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How to complete a HideLink application?

kinga.banaskiewicz 2021-04-02 10

Some MyLead publishers can already enjoy having the possibility of trying a new tool, which is HideLink. More importantly, they use it and note the first effects. Would you like to join them? Sure, no problem - fill out the application form requesting access. How to do it? Don't worry - we'll explain everything.

You don't know what HideLink is yet, so why should you be interested in it? Go to our blog post, thanks to which you will find answers to these questions.


How to fill out the application?


As you can see, the application form contains only five points, which we will describe in detail so that you have no doubts when filling it out. In your application, you must answer the following questions:

How do you want to promote affiliate programs with HideLink?

When answering this question, take into account the methods of promoting the affiliate program that you have chosen to get access to the new functionality. Remember that the more accurate your description is, the higher the chance of getting access to create HideLinks.

Where do you want to promote affiliate programs with HideLink?

In this field, provide us with detailed information about the place of promotion using HideLink. Will it be Facebook, Instagram, or Google? Or maybe something different? This is very important because the HideLink system has the ability to analyze the checking systems of a specific portal in detail. So, answer this question truthfully.

What to do if you want to promote a given program in several places? Name them all. Remember that after accessing the HideLink you will have to create a separate HideLink for each of these places.

Provide a link to your landing page where the HideLink would be placed.

To be able to use the HideLink system, you must have your own domain and hosting. This is where you'll paste the code generated when creating the HideLink, so it's important that you can edit it. Therefore, in this field, enter the link to the domain where you will place the code generated when creating the HideLink.

If you have multiple domains, you can name them all. If you do not have a domain, please buy it before completing the form. It will be necessary to create HideLinks. Remember that the domain you provide must give you access to the website code. Therefore, it cannot be a site built in the page generator.

We also recommend that you do not use free hosting or submit subdomains such as - such domains will not work best with HideLink. Using them drastically reduces the effectiveness of the tool, so if you want to access HideLink, you need to keep that in mind.

In one month, how traffic will be directed to your site with HideLink?

Here, you must enter the expected number of clicks on your link. Estimate is based on your achievements so far and select one of the ranges from the list. You can choose from the following options:

  • less than 100 visits/month
  • from 101 to 1 000 visits/month
  • from 1 001 to 5 000 visits/month
  • from 5 001 to 10 000 visits/month
  • from 10 001 to 50 000 visits/month
  • from 50 001 to 100 000 visits/month
  • over 100 000 visits/month

Estimate the monthly revenue of the affiliate program campaign using HideLink.

From the list, select the planned profit that you intend to generate using the selected campaign and the HideLink tool. Remember to choose real values, i.e. those that you can really achieve. As in the case of the previous question, estimate your opportunities based on your current earnings with MyLead. You can choose from the following values:

  • under 50$
  • 51 - 150$
  • 151 - 500$
  • 501 - 2 000$
  • 2 001 - 10 000$
  • over 10 000$

After completing the form, click the "Submit Request" button.

Congratulations! Your form has been sent. Now all you have to do is wait for approval from the support. Reports are processed several times a day, but if you do not receive a response, be patient. Our team will surely react to it soon.

Where to find the form?

If you came here directly through the MyLead blog or as a result of a Google search, you may be wondering where the application form is.

1. To complete the application, go to the publisher's panel and select the "Campaigns" tab from the menu on the left and then "Campaign List". 

2. From the approved programs, select the one for which you want to create HideLink.

3. Click the blue "HideLink" tile in the other configurations.


After clicking, the application form will be displayed on your screen.

If you have any questions, please remember that MyLead Support is there to help whenever you need it. To talk to any of our team members, go to the Contact tab and choose one of the options that are convenient for you.


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thak you for accept 


Thanks you for accept


thanks and very well explained. i will try to learn and earn from you guys


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Thank you, very useful information..

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i have applied iam still waiting for the link




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