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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.

Health affiliate programs

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In recent years, lifestyle as an essential health factor has become the focus of attention of both doctors and ordinary people. According to WHO, 60% of health and quality of life indicators are correlated with lifestyle. Poor diet and lack of exercise lead to many metabolic diseases, heart disease, overweight and hypertension. Fortunately, the growing awareness of the role of health makes more and more people change their habits. This is also reflected in the increasing popularity of health affiliate programs. Is it worth joining them?

How do health affiliate programs work?

A health affiliate program is a way of promoting a product or service for which the publisher receives a certain commission. The commission is received for referring a new customer from the publisher's individual affiliate link. The method of billing in affiliate programs can be per sale, per lead, per profit share or click. 

Best health affiliate programs allow you to earn money on all types of health or beauty related websites. Online diets, conditioners, supplements, dieticians' advice - around this type of keywords are created content that attracts interested customers. Each click on a link on the site, pop-up or in an email generates a profit for the affiliate network partner. And this can be high because people are ready to spend big money to lead a healthy life. This is confirmed by the fact that the global health industry is currently worth about $4.5 trillion.

Affiliate programs for health products - how can you earn money on them?

The health and wellbeing affiliate programs cover a huge market worldwide. However, it is essential to know that trends in the medical industry are continually changing. So, anyone who, as a partner of an affiliate network, wants to increase the source of their passive income should keep up to date with market trends. There are several smaller niches in the health and wellbeing sector. These include weight loss, masculinity enhancement, supplements, lifting creams, healthy food, fitness and much more.

Thanks to the best affiliate programs for health products, partners gain the opportunity to promote popular products on their sales sites and in other media (social media, forums, mailings, the recommendation to friends). For each sale and referral partners receive a commission. Usually, the commission is higher in case of finalizing a transaction than just giving a recommendation. Depending on the chosen affiliate program, a certain amount must be collected in order to be able to withdraw it. You must always check these issues before you start working with an affiliate. Remember also that nothing stands in the way of joining several health affiliates programs.

Best health affiliate programs - increase your earnings!

Writing a thematic blog from running to diets, promoting veganism or even writing about ecology fits well with the topics that make it possible to earn money on health affiliate programs. In published articles, notes or posts, one only has to remember to place individually affiliate links. Sometimes one transaction is even over $100 in commission. Collecting a few sales per day in various health affiliate programs can be treated as work. By the way, it is not difficult at all - for many years there has been a fashion for leading a healthy lifestyle, slimming, or gym. So, it is worth taking advantage of this trend!


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Wow! I never knew the health industry is this big imagine the worth a whopping $4.5trillion. I think the health niche is another niche to really put into action. Thanks for the info.