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Anti-detect browser: analysis of functionality and review of the best on the market

Irina MyLead 2022-06-30 11

Is your list of must-have services and tools for traffic arbitrage constantly growing? Excellent! This means that you are developing as a professional. You must have heard of anti-detect, haven’t you? Or maybe you are already using them? In this article, we will analyze in detail the functionality of anti-detect browsers and offer you a list of the best products in our opinion. 

What is an anti-detect browser?

The anti-detect browser looks no different from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, and others, which are well known to us all. But the main difference lies in its functionality. Anti-detect browsers are able to replace the fingerprint. A fingerprint (browser fingerprint) is information collected about a user's device, operating system, and browser features in the form of a 32-bit number. This set of information includes, among other things, the system language, plugins, screen resolution, time zone, and screen color settings. A fingerprint is associated with a person's fingerprint for a reason: it allows you to identify a user even when cookies are turned off, and even if this user changes the browser to another one or changes the screen resolution.


In general, knowing the fingerprints of Internet users allows companies that collect such information to track the activity on the network and thereby create targeted advertising. To protect you from uninvited spies, an anti-detect browser comes to the rescue, which changes your fingerprint and makes you anonymous.

Most anti-detect browsers are based on Chromium, the brainchild of Google, a kind of “template” of a standard browser with open source code. That is why the process of working with the anti-detect browser is essentially no different from working with a regular browser. It's not hard to guess that the Chromium code is the basis of Google Chrome. By the way, Microsoft Edge and Opera are also built on Chromium. What is its role? No tracking function enabled by default which means that the user data is not recorded. That is why the creators of anti-detect browsers use the Chromium engine for their products.

How can an anti-detect browser help you make money on the Internet?

The functionality of anti-detect browsers is more than a guarantee of anonymity. This tool is simply necessary for a webmaster who works simultaneously with dozens of different advertising and social accounts - platforms on which accounts are registered simply lose the ability to identify your device. It, therefore, prevents you from getting a ban for multi-accounting.

In the anti-detect browser, accounts are completely autonomous. Each new tab, another social or advertising account can live its own life. And you get the opportunity to manage different accounts and imitate the actions of other users without leaving the same browser on the same device. This gives the arbitrator the opportunity, for example, to promote their creatives with interactions that are simulated by “users” from other tabs.

Given the fact that almost 68% of affiliates around the world use social networks as traffic sources, anti-detect browsers are really going like hot cakes. By the way, in order to improve the topic of traffic arbitrage in social networks, we recommend reading the tutorial  on launching accounts and uploading from Facebook and watching an interview with a Facebook promotion expert on our Youtube channel:


In addition, anti-detect browsers automate many traffic-draining processes. All of them are tailored for the main function - secure multi-accounting. This means, for example, the possibility of teamwork. The process of warming up a new account is also now minimized, and there are many other possibilities of automation.


Which anti-detect browser to choose? 

The choice depends on your individual preferences and whether you work alone or in a team. To get started, you can test free trial versions - they are in the offer of almost every anti-detect browser - in order to subsequently switch to a paid plan. During operation, it is sometimes recommended to control the operation of the tool through special services like checkers, for example, Pixelscan. Going to it right now, you will find not only a set of data about your device transmitted to sites, but also information about whether you are masking a fingerprint. If not, congratulations - the verification was successful.


We have gathered some of the most popular anti-detect browsers that deserve your attention. This is not a rating but you can always choose the perfect one yourself! Let’s go!



Incogniton — an anti-detect browser for multi-accounting which has an interesting built-in function that simulates text input from the keyboard. This further automates the webmaster's workflows and minimizes the possibility of being recognized online.

Main advantages:

  • Simulation of text input by a living person;
  • Service integrated with Selenium Python;
  • Convenient teamwork with the ability to assign roles to each team member.

With the Incogniton anti-detect browser, you can work with 10 accounts absolutely free of charge. And with the promo code MyLead15 you get a 15% discount on payment.



Anti-detect Gologin positions itself as a multi-tasking service based on fingerprint replacement, pharming and multi-accounting. Thanks to this, with an anti-detect browser, you can fully automate earnings on the Internet on traffic arbitration and more. When it comes to other fields’  webmasters and specialists, the service will help automate crowd marketing on forums and blogs, as well as mass following and mass liking in social networks.

Main advantages: 

  • Reliable fingerprint replacement;
  • The minimum number of bans;
  • Bulk import of cookies, proxies and extensions;
  • Quick profiles start;
  • Android fingerprint;
  • Mobile app;
  • 50% discount when paying for the entire year.

Gologin has a free 7-day trial with all features but with a promo code MYLEAD you will have the opportunity to test this anti-detect browser for 2 weeks. You can activate the promo code until July 1, 2022.



Dolphin{anty} anti-detect browser has a free plan for 10 profiles, so you can use it for free. This browser masks and replaces many browser fingerprints, and it does not just do it randomly, but creates the final fingerprint based on real devices. This makes it easy to pass checkers, such as Pixelscan or CreepJS.

Main advantages: 

  • A large number of substitutions WebRTC, Canvas, WebGL, Client Rects, Timezone, Language, GEO, Processor, Memory, Screen, Media, Ports;
  • Designed for automating routine tasks in traffic arbitrage - with Dolphin{anty} you can set up start pages, add tags and statuses to accounts, download extensions to all profiles at once in a couple of clicks, add an unlimited number of profiles and write notes for each account;
  • Optimized for teamwork with different access levels - Admin sees all profiles, Teamlead profiles of users who are attached to it, and User only their own.
  • Own built-in automation tool in the form of a constructor. Thanks to it, you can automate routine tasks without knowing the code.

Dolphin{anty} also has a 4-day trial on all plans, and with a promo code MYLEAD, you will receive a 20% discount on your first payment. By the way, we recently published an interesting article together with Dolphin{anty}. It’s about TikTok traffic arbitrage guide without attachments.



AdsPower is positioned as a tool for multi-accounting, traffic arbitrage and SMM. It really greatly simplifies the work of a webmaster, for example, by the fact that you can reach a new level of work automation using the RPA robot (robotic process automation), as well as use additional built-in plugins.   

Main advantages:

  • RPA is a robot that helps automate many repetitive tasks. You can use existing RPA templates or create your own;
  • Chromium - and Firefox-based browsers with regularupdates for better spoofing and greater undetectability;
  • Hierarchical teamwork system and the ability to control and analyze work thanks to the operation log.  

AdsPower provides a 3-day free trial for Pro plans and for Base plans. The service helps you choose the appropriate tariff plan depending on whether you work solo or in a team, as well as how many social media profiles you need. Also, with the promo code MYLEAD, you will get 10% off your first monthly subscription.



MoreLogin is one of the most reliable and secure antidetect browsers, helping manage multiple accounts, automated operations, and fingerprint browsers. This antidetection browser helps generate anonymous IPs and works on various versions with an easy-to-use interface. MoreLogin is supported in both Chrome and Firefox browsers.

This anti-detect browser is famous for offering a reliable experience to users in managing more than five million accounts after its latest launch. Day by day, it has come with constant improvements for the server stability and quality of fingerprint replacement in a browser. Morelogin is accessible and works effectively for many platforms such as social media like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Coinlist, Huobi, Binance, Bitget, etc.

Main advantages:

  • Ability to manage more than hundreds of profiles on a single device, with all sorts of caches, cookies, and other settings kept separate;
  • Individual access rights to check and monitor the status of profiles for each team member;
  • Proper functionalities for mass data cache creation and managing profiles in a few clicks;
  • Quickly transfer your profiles to any other user in no time.



Undetectable — an anti-detect browser for unlimited multi-accounting with a built-in unique manager for mass generation of accounts with various configurations. With Undetectable, you can create approximately 1000 accounts at a time.

Main advantages: 

  • Fresh real prints of operating systems and browsers, which are also available as part of the free version;
  • Cookie bot for warming up accounts, among its functions is automatic browsing of sites. The actions of the bot and the time it spends on certain sites can be freely configured; 
  • Additional functionality is a generator of popular sites in a chosen GEO. It helps to maximize the efficiency of farming accounts. 

Undetectable has the ability to work with 5 accounts for free. And they give you a 20% discount on the first purchase of a license when using a promo code MYLEAD



OctoBrowser — an universal anti-detect browser. The service also uses fingerprints of real devices which negates the chance of not passing the checker. This gives maximum protection against device identification and account crossing

Main advantages:

  • Requires no configuration. You can create a quick profile in 1 click and start working right away;
  • Unlimited number of devices: the webmaster has the ability to run profiles at the same time. This capability is limited only by system resources;
  • Flexible settings for teamwork. 

OctoBrowser gives new users promo code MLDG-220629, with which you will get the opportunity to test the service for 5 days on the Base tariff plan.

Anti-Detect Browser — a fairly recent solution for automating traffic arbitrage processes, but the interest in it is already so high that you will soon have to make a choice. We hope that this review was useful to you, and you are determined to start earning even more on the Internet. To do this, be sure to create a free account on MyLead. 


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