, but if you want to earn money and not lose them, you don't have to do that because we have created a list of high-paying SEO affiliate programs! If you want to be successful, just make sure to use some SEO tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush to make sure you match the keywords perfectly well. That's how a website with your SEO affiliate programs on it, will be on high positions on Google! And that's what we call the best SEO optimization! So don't hesitate any minute more and join some of our SEO Affiliate Programs. Don't invest money in SEO services, a SEO agency, a SEO company, or a SEO consultant. Just become a SEO affiliate with MyLead. Good luck!


Model: CPS | Rate: 2,4 - 7,2% | Conversion type: Sell | Countries: Global | Preview: click



Model: CPS | Rate: 8% | Conversion type: Sell | Countries: Global | Preview: click



Model: CPS | Rate: 1,60 - 12,00% | Conversion type: Sell | Countries: Global | Preview: click


Top 10 SEO affiliate programs

  1. Affiliate program VOD.PLUS
    Type: CPA
    Rate: $1.66 - 7.15
  2. Affiliate program Vulkan Vegas
    Type: CPA
    Rate: $48.34 - 105.48
  3. Affiliate program Flix
    Type: CPA
    Rate: $7.56 - 13.29
  4. Affiliate program Calminax
    Type: COD
    Rate: $13.18
  5. Affiliate program Sex Dating - Smartlink VI
    Type: CPL
    Rate: $0.53 - 255.52
  6. Affiliate program FlirtInLove
    Type: CPL
    Rate: $1.53
  7. Affiliate program Ovashape
    Type: COD
    Rate: $15.45
  8. Affiliate program Fuckbook 2.0
    Type: CPS
    Rate: $27.6
  9. Affiliate program Sliminazer
    Type: COD
    Rate: $12.88
  10. Affiliate program Collosel
    Type: COD
    Rate: $15.45


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