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Credit Card Affiliate Programs

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The world as we know it is running on credit cards. More and more people seem to be inclined to use credit cards because of the abundance of rewards programs that are offered by different credit card companies. Individuals that reside above the $170,000 annual threshold are more likely to use a credit card for their purchases as opposed to a debit card. Most importantly, credit cards can be lifesavers in case of emergencies where you don’t have sufficient funds to help you out!  

Credit Card Marketing – A Unique Opportunity for Affiliates!

According to Shift Credit Card Processing, there are over 2.8 billion credit cards that are being used on a global scale as of 2020. In most cases, you can’t even rent a car if you don’t possess a credit card. So, people are highly likely to have one on them. Credit card spending in the US alone is at a whopping $3.3 trillion on an annual basis. If you’ve got the right strategy in place, you could be earning big from different Credit Card Affiliate Programs. A lot of these companies tend to pay their affiliates handsome amounts. So, now’s your chance to become one of them. 

American Express, Bank Affiliates, and USA offer some of the Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs at the moment that you can join. The Canadian American Express Credit Card Affiliate Program offers its affiliates around CA$200 per lead! Now that’s what you would call lucrative affiliate marketing! Aside from their highly attractive pay structure, they also do NOT require you to belong to the finance niche to promote their services. This brings us to the sole most lucrative aspect of becoming a credit card affiliate marketer – the ability to target cross-niches! 

That’s right! Credit Card Affiliate Marketing has a lot to do with the most common credit card purchases. So, it’s a pretty good idea to target niches such as travel, online purchasing, and of course, the evergreen food market. A lot of credit card companies offer amazing rewards programs or discounts related to these popular purchases

All you’ve got to do to start earning huge sums of money from your home is to push these offers to a wide audience. It shouldn’t be as much of a challenge since this is a win-win situation for both parties involved. Just make sure that you join the affiliate networks of reputable card companies and you’ll be all set! If you don’t already have a platform of your own, you could start right now by creating your very own website or a blog. After that, you should pick a certain credit card niche that you feel the most confident about i.e. airfare, car rentals, hotels, online shopping, etc. Build a strong foundation first and then use it to push your referral link to your audience. Doesn’t seem like a challenge, does it? Don’t miss out on such an amazing opportunity to turn your whole life around today!

Top10 the best Credit Card Affiliate Programs

  1. Affiliate program TalkBank
    Rate: $4.02 - 5.22
    Type: CPA
  2. Affiliate program Alfa-Bank
    Rate: $21.94
    Type: CPA
  3. Affiliate program Citibank - Кредитная карта
    Rate: $33.68
    Type: CPA
  4. Affiliate program Finanzcheck
    Rate: 27.44 $ | 1,49%
    Type: CPS | COD
  5. Affiliate program Bancovo
    Rate: 1,50% - 2,62%
    Type: CPS
  6. Affiliate program AutomatKredytowy
    Rate: $2.1
    Type: CPL
  7. Affiliate program BIK Raport
    Rate: $2.72 - 4.09
    Type: CPA
  8. Affiliate program Empik Go
    Rate: $5.66
    Type: CPA
  9. Affiliate program VOD.PLUS
    Rate: $1.7 - 7.33
    Type: CPA
  10. Affiliate program Drakemall
    Rate: $9.43
    Type: CPA


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