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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.

Casino affiliate programs

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Each gambling website is designed to present its users with as much information as possible about its products. Online slot machines, jackpots, bonuses and promotions are topics that can be seen on a website right from the first moment it is opened. This, combined with the recently popular affiliate programs, gives you extraordinary opportunities to earn money.

Casino affiliate programs – what it is?

Affiliate programs are based on the cooperation of internet casinos with the owners of independent websites. Casinos delegate specific tasks to sites that are rewarded according to their efficiency. For example, if a user of an affiliate site, where topics such as bonuses, online slots, free slots are discussed, goes to the casino from a direct link, the affiliate can count on the salary, usually paid as a commission. Online casino affiliates are typically experienced players. They often use their vast experience to run their blogs, websites or stream live on YouTube and other social media platforms to share their gambling experience with other players

Affiliate programs have become a viral method of advertising products on the internet because companies only pay for effective advertising, and people earning from partnership programs gain a permanent source of passive income. Additionally, a user who searches the internet for information about free online slots will find both useful information and a casino where online slots are posted.

How do the best casino affiliate programs work?

If you've ever searched the internet for online casinos, you may have come across sites that look like casinos, but don't contain almost any games. These are usually the websites of users who have joined affiliate programs and earn money by promoting online casinos among potential players. As a result, they become intermediaries between players and casinos and profit from this.

To become an affiliate, a specific site must provide the content required by the client with the ideal use of keywords such as gaming machines, free slots, online casino. This will ensure that the site is displayed as one of the first in the search engine and thus attracts gambling fans.

Top casino affiliate programs - is it worth it?

Each partner within the affiliate program receives a unique URL link which they can place on their website. These links allow tracking where Internet traffic comes from. Using the partner's online reach, casinos can share the marketing effort with multiple affiliates, thus offering their products to more players, and the affiliate program partner gets more profit.

Partner links can be embedded in all kinds of online content, including banners, pop-ups, text links and so on. Every beginner partner must therefore think carefully about who their audience is and what content they react best to. It is essential to adapt the content to the applicable laws and requirements of affiliate partners.

Highest paying casino affiliate programs, with a bit of effort and constant work, allow for outstanding earnings. Affiliate programs have become an integral part of the online gambling industry, so more and more brands are willing to hire partners to expand their potential reach. It is worth taking advantage of this trend and joins the best online casino affiliate programs.

Casino world is huge. There's some online casinos, but also a lot of brand that operate stationary. Chumba Casino, Casino Royale, Ignition Casino, Hollywood Casino, Hard Rock Casino, Cafe Casino, Morongo Casino, 888 Casino, Monopoly Casino, Rainbow Ruches Casino, Coral Casino, Gala Casino, 777 Casino... Have you heard about any of those? These are some huge names in the casino world. With affiliate programs, you'd obviously focus only on online casinos, but you need to be aware that no matter whether your casino-oriented audience prefers to enjoy them, casinos have, are, and probably always will be super popular among some groups of people. Once you've managed to get into this niche, promoting Casino Affiliate Programs will be a piece of cake. And just so you know, it will be a very profitable cake! What's great about Casino affiliate programs are their rates which are always high. So don't waste any more minute. Enjoy our list of the best Casino Affiliate Programs and start making money on them! 



Model: CPA | Rate: 23.47 - 177.67$ | Conversion type: Deposit Payment | Countries: GLOBAL 




Model: CPA  | Rate: 91.83-137.75$ | Conversion type: Deposit Payment | Countries: AT, DE, CH | Preview: click



Model: CPA | Rate: 48.26-105.3$ | Conversion type:  Deposit Payment | Countries: AM, AT, BY, BR, CA, DK, FI, GE, DE, Kazakhstan, MEX, NZ, NO, RU 


How Do I Become a Casino Affiliate?

How Do I Become a Casino Affiliate

The trend of online casinos began shortly after the internet came into existence. Bringing the casino experience into people’s homes has always been a pivotal point. With time, however, the experience began to vary significantly — it started off very simple and gradually emerged into an immersive experience with complete live rooms to enjoy as if you’re there in the casino yourself. Because of such an advancement in online betting and gambling, more and more people are turning toward online casino platforms to have their gambling needs met. So, there could not be a better time to dive into this market as an affiliate — strike while the iron is hot. 

Becoming a Casino Affiliate is no different than becoming an affiliate in any other niche. You will be maintaining a partnership with an online casino platform and get your very own referral link to promote their business. This is a special tracking link that will track the registration and all other casino activity of the players that have joined using it. You can place this link on any online platform you see fit. The company will pay you a commission on every client you bring in based on their particular payment structure. 

Casino Affiliate Program Payments

casino affiliate program payments

There are basically four different types of payment schemes adopted by online affiliate programs

  • CPA: Cost Per Action is a payment model where you earn a commission based on a certain action that you encourage your referral to make. This can be any action at all that the casino deems fit; watching a video, playing a certain game, or making a certain amount of deposit. This is the most widely used model in the realm of online gambling.
  • CPL: Cost Per Lead involves the affiliate getting paid for their lead just signing up and joining the platform. This is a very lucrative model on part of the affiliate. Unfortunately, it’s very rarely used in Casino Affiliate Marketing.
  • CPC: Cost Per Click is another lucrative scheme for a Casino Affiliate as it involves earning a commission based on the clicks that their referral link generates.
  • CPM: Cost Per Mile is a payment structure that pays based on a thousand impressions per page. 
When it comes to Casino Affiliate Programs, there is also another payment scheme called Revenue Share where affiliates earn a portion of the total income generated by their referred users. 

You will notice that for a majority of the Casino Affiliate Programs, CPA and Revenue Share are the preferred payment schemes employed. In some cases, you are asked to choose among these two or more options. 

What Are The Best Casino Affiliate Programs?

Some of the Best Casino Affiliate Programs offer a wide variety of exciting games for your leads to get easily enticed by and also have flexible commission rates. The following three programs are great examples of the Highest Paying Casino Affiliate Programs to help you earn big right from the comfort of your home. 


First up, we have the Suertia Affiliate Program that hosts a wide range of games for its audience to enjoy and gamble to their heart’s content. They offer a live option as well where you can place your bets on the different ongoing sporting events like basketball, baseball, football, and more! They’ve also got a whole range of exciting online casino games like racing slots and live roulette games. The minimum amount deposit amount is €20. Depending on how much your first deposit is, you can get a welcome bonus of up to €200. Affiliates can earn upwards of 15% commission on every referral who generates the platform anywhere between 0 and €500. If they earn Suertia upwards of €5000, you will be looking at a generous 35% commission. 

Model: CPS | Rate: 19,60% | Conversion type:  Deposit Payment | Countries: ES

Suertia Affiliate Program


Next up is the Sportium Affiliate Program that offers its affiliates very generous commission rates. Players can also get a welcome bonus of up to €200 depending on the deposit. This platform has been named among the best online free slots casinos in Spain. There are 26 different free slots to try your luck. The minimum deposit amount is €20. There are different sports betting options as well as ongoing live betting. You’ll find nearly every single casino game on this platform to enjoy. They also offer exciting promotions periodically. 

Model: CPA | Rate: 16,80% | Conversion type:  Complete the task | Countries: ES

Sportium Affiliate Program Button


Lastly, Codere is another popular Spanish online casino platform that hosts a diverse range of games. You can find all your favorite up-to-date casino games in one spot. Play Blackjack, slots, live roulette, or place your bets on your favorite sporting events! Their affiliate program is called Codere Partners where affiliates are presented with three different earning options — Hybrid, CPA, or Revenue Share. In the hybrid option, you can earn a combined CPA and Revenue Share commission for every single player you refer to the platform.

Model: CPA | Rate: 24,56% | Conversion type:  Deposit Payment | Countries: ES

Codere Affiliate Program Button

Do I Need a Website to Become an Affiliate? 

The short answer is no. You don’t need to have a website, in particular, to become a Casino Affiliate. All you need for a successful affiliate marketing venture is high traffic and your very own audience. You can do that by launching your very own YouTube channel, hosting a blog, or managing a social media profile. 

You just need to make sure that the content on these platforms suits the content of the program you’re promoting. In the case of Casino Affiliate Programs, it should all be about gambling, placing bets, and how to play different casino games online. 

If you do decide to make your own website, it’s important to know that it doesn’t need to have a top-notch design or a high-end build. Your sole purpose is to rank high in SERPs and get people to click on your links where they will be redirected to the original casino games platform. It’s unwise to spend a lot of resources on this step, just make sure it’s visible to the users and conveys the right amount of information to get them interested in visiting your link. 


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