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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.

How can you earn extra cash?

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It’s so often said that “money doesn’t bring you happiness”. And while it may be true and it doesn’t bring you happiness directly, money definitely is one of the most important ingredients that leads to happiness. Once you get short on it, or you decide that you’re ready to “level up” when it comes to your lifestyle, one obvious question comes to mind - how can you earn extra cash? You can roll up your sleeves, use your skills and predispositions for additional work. Once you figure that out, the range of possibilities is really wide. Here’s some of the ideas on how to earn some extra money.

How to earn extra money thanks to blog

If you’re convinced that what you want to convey is valuable (and as an inspiring blogger, you definitely should), start blogging. If you can keep up with consistency, regularity and creativity, and the blog will have interesting content, it will bring you extra cash

What does that mean in practice? 

Basically your blog will be of value to advertisers. For example, let’s say you write about a fit lifestyle, your blog is connected to social media and you reach out to a lot of people, brands offering supplements or fitness clothing will pay you for publishing their ads on your website. What’s more, companies may offer you a collaboration, thanks to which you’ll become an influencer. It obviously doesn’t have to be anything connected to sports, you can publish articles about makeup, art, or cars. It’s important to be authentic, so that people can feel that you’re truly interested in the topic and can relate to it in any way. 

In conclusion, what are the ways to earn extra cash on your blog?

  • paid entries,
  • own products,
  • affiliation (more about affiliation will be down below)

Extra cash thanks blogging

A platform that is used most often when starting a blog is WordPress. It’s free and easy to use even if you’ve never had a website before. Setupad has compiled the best free WordPress plugins available. 

Freelancing as method to earn extra cash

Freelancing has taken root in the labour market for good. This is no longer a seasonal trend, but a permanent feature of the professional landscape. Nowadays, even the world’s largest corporations outsource work to people, who stay at the comfort of their homes.

What can be an order?

  • copywriting,
  • graphic design,
  • photography,
  • web development,
  • programming.

It’s impossible to overlook that freelancing would require to have skills that are used online. If you have at least one of them, it is a great opportunity to earn extra cash.

There are plenty of offers online. Yes, there’s also a lot of competition, but if you already have some experience, you can successfully fight for orders. Over time, you may realise that a side job is slowly turning into a full-time, profitable job. No need to think of ways to earn extra cash then!

freelancing as way to earn extra cash

One of the most popular platforms for freelancers is Fiverr. It’s a website that literally allows you to sell all the skills you have. 

Owning an online store

The first thought that comes to mind when the title “Owning an online store” appears, is probably the fact that you need to invest a lot of money (that you probably don’t have) to even open it. After all, everything costs, right? The page itself, logistics, stocking. Surprise, surprise, opening an online store is pretty cheap.  

Opening a store with no investment

It is absolutely not required to have your products in stock. This type of practice is actually discouraged in the initial phase of the store’s existence. There is no need to risk keeping all of the products that will not be sold. These days, product suppliers will send the order to customers themselves if the user places an order in your store. It’s called dropshipping and it’s a great solution for those who are taking their first steps on “the owner” ladder. Although there are many online stores and the market seems saturated, you can still confidently try yourself out in this field. 

The risk is very small, and the entry costs are negligible. To earn more extra cash, you’ll have to put a lot of effort into the e-shop and eventually invest money over time, but it’s guaranteed that you’ll be satisfied with this way of earning.

E-commerce sales

As for the website, Wix is one of the most popular platforms to start and create it. 

Selling things you don’t need

The house we live in can be compared to a warehouse where we store a lot of products. The only difference is that we usually don’t conduct regular inventories. It is for this reason that you probably have a lot of things in wardrobes and storerooms that have passed into the out of date, too. Do an overview of shelves, bookcases and your garderobe. You will surely find something that will never be used again, but still represents some value. Answer a question: what do I need and what do I simply want to own? You can post your “treasures” and earn extra cash thanks to that. 


The most obvious website to sell your used products would be Ebay. If you’ve found some clothing you know you won’t be wearing anymore, try Vinted.

Affiliate Marketing - one of the best way to earn extra money

Isn’t that the most obvious one? If you’re here you probably already know how to earn extra cash thanks to affiliate marketing. If not, here we are with a quick explanation on how it works.

In affiliate marketing, the seller who wants to advertise their product or a service, uses virtual spaces that are shared on their website by, for example, bloggers (see how it all connects)? If the user clicks on a publisher’s affiliate link on their blog and completes a particular action, the advertiser is obliged to pay the blog owner a commission. To avoid any problems and to make it all easier for each party, an affiliate network, like MyLead, steps out. 

Affiliate marketing as way to earn extra money

Not as easy as it sounds

In this industry, this type of earning extra cash is often called “passive income”. However, it’s far from that. You have to work a lot to get potential customers to come to your website (if you have it), to read your publications, to build trust around you, and then, eventually, click on your affiliate link.

Therefore, you can join an affiliate network, like MyLead, and then choose any affiliate program you wish to promote. It’s important to choose those that actually interest you and your target audience. 

To see our available affiliate programs, click here:

See available campaigns in MyLead

There’s many ways to promote your programs, you don’t need to own a website, but it definitely helps. 

What are the places you can promote your campaigns?

  • social media,
  • your website,
  • dedicated forums,
  • streaming platforms.


If you need to earn extra cash, there’s always a way. Even if you don’t have special skills, you can use anything within the reach of your sight to make a profit out of it. Whether you choose to sell your old shoes, or you start publishing on your newly created blog, you extra cash will eventually find a way to you and your wallet. If you’re interested in earning extra cash with MyLead, join us for free!



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